After giving Rose the gambling money she wanted, Yang Chen pulled Cai Ning out of the casino and went to the charming night beach outside the hotel.

Walking on the pale golden soft beach, most of the passer-bys were also couples, but compared to the open dressing style of those western women, Cai Ning's bland T-shirt and denim shorts seemed very conservative and out of place.

Because of this, many passing tourists would subconsciously glance at Cai Ning a few times.

Cai Ning felt weird and her hand holding Yang Chen was sweaty. She originally felt unnatural walking in the eyes of the world in such a way, and she was still holding hands with him. Now that she was treated as an outlier, she got even more nervous.

Yang Chen thought that Cai Ning was feeling hot but it didn’t make sense. She should be able to control her body temperature after entering the Soul Forming Stage. He looked at the woman's somewhat dodgy eyes, and he couldn't help but smile and said, "Ning'Er, don’t bother about them. You all have different childhood living environments and cultures, they like to reveal but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s nice.”

Cai Yan blinked her eyes and asked, “Then do you like the ones who are more revealing or no?”

“Hmm…” Yang Chen pretended to be careful and said, “The ones who reveal in front of me but cover up in front of others.”

Cai Ning turned her head away and pursed her lips, “How stingy.”

“How’s it considered stingy? This shows that I care about my woman,” Yang Chen said righteously.

“Well then look at those guys, their girlfriends were dressed in so little but they didn’t look unhappy,” Cai Ning said.

Yang Chen chuckled evilly, “You are wrong. Of course those men won’t mind. How many of them actually brought their own women around here?”

“What do you mean?” Cai Ning asked bluntly.

"Didn’t I mention it all just now? This is one of the hottest red light districts in Sicily. Most of these men come to have fun. These women are trying to earn money, of course they would dress like this to attract customers.”

Cai Ning couldn't help but widened her eyes, her cheeks flushed, and she felt a little uncomfortable thinking that those glamorous girls who had passed by her were actually doing that kind of job.

“Then...let’s go back,” Cai Ning whispered.

Yang Chen wondered, "Why go back so early? Don’t worry, Rose won’t stop until she loses a few million tonight. I will take you to the seafood restaurant in front to eat the best seafood here. Later on we'll go to the market in the city and enjoy the night view, it will be much more interesting than staying in the hotel.”

Cai Ning was also looking forward to hearing this, but she still asked vaguely, "Then...will those people think of me as...that kind of woman…”

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized the reason she wanted to go back and couldn’t help laughing.

“Oh my goodness! My dear Ning’Er, are you foolish or naive? Let alone you bothering about all these, just looking at your outfit, it’s impossible for people to think you are a prostitute! "

He thought that it was enough to say so, but he underestimated the woman.

“Are you saying that I don’t look good in these clothes,” Cai Ning frowned slightly and started to become serious.

Yang Chen hurriedly waved his hands, “No, no, I mean, you dress very decently, different from those frivolous women.”

"I know I don't look good, I'm used to it," Cai Ning shook her head, "You don't have to coax me, I know it myself."

Yang Chen looked at the woman's sudden depression, and couldn't help but remember that she had always been cold and conservative. She seemed to always be like a peaceful pool of spring water, as if she had never seen too many intense mood swings except when he refused the marriage contract at the Cai family and when she confessed to him.

In a sense, she was very similar to Lin Ruoxi. Most of the time, she would be calm and elegant, but the difference was that although Lin Ruoxi was very cold on the outside, deep in her heart was a confused little girl who loved glutinous rice balls, occasionally performing some extremely naive moves.

However, Cai Ning was quiet and well-mannered in her bones, like a girl who grew up with a good student award.

Even if she was engaged in the work of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they would mostly be performing their tasks and seldom get in touch with the society, making the world of theis woman relatively conserved.

Just when Yang Chen didn’t know what to say, Cai Ning smiled, “I’ll tell you a secret.”

“Huh? What secret?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

Cai Ning blushed, as if she was whispering, "Actually, when I am required to wear dresses in my tasks, I’ll ask Yanyan to choose for me. She even lends me hers and laughs at me saying that I am snatching her younger sister’s clothes to wear.”

Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel about this, “Don’t you have your own dresses?”

Cai Ning shook her head, “No, because I went to Tang Sect when I was eleven years old, how could I wear dresses while practicing martial arts. After returning to Beijing and joining the Group of Eight, I rarely needed to wear skirts. No one taught me how to do makeup and how to choose clothes. I actually don’t know how to be fashionable or beautiful, so I can only ask Yanyan as it’ll be so shameful to ask others.”

Listening to the woman's narration, Yang Chen took her hand and continued to walk slowly towards the sea restaurant in the distance.

The sea breeze brushed their cheeks, Cai Ning's hair was blown up and down like black waves, bringing bursts of fragrance.

"When I was a child, I saw other girls wearing floral skirts, princess dresses, etc., and I felt very envious, but because we were children from the military region, my dad never allowed me to wear skirts, nor allowed my mom to buy them for us. For this matter, I remember my mother quarreling with my dad, saying that it would be his fault if her daughter couldn't get married in future…”

"Ning'Er, isn't your master dressed up pretty well? Why didn’t she teach you how to dress up?” 

 "Master... Nope, my master hates men the most. She always tells me that there is no good thing about men in the world, and she rarely cares about her brother as well. She told me that girls don’t need to dress up, just be stronger than a man and they will become obedient to us,” Cai Ning said as she glanced at Yang Chen a little bitterly, “But I still found someone stronger than me.”

Yang Chen shrugged, “Luckily you have not been distorted by your master. It is a blessing to find me. How can other men take you to such a beautiful place for a  vacation, while there are still a bunch of people rushing to pay for you."

A strange smile flashed through Cai Ning’s eyes, she said, “Honey, you know what, you can’t hide things from me.”

“What do you mean, why do you say that so suddenly?” Yang Chen paused.

"When you first returned to China, the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade received the news right away. After thinking about it for a long time, they sent me, the best at lightweight martial arts and concealment, to secretly monitor. Although it was before the large-scale underworld rush incident in Zhonghai and I only went to check on you occasionally, I've been watching you since a long time ago,” Cai Ning laughed.

Yang Chen nodded, “Of course I knew this but I didn’t bother much. I only knew that someone was always watching me in secret and would leave after an hour. However, after the Red Thorns Society and the West Union Society met, the person came even more often.”

"That's me,” Cai Ning said with emotion, "That night, it was...that night when you had gotten into a relationship with Ruoxi... it would be nice if I was there."

Yang Chen laughed strangely, "Why? If I didn't get along with Ruoxi that day, you think that you would have a chance to get on board first?"

"No, I didn't think so! I just don't want Ruoxi to be bullied by you, after all I’ve known her since I was a child," Cai Ning sighed, "But maybe everything is arranged by fate, and even if I was there that day, I might choose not to stop it. After all, it was outside my duty. "

Yang Chen thought in his heart. He drank wine that night and saw such a beauty. If Cai Ning appeared, it’s estimated that the two women would be pushed to bed by him.

But Yang Chen didn't dare to say that. How could Cai Ning endure this kind of stimulation based on her character?

"Anyway, although we have been together for a short time, I may know you better than yourself, because I have been observing you for two years," Cai Ning said triumphantly.

Yang Chen laughed dumbly, "Okay, what are you trying to say?"

"You intend to hide something from me and Rose and you are very anxious and worried now," Cai Ning said flatly.