Makedon promised, and asked his men to carry away the bloody female corpse, and immediately went out of the living room with his men. He knew very well that if anything happened to Jane, it would be no laughing matter. Therefore, if Yang Chen showed his true colours, he might use the method of "linking the nine families" to bloodbath Europe!

Edward then proactively suggested, “We the Rothschild family are involved in the international underground trading of all rare metals and elements. I will check it out and hope it helps."

"You'd better find some more of Jane’s proud disciples and secretly check her recent research projects. Try to narrow the scope as much as possible,” Yang Chen suggested.

“Understood,” Edward left immediately.

Yang Chen pondered for a moment, turned around and looked at the redheaded man in the military uniform.

Sauron, whose face was as white as a piece of paper, still stood in place, waiting for Yang Chen’s words.

"Sauron, you better be enlightened. If Jane doesn’t return safely, then you won’t be without a blame. I won't kill you, but this incompetent shame will accompany you for the rest of your life until the day you get buried!”

Sauron stood attention and gave a military salute, "Your Majesty Pluto, the life of my family was given by you. I am ashamed of my promise to you, I failed to protect Princess Jane. I am willing to take all the responsibilities, please give me a chance to compensate for my mistakes. I will find Princess Jane’s whereabouts in the shortest possible time!"

“You better not disappoint me again.”


Sauron waved his hand, several high-level officials of the Sea Eagles and ZERO quickly left after saluting Yang Chen.

After everyone left, Ron came forward and whispered, “Your Majesty Pluto, actually...If the opponent really has a very high level of combat capability, Sauron may indeed be incapable…”

Yang Chen squinted, “Do you think I would not expect that?”

“Oh no...I know that Your Majesty Pluto didn’t actually blame Sauron fully, otherwise you wouldn't have let him go so easily,” Ron hurriedly laughed.

Yang Chen sighed, "I only hope to sound the alarm for them... That Russian female spy was right, I killed too many people, the people who wanted to drink my blood and eat my flesh are everywhere in the world. Their relatives, their disciples, friends, and lovers all want my life. Even though I have retired for nearly three years, those enemies stained with blood and deep hatred will not obliterate the grudge with time alone. There is an old Chinese saying that it’s never too late for the gentlemen to take revenge. Even if they can’t wait for ten years, three or five years won’t be a big deal. Although ordinary enemies are not threatening at all, they are still hiding in the shadows. If they are facing the current situation  relaxed, they will only be assaulted again like this time."

Ron nodded, "I think for this time, most probably someone behind is taking advantage of the forces that hate you to carry out a planned counterattack. We just didn’t expect that they would go directly to London and take the initiative to touch Princess Jane.”

"There may be more things you didn't expect," Yang Chen sighed deeply. He then asked, "By the way, the five guys with the white cloak, have you found out about their details?"

"Oh, Fidero had just obtained some information and I am about to hand it to you,” Ron handed a piece of paper to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen quickly skimmed through, and couldn’t help but frown and sneered, “How secretive…”

The reason for saying this was because Yang Chen discovered that in terms of information, apart from knowing that this five-men team used "God Killer", DEICIDE, to participate in the competition, the names of the five people were actually replaced by numbers, that was, everyone's participant numbers.

It just so happened that such an incognito practice was allowed by the Caesars Conference, because many mercenaries themselves had no names.

These people didn’t even want to reveal their names, which gave Yang Chen a headache as there weren’t any traces left behind.

“They’ve come prepared,” He chuckled lightly and burned the paper in his hand to ashes.

Ron asked cautiously, “Your Majesty Pluto, do we need to send anyone to monitor their movements? I am worried that they might have something to do with Princess Jane’s disappearance.” 

“Forget it,” Yang Chen rejected, “Sending people there won’t help but cause more casualties, even I can’t see through those people. Let’s wait for the other gods to be here and see what they’d want to do.”

After settling the rest, although Yang Chen was anxious to find Jane, he couldn’t blindly search the world either.

