It was the day after Yang Chen’s return from Beijing, and they were having breakfast at home.

Lanlan was the only one enjoying her meal whereas Lin Ruoxi, Wang Ma and Yang Chen didn’t have an appetite.

As a matter of fact, Yang Chen didn’t sleep at all. His mind was filled with thoughts as he sat on the sofa the entire night.

Should he go look for Hui Lin? Or should he let her go back to Emei on her own?

Yang Chen realized he was unable to make a decision when his heart was still wavering. 

Halfway through her meal, Lin Ruoxi put down her chopsticks and asked Yang Chen with a flat tone, “Hui Lin went back to Emei, am I right?”

Yang Chen was startled, “How did you know that?”

“She texted me. She told me not to miss her and that she’s sorry about what happened to my company.” Lin Ruoxi’s voice was calm but he could hear the hint of sadness.

Yang Chen laughed self-deprecatingly, “Why didn’t she text me?”

“Are you going to look for her?” Lin Ruoxi asked suddenly.

Yang Chen was taken aback and he looked at her with a dazed expression.

“I won’t stop you if you want to go.” Lin Ruoxi said word by word.

Yang Chen took a deep breath, “I know you won’t stop me because she’s Hui Lin. But that’s the exact reason why I can’t go.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly, “I don’t know if I should be happy, sorry or sad about this.”

“Don’t overthink it. No one did anything wrong, some things in life just don’t work out but it wouldn’t be impossible to get over it. Hui Lin’s still young, she might be able to get over it while cultivating.” Yang Chen consoled her.

Lin Ruoxi sighed internally. This wasn’t about Hui Lin’s attitude; it was about his feelings towards Hui Lin.

Even so, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t say it out loud. It was a sensitive topic to her, so she chose to stay silent.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head and patted Lanlan’s head before getting up to leave for work.

Yang Chen was startled, “You’re not eating anymore? Why? did something urgent happen in the company?”

“No, I have an appointment and I need to prepare a lot of stuff for a meeting.” Lin Ruoxi replied.

“Dear, are you really retiring?” Yang Chen was shocked.

Lin Ruoxi nodded, “I told you yesterday, you said you’ll support my decision.”

“But you don’t need to rush. You have to choose a suitable successor. Yu Lei is a multinational corporation, it’s not that easy to find someone who’s proficient and familiar with it’s corporation matters.” Yang Chen thought she was really efficient! 

Lin Ruoxi smiled mysteriously, “You can come to the headquarters if you’re curious. I’ve chosen my successor and the person will be arriving at the company later.”

Yang Chen had a bad hunch since she was keeping him in suspense. He felt as if he was “fooled” by her again!

Regardless of the process, it would be shocking news to the industry for Yu Lei to suddenly change the President.

Especially since Hui Lin’s incident had inflicted heavy losses to the company’s stock.

However, overall, Yu Lei International wasn’t really affected since Yu Lei Entertainment wasn’t the main source of income.

Compared to thiat, Lin Ruoxi’s retirement at the golden age would gain much attention from the public.

Lin Ruoxi gathered all the executives of Yu Lei last night, so when she arrived at the company, the executives were already seated in the meeting room nervously.

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu were also present, but they had no idea what Lin Ruoxi was trying to do. They could only shake their heads when their colleagues asked them about the purpose of this meeting.

It would’ve been hard for other companies to change their President, but things were different in Yu Lei.

Lin Ruoxi had full control over Yu Lei and no one could stop her even if she wanted to quit.

The employees were more concerned about the next President as it would directly affect their work lives.

At 10 o’clock, Lin Ruoxi arrived at the meeting room right on time. As she walked into the room with a calm expression, all the executives stood up instinctively to welcome her.

After years of working together, although Lin Ruoxi was a young woman, she had left a heavy influence on them.

Yang Chen didn’t attend the meeting as an executive, instead, he stood by the door and leaned on the doorframe while waiting for Lin Ruoxi’s “surprise”.

Zhao Hongyan followed behind Lin Ruoxi and her mind was a mess. She was one of the earliest people to know about Lin Ruoxi’s retirement because she had to contact the executives to attend this meeting.

She had been feeling lost because of this. If Lin Ruoxi quit as the President, was there a need for her to stay here since she was Lin Ruoxi’s assistant?

“Have a seat!” Lin Ruoxi said to them.

The whole room was completely silent as everyone fixed their gazes on Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi kept quiet for a short moment before smiling at them, “I know you guys are worried and confused. You all are making guesses and are having doubts, but it won’t affect my announcement. I’m quitting my position as the President of Yu Lei International.” 

Someone gasped in surprise and some even stared at Lin Ruoxi in disbelief.

“President Lin, what is going on? Our company is doing well now, how can we continue without you?”

“Yeah, President Lin, tell us about your troubles. We have been through a lot together, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

They couldn’t hold it in any longer and they started to persuade Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head and asked everyone to pipe down, “I’m quitting as the President, but it doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Yu Lei. My grandmother gave her all for this company and it has been like a part of my family…I won’t abandon my family. I’m saying that I’ll quit the position, but I’ll still be holding 50% of the company’s share. I’m still the chairman…it’s just that for some personal reasons, I can’t be working every day as I did for the past few years.”

The executives were slightly relieved, but some were still puzzled.

“President Lin, are you being the chairman because you’re too stressed from work?”

Lin Ruoxi smiled, “There are many reasons for this. I’m sure you guys have heard about it. I’m married and I have a child now. I want to spend more time with my daughter and watch her grow. My husband doesn’t like it when I overwork myself. I should spend more time with my family. I’m really tired and I should give myself some time off. It’s the golden age for Yu Lei now and I don’t have much left to do anymore. I might as well retire and have someone else succeed me.”

The executives whispered among themselves. They could understand her grounds since they were also parents.

“But President Lin, if you’re quitting, who will be your successor? The successor has to be familiar with Yu Lei and has sufficient work experience in Yu Lei. He or she has to be capable and be able to convince us.” Someone asked.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the clock and said, “The successor should be here soon, please wait for a while.”

Two minutes later, Yang Chen who was leaning on the door stood up…

He was dumbstruck when he saw the couple walking out of the elevator.

The man was dressed in a suit neatly with a red tie which made him look like he was in great spirits. The woman looked normal, but her reserved and graceful aura was equivalent to a businesswoman.

Xue Ming and Wu Yue?!

Yang Chen never saw this coming. The couple who went to the States was back?!

Everyone else was also dumbstruck when Xue Ming and Wu Yue appeared in the meeting room.

Xue Ming smiled at Yang Chen bashfully whereas Wu Yue nodded at him with a light stoop as if she was thanking him. 

“Isn’t…isn’t this…Vice President Li?”

“Assistant Wu is here too. Didn’t they go to the States?”

The executives were shocked but Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu's faces were grave since they knew about the inside story.