Yang Chen immediately changed his tone and smiled, “But of course, if you disagree, we can still further negotiate…”

“I agree, of course I will,” Lin Ruoxi said without any expression, “Go ahead, my brother and I won’t die of starvation or get lost without you. Besides, I can just tell Lanlan that her father wants to accompany her aunties instead of her.”

Yang Chen gave a wry smile, “Honey, how can you teach your child this? The chubby girl will misunderstand.”

“This is not a misunderstanding, you are going to accompany other women,” Lin Ruoxi stared at him.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to meet her eyes and scratched his head, “It’s not what you think. Many of my old friends in Sicily wants me to go take a look, I can’t be ditching them right? Just give me a week and I’ll be back as soon as I finish my work.” 

Lin Ruoxi squinted her eyes, “ How come Rose and sister Cai Ning can attend but not me and Lanlan?”

Yang Chen quickly waved his hand, “Oh no way, the Mercenary Conference at Sicily Island is mainly about battles. You know Lanlan well enough, the people there are all fierce and courageous, if she went there, it would definitely be trouble.”

Lin Ruoxi managed to understand Yang Chen’s concern and calmed down a little, but was still quite dissatisfied. 

Yang Chen saw the woman pouting her lips slightly and knew that she was almost convinced. As he was about to say something nice, his phone started vibrating.

He took out his phone and saw that it was from Guo Xuehua.

He answered, “Hello, mother? What is it?”

Lin Ruoxi heard that it was from her mother-in-law and listened closely.

After a while, Yang Chen’s expression changed, he cut off the call after saying a few words.

“Did I hear something about Yang Lie?” Lin Ruoxi asked worriedly.

Yang Chen didn’t deny and nodded, “Mother said that Yang Lie had returned to the Yang residence. He said that he wanted to change for the better and had enrolled into the army once again. The old man wants us to return to Beijing earlier in January, we will be busy before and after the New Years.”

“So… what are you thinking, are you really going to kill Yang Lie?” Lin Ruoxi looked at the man anxiously.

Yang Chen kept quiet, his determination in his heart to kill Yang Lie wasn’t as strong as before. In fact, Yang Lie didn’t bother much about his growth since young and secondly, Yang Chen cared about his family more and more so he didn’t want to make things difficult.

However, he still felt strange about Yang Lie’s sudden return, although he isn’t able to think of a specific reason.

Yang Chen sighed heavily, “Let’s see how things goes after returning to Beijing, I shall see what kind of game my brother is going to play. If he can behave from now on, I won’t bother to kill him, I can’t be letting Lanlan know that her father killed his own biological brother right?”

Lin Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief and showed a faint smile, “Seems like my husband has become mature.” 

Yang Chen blushed and felt embarrassed, but since he got married and now had a daughter, some changes had taken place in his mentality. He laughed and said, “Back to the previous topic, honey, show me some mercy and give me a few days off. I’ll definitely be back on time and we will bring Lanlan back to Beijing. You two can play as much as you want there, alright?”

Lin Ruoxi knew that she couldn’t stop him no matter what and rolled her eyes at him. She nodded and warned him, “If you dare to ditch your daughter and I, bear your own consequences!”

Yang Chen quickly agreed and thought, if the conference had not finished, he would blow up the venue if he had to in order to come home.

In the following days, the transition of work in Yulei completed smoothly. As soon as Xue Minghe got his position, he managed to arrange things nicely.

Yang Chen’s director position in the entertainment company was directly given to Zhao Teng, he wouldn’t have much time to manage anyway.

After Lin Ruoxi stepped down from her post, she placed more effort into cultivation and accompanied her daughter. Wang Ma was overjoyed, it was as though she was seeing her daughter and granddaughter being together.

From time to time, Xiao Zhiqing, Li Jingjing, Cai Yan and An Xin who were more unoccupied would come over to the house to talk and play mahjong, the place was getting more and more lively.

An Xin was also thinking of getting a successor to manage the An Clan after hearing about Lin Ruoxi’s resignation. However, she couldn’t think of an appropriate and reliable person, so she passed the thought for now.

Min Juan on the other hand was afraid of being fired. After all, Lanlan didn’t need the care from her nanny most of the time now. Fortunately, Wang Ma kept her to help around at home and her heart was settled.

