After listening to Ron’s explanation, Cai Ning and Rose got nervous. Not in fear, but in excitement, as they were about to face violence just right after they arrived!

Fidero was getting anxious, he was ordered by his father to facilitate Yang Chen’s trip for the Caesar Conference but a bunch of freaks appeared out of nowhere and he was afraid that Yang Chen would blame him for this.

“Father, we’ve booked three VIP suites in total at the Federico Hotel. One for His Majesty Pluto and the two ladies, and the rest for the Sea Eagles elite troops. I am afraid that the members may encounter vigorous conflicts with those people when they arrive.”

Ron frowned, “You don’t have to be nervous, it’s not your fault. We should be arriving  earlier than the Sea Eagles troop at this speed.”

Rose couldn’t help asking, “Mr Ron, are we only sending the Sea Eagles Troop this time?”

Ron explained with a smile, "Madam, the selection of personnel is determined by Sauron. Although the team is named after the Sea Eagles, the internal members are from various troops under His Majesty Pluto, including assassins from ZERO. It’s just that we can’t fight within ourselves, so we gather in one team. At each Caesars Conference, the soldiers who have made the most progress and are relatively ranked in the forefront of all troops are selected. "

“When I was in Zhonghai, I met Molin from one of the Sea Eagles team, what rank is he at?” Rose continued asking curiously.

Ron thought for a while. Seeing that Yang Chen didn't say anything while taking a nap, he had to continue by himself, "Captain Molin is in charge of Nordic affairs. In fact, he is best at snow combat command and other projects. As for battling, they are also among the best in the Sea Eagles, but they are not on par to the top fighters of the troop, let alone the top assassins in ZERO. After all, many top fighters, in addition to excellent combat skills, are powerusers themselves or some Inheritors of ancient power, their strength actually surpasses ordinary humans."

Upon hearing this, Rose’s face beamed with delight. She knew very well that the combat effectiveness of Molin and others when they exerted their full strength weren’t the strongest, and they couldn't wait to meet Yang Chen's representative team.

Yang Chen looked at the woman’s jubilant energy, and felt in his heart that every person would really act differently. They were all women but Lin Ruoxi always told herself not to fight and not to kill, but if it was Rose, she would probably choose to kill the masters if she really wanted to kill and violence was the way to solve problems.

As for the Federico Hotel, whoever those white cloak men were, Yang Chen didn’t bother much. He had seen too many different scenarios and everything would eventually go well in the end, just go with the flow.

After a while, their Bentley reached outside of the grand and prestigious hotel.

It’s located by the sea, the tranquil setting sun along with the slight briny sea breeze, the atmosphere was comfortable and gentle.

Outside the hotel, a large number of antique-grade vehicles revealed the slow and retro pace of life here.

A peaceful picture, if it were not for the blood stains left by the fighting outside the hotel, and the large number of onlookers of tourists and a large number of strong mercenaries, it would not have appeared so uncoordinated.

As soon as Yang Chen and the others got out of the car, they saw several ambulances carrying seven or eight wounded and bloodstained mercenaries up.

The owner of the hotel was an Arabian with a big belly, constantly praying to Allah, hoping to bless these mercenary fighters who stood up for his hotel.

“Hassan, how’s the situation going,” FIdero took the lead.

Hassan was obviously more familiar with Fidero, with a bitter face, “Allah, Mr Fidero you are finally here. Forgive me for my incompetence, I can’t save you the VIP suites you deserve. Those people have such a brutal attitude, I have to think of the lives of my employees too.”

“There aren’t any deaths, right?”

Hassan patted his chest with relief, “Yes, although the few mercenary fightetrs were injured, it’s not life-threatening. Those men probably took into account the rules that killing people before the Caesar Conference will cause them to be disqualified.”

“That’s good…” Fidero let out a sigh of relief.

“Where are they?” Ron walked up and asked.

Hassan saw Ron and immediately bowed respectfully, “Oh how wonderful, President Ron is here! Please help me, they are in the VIP suite now.”

Ron nodded and turned to Yang Chen, “Your Majesty Pluto, I’ll bring my men up and talk to those people. They probably won’t go against the entire Mafia Alliance on the island for the sake of the room.”

Yang Chen wasn’t bothered by it, but the old man obviously wanted to defend himself so he shouldn’t refute the landlord’s image.

“Leave it to us!”

It was at that moment, a few men and women of different body shapes descended on a black Dodge commercial vehicle that had just arrived.

A sturdy white man with a bald head, with yellow teeth, shouted with a brilliant smile.

Behind the bald man, followed by a slender Asian woman with wheat skin and black hair, and a young white man with long hair looking evil with triangular eyes.

The most striking contrast was a white blonde girl, and a tall, thin black man who walked over together, challenging the eyeballs.

These five people were also dressed in a variety of ways, just like five different groups of tourists who came for vacation.

When the five people came to Yang Chen by appointment, they suppressed their excitement, and bowed, everyone came back to their senses.

“Your Majesty Pluto, it’s an honor to have you here watching our competition this time,” the bald white man said with a nervous smile.

Yang Chen looked at the three men and two women with interest, "Are you the elites selected by Sauron to participate in this competition?"

“Yes, Your Majesty Pluto. We are real, if you don’t believe me, General Sauron will be arriving later and you will know,” The white girl was not afraid of Yang Chen and said in excitement.

The bald man’s eyes indicated that the girl must not be rude, and then said to Ron, "Mr. Ron, let me introduce myself, I am the captain of this team, my name is Nasri, from the Eastern European branch of Sea Eagles. We have already gotten the notice, since our room was robbed, let us get it back."

Ron had never seen the five people selected by Sauron before, and knowing that they were the elites of this competition, it’s fine for them to settle this incident.

Bald Nasri walked to the front of the boss Hassan, and after clarifying the specific location of the room, he aimed at a balcony on the fifth floor.

In the eyes of some onlookers of mercenary soldiers, Nasri's seemingly awkward body jumped easily and rushed straight to the nearly 20-meter balcony!

However, this physical quality was not enough to make people feel too surprised. Many mercenaries were curious to see whether Nasri could beat the group of freaks.

After Nasri came to the balcony, he directly pushed open the glass door outside, but when he was about to step in, he let out a fierce roar!


A white figure attacked Nasri directly on his chest like a stream of light as he was about to step in!

Nasri's body hit the balcony railing from the fifth floor like a cannonball and flew out!

Ron, Fidero and others were startled. This skill was really not something that the Mafia like them could face. The speed was unrecognizable!

Nasri was obviously caught off guard, however when he was shot down, he didn't suffer any injuries. In the eyes of many people, after he stabilized his figure in the air, Nasri's feet landed heavily!


After the muffled sound, Nasri crushed the ground with his feet!

On the chest that was hit, the clothes had been torn apart, but there was no physical damage.

Yang Chen’s eyes brightened. Although it was only a momentary picture, he still didn’t miss it—he didn’t expect that this seemingly reckless bald man was still a poweruser...

And the white figure was aware that he didn’t cause any damage to Nasri and also flew down from the fifth floor.

From the other two VIP suites on the fifth floor, four white cloaks and golden masks flew down as well.

This time, Yang Chen and the rest could finally see the appearance of these freaks.

It was said to be a snow-white cloak, but in fact there were gilded weird patterns, like depicting some complicated runes. Under the hood, the golden mask, only exposing their eyes and not even a slight corner of their faces!

However, what caught Yang Chen's attention was not the outfits and masks on their bodies, but the distinctive tattoos on their backs...