Although they thought that he was fooling around, how could he be only eating fruits like a ‘starved ghost’ while they were talking about his ‘great deeds’.

But since it’s already by their lips, the two women still ate the dragon fruit.

“Do you want some more? It’s quite nice,” Yang Chen asked.

Rose gulped and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “We’re talking about you man. You didn’t tell us anything, Ning’Er and I love hearing about your past stories.”

Yang Chen waved his hand, “What’s there to talk about, it’s not something happy anyway.”

Cai Ning turned to Ron and asked, “Mr Ron, how did you meet Yang Chen before? How did you become his steward from the President of the Mafia Alliance?”

Ron looked helpless, "My lady, to be honest, this is what I always wanted to ask His Majesty Pluto, but he refuses to tell me. In fact, I didn't even know him before the Three Kingdoms invasion of Sicily and our Mafia Alliance hardly had any intersection with him. At that time, his sudden appearance shocked us, but in any case, he was the reason how we managed to defeat the British elite troops and then defeated the Italian and French troops."

The two looked at each other suspiciously, they didn’t expect Yang Chen to be the kind of person who would defend justice...Although, the Mafia Alliance couldn’t really relate to justice.

“Honey, why did you help Mr Ron back then,” Rose asked curiously.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose, “What’s so interesting about it, probably because I was drunk and felt like killing randomly…”

“Don’t beat around the bush, you always rub your nose when you lie,” Rose pinched his nose and insulted him.

Yang Chen was stared at by the two women who were dumbfounded. Since it’s been so many years, I guess it’s fine to say it then, “In fact, it was also by accident…”

“By accident?”

Ron was listening attentively as well, he was also very confused about what happened at that time.

Yang Chen nodded, "At that time, I just agreed to Catherine... Oh, that was, Jane's mother, to help the two solve the English royal family's pursuit and seize the British royal status. Coincidentally, the one responsible for the pursuit, the commander of the special forces was also the guy responsible for attacking Sicily. I so happened to find him that day, and he was commanding his troops to compete with the Mafia Alliance. How could I wait for them to finish before killing? Time is precious, I still had to run back to England to fight with the group of guys with the Sword in the Stone, so I didn’t care about it too much, I just killed him.

Ron showed a complicated expression, he finally understood why Yang Chen was reluctant to tell them the truth. After all, helping them was really just an ‘incidental occurrence’.

With a bitter smile, Ron didn’t know what to say, but he was in debt after all, so he didn’t bother much about it.

Rose and Cai Ning on the other hand couldn’t help laughing. Only Yang Chen would be able to do such shameless and reckless actions.

As they were talking and laughing, they had finally reached Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Palermo was hailed as the most beautiful Muslim city in the world by the great poet Dante at the beginning of the Renaissance. Here, there were breathtaking Arabian architecture sceneries everywhere.

After getting off the plane, Fidero, the current patriarch of the Constantine family, also the eldest son of Ron, had sent a few black Bentleys, quietly waiting outside of the airport.

Fidero’s appearance was very similar to Ron, a gentleman with moustache and a pair of golden glasses. He didn’t look like the leader of a mafia family at all.

When Yang Chen’s figure in a floral blouse appeared in front of the Mafia group, Fidero and the other Constantine family disciples looked eagerly.

“Your Majesty Pluto, welcome to Sicily Island once again,” Fidero bowed to greet him and the black suited men behind him followed humbly.

Some people passing by didn't think it was too strange to see this scene. In Sicily, especially among the Mafia, it was very common for the class to be distinct, and it was not a big deal if someone suddenly knelt on the road.

Yang Chen waved his hand casually, “Fidero, just do that to your father, it doesn't matter much to me.”

Ron laughed aside, “Your Majesty Pluto, they are showing you their respect, they would’ve been dead by now if it wasn’t for you.”

Yang Chen shrugged, knowing how these guys wouldn’t change even after many years, so he didn’t bother.

Rose and Cai Ning got in the car and curiously looked at the scenery of Palermo outside the car window. The rich Gothic, Roman and other characteristic styles here made the two girls dizzy.

On the streets and at the market, tourists and local residents chatted lively, all kinds of races and costumes as if the entire world integrated together.

“There’s nothing too special though, it’s just an ordinary tourist city, is this really the Mafia’s territory?” Rose found it unbelievable.

Yang Chen couldn’t help himself, "Baby Rose, do you think that the Mafia is like the ones on TV? They have to live as well. Nobody likes a smoky life, they also hope that they live in a beautiful and quiet place. The mafia is another ruler of the island, not a terrorist organization. It’s just that they are more inclined to use violence to solve problems compared to the ordinary governments.”

Ron agreed and said, “That’s right Lady Rose. In fact, most of this was maintained and built by our Mafia Alliance. For us, this is our home, which is not as exaggerated as outsiders would think.”

Cai Ning asked, “Are we going to Mr Ron’s house now?”

Ronn shook his head, “Lady Cai Ning, our Constantine family is located in Caltanissetta of the central region. We are here in Palermo mainly because the opening ceremony of the Caesar Conference will be held in the ‘Colosseum’ by the harbour. We are now going to the Federico Hotel that I’ve booked earlier.” 

“Colosseum? Isn’t that in Rome?” Cai Ning wondered.

“Hehe, that is the most famous ancient Roman Colosseum. In fact, there are many Colosseums around the world. Our Colosseum in Palermo is also one of them, but it is built independently on the port. It’s normally used for training within our Mafia Alliance and will be changed to a fighting venue during the Caesar Conference," Ron explained.

Hearing his description, the two women were exceptionally excited for tomorrow’s journey, as if it was a grand event from another world.

More than ten minutes later, Fidero from the front of the car spoke a few words in Italian and hung up the call with a solemn expression.

“Fidero, is there something wrong with the hotel?” Ron asked after hearing something from the back.

Fidero turned back humbly and nodded, “Yes, my father. The owner of the Federico Hotel said that someone has occupied the VIP suite that we’ve originally booked. They even threaten to kill everyone working in the hotel if they dare to chase them out.”

Ron’s usual peaceful face darkened immediately, “Who are they, such bold actions!”

“Not sure, the owner said it was a group of freaks wearing white cloaks and golden masks, they can’t identify them even through their accent. There were a few mercenaries who stood up for the owner but were all beaten and thrown out directly. Their strength seems to be good,” Fidero said.

“White cloaks? Golden masks?” Ron frowned deeply and asked Yang Chen who was half lying on his seat, “Your Majesty Pluto, I don’t remember any mercenary group dressed like this, do you know anything?”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and said lazily, “Nope, probably a new group…”

Ron nodded. If Yang Chen hadn’t met them before, it could only be a new mercenary group.

Cai Ning asked, “Why would they snatch our room? Are they against us?”

Ron shook his head, "Not necessarily. Lady Cai Ning, Federico Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Palermo. Its VIP suite is almost equivalent to a status symbol. In recent days, dignitaries, rich people, and powerful mercenaries from all over the world have gathered here. During the Caesar Conference, the figures who get to stay in the VIP suite are one of a kind and a symbol of loftiness. So, they did this probably to prove their status, to demonstrate to everyone, and to show their ambition of fearing no one.