On their way to the Cassano Hotel, Yang Chen kept quiet for quite some time. Ron and Fidero sitting at the front couldn’t guess what their master was thinking as well.

After a while, Yang Chen suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Do a background check on them, the names of the participating members, name of their team and their past, the more detail the better. Report to me before the opening ceremony tomorrow.”

“Yes, Your Majesty Pluto,” Fidero nodded, in fact, he had already sent someone to check on them earlier.

Yang Chen took out his mobile phone and dialed Christine’s number. It was still morning in the American time and the star quickly picked up the call. 

“Hades, where are you this time, why is your number unknown?” Christine asked with a smile.

“Sicily Island.”

“Well...are you still interested in going to the Caesars Conference? Are you there to encourage and cheer for your subordinates? They will be under pressure though,” Christine teased.

Yang Chen sighed lightly, “I’m not in the mood to care about the conference now. Guess what I just saw earlier?”

“What? A beauty?”

“I am not joking around with you,” Yang Chen was helpless.

“Alright alright...spill it out. I’ll eat my breakfast,” Christine smiled.

Yang Chen then said, “I’ve met five guys in white cloaks and golden masks. They mentioned that they will be participating in the Caesar Conference, but...they know how to use the Space Laws and have no divinity…”

Christine on the phone suddenly became quiet. After nearly a minute, she spoke in a rather solemn voice, “Are you sure...they used the Space Laws? And they don’t have divinity?” 

“Unless their strength reaches a level that even I can’t figure out. However, I still can’t understand this, that’s why I think you or the others should come over and take a look,” Yang Chen said.

Christine answered, “I will talk to Poseidon and the rest…”

Yang Chen frowned, “You seem to have known something from your tone?”

Christine chuckled lightly, “Not sure yet so it’s pointless to say it now. I’ll tell you when we see it with our own eyes.”

That being said, without giving Yang Chen more opportunities  to ask further, she hung up the phone.

Yang Chen was a little depressed. He felt that this woman was getting better in confusing people, as if something was deliberately hidden from him, but he couldn’t be forcing her to open her mouth as well.

After all, the life spans of the gods were too long. They must have known a lot of the past that he didn’t understand. Yang Chen doesn’t expect to understand them all at once, but he hoped that there would be no tragedy on this casual trip to Sicily. 

Just as Yang Chen was worrying, a cool, slender hand pinched his face for a few times.

He turned around and saw Rose smiling at him playfully.

“Don’t be sad alright, aren’t we all here? If anything happens, me and Ning’Er will protect you,” the woman said seriously.

Yang Chen smiled and laughed blankly, turning back and looking at Cai Ning who was smiling, he felt much better.

Nothing had happened yet and he shouldn’t be overthinking, having fun with the women was more important.

Not long after, the group reached the Cassano Hotel. The temperature in Sicily differed greatly from day to night, and the sea breeze blowing on everyone's faces was already relatively humid.

The neon lights of the hotel were brilliant and dazzling. The entire coastline was full of luxury cars. Under the street lights, many charming beauties were holding their men, walking and talking.

The atmosphere here was obviously more open and noisy than the previous Federico Hotel, Cai Ning and Rose were sensitive enough to feel something special around the area.

This discomfort became more obvious when a long-haired girl with beautiful buttocks and legs walked past them, with charming eyeshadows, sprayed with flashy perfume, and most of her clothes revealing deep gully.

Many guests, both men and women, all set their sights on the two women more or less, because in such a school of beauty, the makeup of these two women was too "pure".

Yang Chen held both women in each hand and said, "Don't be surprised, this is a famous open area on the island, almost like the red light district, and the Cassano Hotel is a major gathering place here."

As they were walking toward the hotel, the two women looked at Yang Chen suspiciously.

“You seem to be familiar with this place,” Rose asked sourly.

Yang Chen calmly said, "Ron mentioned about it quite often, since I dared to bring you here, how could I make you unhappy, Ron, don't you think?"

Ron immediately nodded with a smile, “Ladies, how will His Majesty Pluto like these kind of low level beings, don’t you both doubt him, it was all from me.”

Rose and Cai Ning then felt relieved, if Yang Chen used to hang out among these wandering warblers, it would be disgusting. 

These Balkan-Mediterranean-style women who passed by with a mesmerizing smile looked weird from all angles. Just by seeing a few of them gathering together around a rich man, one could see how they lived absurdly. 

Seeing that the two women finally didn't question much, Yang Chen quietly raised his eyebrows at Ron, and Ron also blinked with emotion, the old and the young were in a tacit understanding.

In addition to the many eye-catching prostitutes, other facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, and casinos were all available and luxurious. Let alone a week, you could live a full life even in a month.

Entering a luxurious suite with an ancient Greek style, the walls were full of pictures of ancient heroes, and all the furnishings were simple and delicate.

There was only a big round bed in the room, and the white yarn danced with the sea breeze coming in from the window, like a dreamy scene.

When the two women saw only one bed, they couldn’t help but blush, let alone Cai Ning, even Rose who had “served one husband together” more than once with Mo Qianni, she couldn’t hold her back and do whatever she wanted with anyone. 

“We...are sleeping here tonight?” Rose couldn’t help asking.

Yang Chen chuckled, “Hey, we don’t have a choice. There are no other rooms during peak periods.”


“Lies or not, none of you can escape tonight,” Yang Chen pretended to be serious.

Cai Ning couldn't help but sweat in her palms nervously. This gameplay was too...too exciting for her nerves!

She had been a good girl since young and never expected to encounter such a day! What’s worse? It’s irresistible! 

Yang Chen could sense her nervousness and joked in her ear, “Ning’Er, don’t be afraid. It's nice to have Rose here with you, she is experienced in this area and she can teach you.”

“You… How shameless!” Cai Ning who was usually calm started blushing and punched Yang Chen vigorously. 

When Rose heard this, she then learned that Cai Ning was still a virgin, and she was surprised that Yang Chen, who was a beast, kept his mouth still. At the same time, a wave of evil thoughts rose in her heart.

“It turns out that Ning’Er hasn’t been harmed by you yet, hehe. Ning’Er, don’t worry, your sister will monitor you carefully and guide you,” Rose said with a smile.

“Sheesh, you are younger than me!” Cai Ning felt that she was done and would be bullied by these two unscrupulous men and women.

"You're only older than me after tonight, now you're a little sister," Rose’s hand quickly went to pinch Cai Ning's buttocks!

Cai Ning was ‘attacked’ and was obviously unwilling to admit defeat. When the days are boring, the two women had played with each other and were not shy anymore, so she directly went for Rose’s chest!

All of a sudden, the two jumped up and down in the room, but thanks to the high ceiling, they didn't bump their heads.

While feeling a little helpless, Yang Chen looked pleased in the eyes, but if they took it off and jumped again, it would be more exciting, what a waste. He couldn't help but feel eager to end the dinner quickly so that he could get the game going...

It was at that moment when someone knocked on their door.

“Come in,” Yang Chen hinted to the two women to settle down first.

The person who entered was Ron. His expression was pretty awkward, and he reluctantly smiled and said, "Your Majesty Pluto, Sauron is here... Makedon and Edward are also here, waiting to see you."

"Oh, this late huh," Yang Chen looked at Ron's face and asked, "What's wrong with you, what's the secret to me?"

Ron smiled bitterly and said courageously, "I sincerely hope that...you may spare General Sauron’s life on behalf of the many years of brotherhood…”