Seeing Ron suddenly uttering such a plea, Yang Chen frowned and his face sank.

“Seems like...something bad has happened,”Yang Chen sneered and didn’t ask much, “Come, since you're embarrassed to say it, I shall ask for it myself.”

Cai Ning and Rose were going to follow but Yang Chen waved his hand and said gently, “You two don’t have to meet them now, there might be some guy problem to be solved. It’s not suitable for the both of you to be there.”

The two didn’t mind as well, besides, there were many interesting places to explore in the hotel and they could play by themselves.

Following Ron’s guidance, Yang Chen walked into the VIP reception room in the hotel. Many acquaintances had already gathered on the soft Persian carpet.

Except for Sauron in a navy uniform and Makedon with a big belly, Edward and several other high-ranked members of ZERO and Sea Eagles also stood respectfully inside.

After seeing Yang Chen, the crowd nodded in stern expressions but kept quiet.

Yang Chen took a full glance around and paused as his line of vision fell to the corner.


The beautiful woman who was bound by the handcuffs, kneeling on the ground,  and wearing a white hospital gown, was Jane.

However, this Jane was staring at Yang Chen with contempt. 

Yang Chen immediately sensed something fishy, and after carefully identifying the situation he shook his head, “No, you are not Jane. Although you two look alike, your eyes, temperament and expression are different from hers.”

The rest looked at each other and sighed. Indeed, Yang Chen could tell in a glance.

“What’s going on!? Who’s this!?” Yang Chen could guess half of what Ron wanted to say but was afraid and his voice deepened.

Glanced through by Yang Chen's scorching eyes, all of their hearts subconsciously started beating rapidly, and a faint coercion enveloped their hearts, as they did not dare to look up.

Sauron took a step forward, and the redheaded iron man solemnly knelt on one knee!

“Your Majesty Pluto, it’s my dereliction of duty. Princess Jane was kidnapped!”

As though a flash of electricity ran through his mind, Yang Chen hurried forward and picked up Sauron's collar!

Sauron's tall and burly body seemed a little fragile at the moment.

“Will you come again!?”

Makedon and the others were anxious and wanted to persuade him, but they were stopped by Ron who was shaking his head.

Sauron replied swiftly, “Yes...Princess Jane, she was kidnapped…”

"Idiots! Isn't Jane in England!? How could you let her get kidnapped in England!? What are you doing?! I gave so many to command, are they all decorations!? What the hell is going on!!?"

Yang Chen's eyes were fiercely luminous, like a beast that could eat people, his roar almost shook the entire living room.

Everyone's complexion was pale, and it had been too long since Yang Chen was so angry.

But no one was surprised, because Jane's identity was very special to him.

When Yang Chen was a teenager, he had already known the girl. Over the years, he watched this girl slowly grow into a magnificent beauty, the solution tank behind the scenes, the full-time doctor who managed his illness, and the countless assistance and sacrifice along the way.

As long as Yang Chen needs it, Jane will always try his best to meet Yang Chen's request without hesitation, but never ask for anything in return.

In terms of repaying his kindness, no matter how great the kindness he received back then, it should have been paid off long ago. After all, the hidden illness in Yang Chen's head would have completely destroyed him if it hadn't been controlled by Jane, but she never had the slightest dissatisfaction.

This kind of sentiment, let alone Yang Chen, even the people around him sincerely admired it.

If anyone in this world owes Yang Chen something, it would probably be Jane.

Because of this, Sauron, who was in charge of protecting Jane, rarely dared to face Yang Chen's gaze, and said in a low voice, "It was my negligence. After the other party sent someone to secretly kidnap Princess Jane, they arranged for a counterfeit to be dropped. Until today, I was supposed to bring Princess Jane to the Caesars Conference, but this fake Princess Jane had a dubious reaction, and it felt suspicious… Because no matter how busy she was, she never forgets her appointment with others..."

Yang Chen threw Sauron to the ground. Under this mood, even if he was his old comrade-in-arms, he would not show him good temper.

“That woman, is the counterfeit you said?”

"Yes,” Sauron got up from the ground and nodded, "Your Majesty Pluto, I arrived late today. One is because I didn’t have the courage to face you, and the other is to command my  people to conduct a background check on this woman as soon as possible. We found out about her background as a Russian spy, once belonging to the ‘Black Widow’' terrorist organization, but has rebelled. Her face is made of nanotechnology modified with the 3D printing technology that has not yet officially appeared in the current society. The technology is superb, it’s assumed that a special team had been planning for some time to complete the substitution.”

“You are saying… you haven’t found Jane?” Yang Chen’s eyes were cold.

Solon nodded in default, feeling ashamed.

Makedon tried to calm the situation and said, "Your Majesty Pluto, I have sent all the Mossads under me to explore the whole of Europe, any clues will be immediately reported up, I believe we will hear something soon.”

Yang Chen ignored him, but asked Edward, "Does Catherine know about this?"

Edward smiled helplessly, "My aunt doesn't know yet. She is in Wales. She has been busy with the New Year celebration for more than half a month and had not met with my cousin sister. We have no intentions to tell her as of now."

"That’s right, send people to secretly protect her as a means to prevent them from targeting both the mother and her daughter."

After saying that, Yang Chen stretched out his hand, and a huge force dragged the woman from the ground into his hand on her neck.

This "Jane" had a face of disdain, even if her face was flushed red, she didn't want to speak at all.

"I know that you are all trained agents, know all kinds of suicide methods, and are also tight-lipped and won’t spill a word. However I shall be frank with you, I am not in the mood and have no time to torture you. If you are willing to cooperate, just nod. If you don’t I will twist your head off now,” Yang Chen's other hand had already covered the female spy's head.

The counterfeit showed a sarcastic smile, "Hades, you demon, has already provoked the anger of people and gods. Since I came to participate in this operation, I never thought about going back alive. Just kill me and I'll be in hell, waiting to see everyone around you, coming down to accompany me one by one!"

“You asked for your own death!”

Yang Chen didn't hesitate, he exerted some force on his right hand and the sound of bones cracking echoed. The head of this fake Jane was twisted off!

A puff of red dye was on Yang Chen's cheek, as if his eyes had already been dyed crimson.

The blood stained the carpet red, and the fishy smell was permeating the room. Sauron and the others couldn't help but frown lightly, as if Yang Chen in front of them had returned to the period of the bloodthirsty and brutal devil.

There was still Seventeen and Jane controlling in the beginning, but at this time, no one was around anymore.

Everyone was worried, apprehensive and uneasy, but no one dared to make any suggestions to Yang Chen.

Just when everyone thought Yang Chen was going to be furious, he silently wiped the blood off his face and threw the headless female corpse to the heel of Makedon.

"Go, check her fingerprints, DNA, and confirm her time of appearance in Jane’s research institute. It’s clear that Jane had been switched for a few days. Since they used a counterfeit to confuse us, they are probably trying to buy time. They should be doing this for some of Jane’s inventions and technologies. Therefore, Jane’s life should not be threatened for the time being. For these people, Jane’s greatest value is definitely to make some kind of special weapon or device. Strictly search the circulation of manufacturing materials for rare weapons around the world in the recent period, and tell me if you find any suspicious ones!”

After listening to Yang Chen’s analysis, Makedon and the others were enlightened. Indeed, if it was purely to threaten them, there was no need for them to try to find a counterfeit to replace Jane who was kidnapped. It could be seen that the other party actually wanted to buy time, but somehow it was the Caesar Conference period and Jane was supposed to travel, which is why they got exposed!

Everyone thought that Yang Chen would not be able to control the violence in his brain, but although he was angry, he was still able to stabilize his thoughts.