“It’s been a while, Mister Yang. I hope you are not irked by our appearance.” Xue Minghe said carefully as if he was afraid to offend him.

Yang Chen looked at the couple back and forth before turning his gaze towards Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him anxiously, pleading with her gaze.

Yang Chen sighed helplessly and laughed self-deprecatingly before leaving for the elevator.

He wasn’t keen on talking to Xue Minghe nor was he interested in listening to the meeting.

No wonder Lin Ruoxi kept asking him if he would support her fully, the successor she had chosen was Xue Minghe!

Yang Chen was impressed.

Firstly, Xue Minghe had worked in Yu Lei for a long time and he was aware of his own abilities. He wouldn’t dare to betray the company since he had witnessed Yang Chen’s brutality. Lastly, Wu Yue’s return would only strengthen their coordination in managing the company.

Most importantly, Xue Minghe was Lin Ruoxi’s cousin so it was equivalent to handing the company over to her own family.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t willing to hand Yu Lei over to an outsider.

Yang Chen was impressed. His wife must have planned this long ago or else Xue Minghe and Wu Yue wouldn’t be able to return so quickly. She must have been in contact with them without telling Yang Chen.

This wasn’t her first time hiding things from him and it still made him feel uncomfortable. Yang Chen would rather get out of here so it wouldn’t affect him further.

A flash of frustration and worry appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, but she snapped out of it immediately and called Xue Minghe and Wu Yue into the room.

Xue Minghe and Wu Yue felt awkward at Yang Chen’s reaction, but they still greeted everyone in a friendly manner.

Lin Ruoxi motioned everyone to sit down before introducing Xue Minghe and Wu Yue, “You guys are right, this is our ex-vice president, Mister Li Minghe. His original surname is Xue and he has changed his name to Xue Minghe. I’m sure everyone here is aware of his working abilities, thus his return to the company with Assistant Wu is a fortunate event for us. After my retirement, I’ll only be part of the board. Mister Xue Minghe will be the President and Assistant Wu will be his assistant. My assistant Zhao Hongyan will take over Liu Mingyu’s position as the head of Public Relations whereas Liu Mingyu will be promoted as the second Vice President. Her position will be equal to Mo Qianni…” 

Lin Ruoxi listed the changes in positions quickly which took everyone by surprise.

Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu and Zhao Hongyan were overwhelmed. Zhao Hongyan was especially surprised when she heard that she was being promoted. It all felt like a dream!

However, Lin Ruoxi had always been so decisive so there was no need to say anything else.

Once the meeting was over, Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu went beside Lin Ruoxi.

“Ruoxi, did you tell Yang Chen before making this decision?” Mo Qianni was concerned.

Lin Ruoxi sighed, “He said he’ll support everything I do but I think he’s upset now.”

“Of course he’d be upset. You know how they used to treat you and now you…”

Xue Minghe was ashamed, “I’m sorry, Vice President Mo. I know we’re shameless for returning since we have done so many bad deeds.”

“Hmph, glad you know. President Lin still treats you as her cousin or else Yang Chen would have killed you long ago.” Liu Mingyu wasn’t pleased.

Xue Minghe and Wu Yue smiled awkwardly, unable to refute her.

Lin Ruoxi smoothed things over, “Alright, enough about the past. Take care of Yu Lei when I’m not around. I just didn’t want my mother’s relative to wander far from home.”

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu exchanged gazes and sighed internally. 

“Ruoxi, there’s no point for me to stay back and be the Vice President if you’re leaving. I’ll find a successor and quit too. You can’t say no.” Mo Qianni said.

Lin Ruoxi smiled, “I knew you would say that. How about Mingyu? Are you quitting too?”

Liu Mingyu nodded, “I’ll take care of things before leaving. I don’t want to fall behind you guys.”

Xue Minghe and Wu Yue were confused as they couldn’t understand what she meant by that.

Even though they had a rough patch, they still need to show some warm gestures to their return. Hence, under Liu Mingyu’s suggestion, they decided to have lunch together.

However, when they arrived downstairs, Xue Minghe and Wu Yue walked to a café first.

“Why? Are you getting coffee?” Mo Qianni was puzzled.

Wu Yue felt abashed, “No, Vice President Mo, we have to bring our child along.”

“Your child?” Mo Qianni was dumbstruck.

Lin Ruoxi explained to her, “Wu Yue was pregnant when they left the country. Their child was born in the States.”

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu were flabbergasted but they could understand her intentions. After all, the child was Lin Ruoxi’s nephew and even though his father had made mistakes, the child was innocent.

Lin Ruoxi hoped that her nephew could be proud of his parents.

When they reached the resting area, they saw Yang Chen standing there.

In front of him was a stroller and Yang Chen was playing with the child while smiling.

The child had thick hair with bright eyes. He was giggling non-stop from Yang Chen’s gestures.

The employees working at the front desk were giggling while watching the child.

“Hubby…” Lin Ruoxi was startled, unable to comprehend why Yang Chen was here.

Yang Chen looked up and the smile was wiped off his face, “I guessed it correctly. This is Xue Minghe and Wu Yue’s child, am I right?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded carefully, “How did you know that?”

“Who would push a stroller to the headquarters. They must have come in a hurry.” Yang Chen looked at Xue Minghe and sighed, “He looks like you. Treat your family well and don’t act foolishly anymore.”

Even though Xue Minghe was much older than Yang Chen, he still nodded obediently. In fact, he was actually grateful towards Yang Chen.

Seeing that Yang Chen seemed to be feeling better, Lin Ruoxi asked carefully, “Hubby, come and join us for lunch? You can choose what to eat, we’ll listen to you.”

Yang Chen snorted and turned around to leave.

The employees of Yu Lei were astonished to see this. President Lin was afraid of her husband?!

Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed and she cursed under her breath before chasing after Yang Chen. She grabbed his arm and muttered, “What are you doing? Didn’t you say you’ll always support me? I didn’t ask you to give up on other women and this wouldn’t bring any harm to us. Do you really want to let your nephew wander from home?”

Yang Chen pretended to be salty, “If I knew you were calling them back, why would I spend so much effort at that time? Your cousin will always be more important than your hubby…”

Lin Ruoxi caught on. He was trying to trick her into making promises, probably perverted stuff… 

Her cheeks became flushed, “Fine, it’s my fault. I was being unfair to you, what should I do so that you’ll forgive me?”

Yang Chen snickered internally. He wasn’t upset anymore when he saw the child. He just wanted to seize the chance to talk about their schedule.

“Alright, since you begged me…I’ll be going to Sicily to accompany Rose and Ning’er next week …I might not have time to accompany you and Lanlan…so…”

Yang Chen realized Lin Ruoxi’s face had darkened before he could finish his sentence. He trailed off and sucked in a breath….