Yang Chen went to the Mediterrenean base as promised after guiding the rest of the women for a few days. Rose and Cai Ning had waited for a week and the Caesar Conference would commence a day later.

These days, except for cultivation, the two had gotten along well with the people staying there as well.

Despite the language barrier, after they entered the Soul Forming Stage, their memory became excellent and it wasn’t too difficult to learn new languages.

In addition to that, the residents on the island were mostly retirees from the special forces, mercenaries and ZERO, so it was even more convenient for the two to find common languages together.

The two’s superb skill had also made the children who loved battling favor them, and giving the children advice had also become an interesting activity.

In short, the two would be unwilling to leave now.

Old Ron, being the ‘prestigious tour guide’ for this Sicily Island trip did all the preparations voluntarily.

Upon Yang Chen’s arrival, Ron had already prepared a luxurious private jet, waiting for him and the two women to depart.

Since it was just a half an hour trip from The Forgotten Realms to Sicily Island, they could arrive in a blink of an eye. But since this was a journey for entertainment, Ron was still insisting on quality.

As the island with the most dense population, Sicily Island was located in the Southwest area of the Asia Pacific Island.

As stated in history, the ancient Greeks, Roman Empire, Byzantines, Normans etc, had all ruled this island before. After the split of the Kingdom of Sicily, the Spanish moved in here and later on the Kingdom of Italy took over Sicily. Now, Sicily had gained autonomy. 

This place was often known to the world, mainly because the Italian mafias were all over this place.

The Mafia families had organized a ‘shadow government’ which was almost parallel to the regular government. Their minions control the whole under their banner.

Here, the law was empty and pale, only the Mafia’s profiteering rule and network of interests were the most reliable guarantee.

The Constantine family of Ron was one of the ancient and strongest families among the Mafias. 

However, Ron had resigned as the clan leader for many years. Although his seniority was the most noble in the family, the old man didn’t take his Mafia background seriously.

On the plane, Cai Ning and Rose were fascinated by the various customs and cultures mentioned by Ron, but they were more curious about the Mafia Alliance.

"Mr. Ron, I heard from the people on the island that you are still the honorary president of the Mafia Alliance? Tell us how you became the president, it sounds amazing," Rose sincerely asked. Her Red Thorns Society was nothing compared to the Italian Mafia family, too amateur! They were gangsters with hundreds of years of history!

Ron seemed calm and didn’t think it was too great and smiled, “Lady Rose, all of this is attributed to the great Majesty Pluto. In fact, if he didn’t help us, our Mafia might have disappeared in Sicily.”

"Our husband? What did he do?" Cai Ning curiously said. Ron sighed "My two ladies, in fact, these old antique families in our Mafia Alliance have gradually declined in recent decades. After all, our scope of activities is still too small, and most people in the world cannot tolerate our existence. At that time, the Italian government found the right time and dispatched special forces from France and the United Kingdom to land on the beach, hoping to wipe out the main forces of our Mafia family in one fell swoop. Although we received news, it was still difficult to resist their surging firepower. You must know that when the state machinery is forced to operate, some precaution is not a problem for them. But when our main force is about to be defeated due to lack of ammunition and personnel, His Majesty Pluto suddenly appeared!"

 A gleam of light appeared in Ron’s pair of old eyes, "I still remember that in my dreams, His Majesty Pluto broke several steel guns in front of us in the rain of bullets and overturned several armored vehicles. The picture of him rushing into the rear of their British army and unscrewing their commander's head with one hand... That kind of figure made us old guys full of enthusiasm, not to mention the fanatical worship of those young people... I happen to be the president of the alliance, and after successfully overcoming such a crisis, I was fortunate enough to get the false name of the honorary president..."

Rose and Cai Ning both beamed their beautiful eyes, looking at Yang Chen with emotion, but the man, holding toothpicks in both hands, kept poking the tropical fruits in the fruit plate and sending them to his mouth.

Being stared at by two women like this, Yang Chen subconsciously poked two pieces of dragon fruit and gave it to them. He smiled and asked, "Would you like to eat?"

Rose and Cai Ning suddenly felt that there was a huge difference between their expectations and the reality...