After all, Jane had no cultivation base, nor could he easily detect her aura. What’s more, how would the other party let him find her so easily after spending so much effort on this?

Therefore, what Yang Chen could do was to wait for news from Makedon and the others, and then search in depth after narrowing the scope.

Besides that, Yang Chen didn't want his inner depression to affect the two women who came here to relax and have fun, so Ron and others were specifically told not to talk about Jane to the two.

Just when Yang Chen was about to go back to his room, he was told by Fidero that Rose and Cai Ning had gone to the casino under the Cassano Hotel.

Yang Chen was shocked. He didn’t expect the two to find a place to play so soon.

The casino of the Cassano Hotel was quite formal. Although it was a place where the mafia was shrouded, no one dared to break the rules of the gaming table.

In addition to the large number of lottery machines from the outside, inside, there were all kinds of card tables and gambling games, and there were bunny girls who were holding plates and serving guests enthusiastically.

Nothing could affect this place, be it day or night, it’s just to keep the gamblers playing until their pockets become empty.

Accompanied by Ron and his son, Yang Chen quickly found Rose and Cai Ning at the "Blackjack" card table. The two women were concentrating on the game along with a group of men, women and youths in various costumes.

"Rose, it’s enough, the card is very big, don't ask for more," Cai Ning was obviously in the role of an "advisor" and didn’t participate.

However, Rose didn't buy the persuasion of her advisor and asked the dealer for another card, "What are you afraid of? You have to be bold to win big money!" 

After receiving the card, Rose bit her lower lip. She lifted the card nervously and her expression turned miserable immediately.

“What! Are these guys deliberately cheating?! How come I went over the point again?!!” Rose angrily threw the cards aside, causing the laughter of the nearby gamblers.

An old white-haired man opened a pair of blackjacks and shook his fingers to her proudly, "Little girl, you are still too young. It is all in vain and you must know when to give up."

Rose was so mad, her lips were a little crooked, “Cut the sarcasm, I won’t always be losing today! Another round!”

The dealer on the other hand said embarrassingly, “Madam, you don’t have enough chips.”

Rose then only discovered that the chips she had exchanged with a few ten thousands of euros were all gone.

"Tsk tsk, no matter how rich you are, you’d go bankrupt if this goes on. My dear Rose, these are all professional gamblers. Do you think your gambling experience in the underworld in Zhonghai can compete with them?"

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, the two women didn't even notice that he was standing behind them intently.

Rose’s underworld lineage was indeed very genetically powerful. Even if her cultivation had reached the Soul Forming Stage, she still couldn’t be immune to the recreational activities of gambling, and was still so competitive about it.

“Honey, when did you come?” Rose blushed but quickly shook Yang Chen’s hand right after, “You came just at the right time, give me money. There was not much money in my card when we came out, I have nothing left to exchange chips.”

Yang Chen liked her straightforward temperament, and she would speak up directly when she needed anything, even if it's vulgar things like money.

His eyes beckoned to Ron, and the old man immediately asked his son Fidero to exchange money. Fidero was very enthusiastic, giving money for the master’s wife to spend was a good opportunity to flatter him.

Yang Chen then asked Cai Ning, “Ning’Er, why don’t you play a few rounds?”

Cai Ning shook her head with a shy smile, “I am just here to accompany Rose, I have no interest in this.”

“Huh, you’re not interested? You should’ve said so earlier, now I feel bad,” Rose said sadly.

Yang Chen laughed, “You are so focused, how could you care about others?”

Rose bulged and ignored him, she was having fun.

Yang Chen simply took Cai Ning's hand and said, "Then I will go out with Ning'Er for a walk. Rose, the little gambler shall play slowly by yourself. I know you are not very interested in seeing the scenery.".

Rose nodded repeatedly. Indeed, she was more interested in gambling tables than watching the scenery. She used to play mahjong with Guo Xuehua and the others in Zhonghai before and it was not exciting at all.