The bright red tattoo, eye-catching and dazzling!


Yang Chen murmured to himself, it’s just a noun but Yang Chen was not so naive as to believe that they did the tattoo randomly just like those boastful teenagers on the street, for the sake of attracting attention.

Old Ron who was observant noticed the tattoos on these people and his face turned green!

Godkiller?! How courageous of them!!

Many years ago, when Yang Chen inherited the divinity from the former Majesty Pluto, it wasn’t counted as killing a god because he had the ability to carry the divinity and it just so happened that he met Majesty Pluto who was looking for a way out.

The so-called ‘becoming a god by killing one’ was mostly rumoured and exaggerated by the outsiders, Yang Chen never thought of his actions as killing a god.

In fact, gods that had reached the level of the twelve gods were immortal in some sense, unless they themselves gave up on reincarnation and transferred their divinity or released their divine senses.

The reason why the twelve gods were above those deceased was because not only had their Space Law reached a very high level, but also because their own spiritual power could fully preserve their divinity and divine sense for complete reincarnation.

As for the strength of the Space Law and the level of spiritual power, they defined the awakening time of the god after reincarnation, it could be long or short.

The five in white cloak and golden faces, dared to use ‘DEICIDE’ as their standardized tattoo causing Yang Chen to be curious about their origins. 

At that moment, Nasri who had just landed grinned, “You’re right to come down, so as to not damage our room.”

The being said, the bald man rushed out like a smoothbore cannonball again and the traces of the dash brought a strong wind, every step he took was loud and firm.

The white cloak in the middle reached out his hand and clenched his fist hard!


Nasri came out one meter in front of the five men, and suddenly bounced away!


Nasri cried out in pain, he didn’t expect something like an air wall to exist.

Due to the huge reaction force, a long mark was directly screeched on the ground, which directly rolled up a ravine on the cement floor!

However, Nasri's body was still unscathed, but the soles of his pair of boots disappeared!

The surrounding mercenaries exclaimed, they couldn’t see how the white cloak freak did it. Nasri just rushed forward and bounced back in a flash of lightning!

Yang Chen’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink, it is a space barrier?!

Although this was only an extremely basic use of space, it was already the use of Space Laws!

These people could use the Space Laws!?

Even if the technique was not the same as the Gods, the formation was more peculiar, it was indeed still the power of space!

However, he couldn’t sense any traces of gods on these people, and they don't have divinity, who are they! ?

If ordinary humans could also use the Space Laws, then the gods really have to abandon the "Treaty of Gods" and unscrupulously unblock them in order to protect themselves!

Those white cloaks with the eyes exposed outside the mask, all looked towards Yang Chen, most of them with a bit of eerie contempt.

Nasri was beaten back twice in a row and didn't know what was going on. Although he was not injured, he felt that his image was lost and was furious.

The long-haired white man with triangular eyes on the side grinned strangely, "Nasri, do you need help? You seem to be struggling. You are embarrassing yourself in front of His Majesty Pluto as a first impression, how should you explain to General Sauron?”

“Screw you, Dimon, I haven’t put in full force yet!” Nasri exasperated.

Just as Nasri's momentum continued to rise and he wanted to be rough with these guys, Yang Chen silently came to him in a flash and patted him on the shoulder.

Nasri's momentum suddenly fell, and he asked in confusion, "What's the matter, Your Majesty Pluto, are you going to do it yourself? That's not necessary! What are they?"

Yang Chen smiled indifferently, "Forget it. I mean since the game will start tomorrow, it will not be worth the loss if people are disqualified because someone dies. Since they are also participating in the competition, we will meet sooner or later, so today you should not reveal your strength first."

Nasri thought about it. It’s more of a sense of accomplishment to kill the opponent in the arena, "But... Your Majesty, what about our rooms?"

Yang Chen turned around and beckoned to the hotel owner Hassan, and asked, "Hassan, your hotel, how much does a VIP suite cost currently?”

Hassan wondered, but he still replied, “It’s about one hundred thousand euros.”

Yang Chen nodded and jumped up then walked into the VIP suite from its balcony.

The five white cloak freaks saw it and followed immediately and didn’t even bother to care about Nasri downstairs.

As everyone was wondering what Yang Chen would be doing, there were several fierce blasts from the VIP suite!

“Boom, boom!!”

Large crimson flames, like fire snakes spraying out from the balcony and window, shocked everyone!

The freaks who were about to enter were also swallowed by the fire snake at that moment!

Downstairs, the Arabian boss Hassan suddenly realized something and exclaimed, but it was too late to stop anything!

Everyone felt the blazing heat, even Nasri and the rest felt a little uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen blew up all three suites!

On the balcony, when the flames dissipated, everyone was surprised to find that the five white cloak freaks were floating in the air unharmed. No one managed to see how they avoided the hot flames.

Yang Chen came out of the suite that had turned into a pile of dregs. He wasn’t surprised about these guys not getting injured. What he used was just a little Nanming Li Fire, and being blocked by them with a space barrier was nothing unusual.

“Alright, now that the room is like this, if you want to stay in it, be my guest,” Yang Chen said.

“Hades, this is a performance of a coward. What is it, don’t you dare to compete with us head-on?” The white cloak in front of him spoke in English without any obvious accents,

Yang Chen sneered, “If I do, you will have to die, and it will drag down my contestants. Anyway, during this period, you will not leave Sicily, I am not in a hurry."

"Such a bold statement. You don’t seem to understand what the word on the back of our hand means." 

“God killer?” Yang Chen showed an evil laugh, “I thought this conference is for me to accompany my women as a means of entertainment but your appearance is making me excited, I’ll be waiting.”

That being said, Yang Chen went downstairs.

The five white cloaks didn’t have the intention to follow him, and they were obviously not in a hurry as well.

After landing, Yang Chen said to Ron, “Give Hassan four hundred thousand Euros and let’s go.”

“Your Majesty Pluto! That’s it?” Nasri asked unwillingly.

“Idiot, do you want to get disqualified? If you can't participate, the commission will decrease, do you want all the brothers to hate the five of us?" The long-haired Dimon rolled his eyes at him.

Ron quickly signed a cheque to Hassan and asked, "Your Majesty Pluto, since we can't stay here, let's go to the Cassano Hotel by the sea, where there is investment from our family. Although the arena is far from the point, the condition there is nothing worse than here.”

Fidero aside was a little anxious and pulled his father’s sleeves, “Father, isn’t it a bit inconvenient?”

Ron fronwed, “Why?”

Fidero kept quiet but glanced at Cai Ning and Rose who had been quietly watching the situation, with worry.

Ron suddenly remembered something and thought about it carefully.

Rose and Cai Ning were curious about those white cloak freaks and didn’t pay attention to the weird expressions of Ron and his son.

Yang Chen patted Fidero on the shoulder with understanding, and smiled deeply, "Don't think too much, my women are extraordinary, nothing can happen."

Ron and his son nodded in slight embarrassment. He nodded and asked Yang Chen and others to get in the car, and Nasri and the other five contestants naturally followed along.

When the crowd outside the Federico Hotel dispersed, the five white cloak men stood on the top floor of the hotel, watching Yang Chen's convoy leave.

“Ares, are we letting him go like this? He doesn’t seem to pose any threat to us,” A white cloak asked.

The white cloak in the middle sneered, “Transforming into a god halfway through will definitely not give him much abilities... Don't worry, the show has just begun. When they are all there, won’t it be more fun to settle them all at once?"