The smile on Yang Chen's face was stiff, and in the end he could only laugh at himself, "I thought I was hiding it very well."

"When you have something in your heart, your smile becomes more exaggerated than usual, and your pitch gets higher. Your eyes won’t be focused and your step becomes heavier, I just have to look at it to know everything,” Cai Ning said one by one.

Yang Chen’s mouth was open as he didn’t expect Cai Ning to see through him so clearly, “You’ve been...observing me like this?”


“Why? Why are you observing my habits?” Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask with a complicated expression, “Is it were already interested in me before we first met.

Cai Ning was dumbfounded, only to find that she had slightly exposed herself. She didn’t deny anything and nodded shyly.

Yang Chen didn’t expect this to be the case either and asked curiously, “Why? Is my appearance when selling lamb skewers also charming?”

“No…” Cai Ning whispered.

“My dear, just tell me,” Yang Chen touched the woman’s face.

Cai Ning felt little unbearable, and pulled Yang Chen's hand away, then said, "I once heard that you are a very cruel, vicious and evil person, a butcher who kills people without a second thought. But I don’t see those qualities in you when I observed you. Apart from selling lamb skewers on the street, you were just talking to a few other stall vendors and bragging. However, you are still a pervert though, even if you didn’t have much money, you would still go to bars and look for women. At that time I really felt that you were so weak, how could you be the Pluto who is so tempestuous in a foreign country. Until that day, the first time you made a move and helped Rose escape from those people in the West Union Society, but I think... You are really good, and what you did was coming from your kindness, and you didn’t ask for anything in return. I was very curious about you, don’t you like beautiful women? Why don't you touch Rose? Are what those people mentioned the truth or what I saw… Later I found out that you used to give Jingjing money to study before, so you didn’t have the money and could only sell lamb skewers for a living. You didn’t do anything when you were blackmailed by the Chen family, but you helped Jingjing’s father instead. Looking at these... makes me want to know what and who you really are..."

When a woman wishes to understand a man, it’s not far from falling in love with this man. 

Yang Chen didn't expect that he would accidentally awaken Cai Ning's secret love of more than ten years, just because he did a few trivial things casually.

Seeing that Cai Ning's chin was about to touch her chest because of embarrassment, Yang Chen stopped asking more questions, and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, I get it."

"Then tell me, what are you hiding from us?" Cai Ning asked.

Yang Chen didn’t conceal anymore and told her about Jane being kidnapped.

Cai Ning was aware of the importance of Jane very well. After listening to it, she couldn't help but worry, "This is very dangerous. Princess Jane is a person who the world is competing for. She is ahead in advanced technology, and if she is used by others, it is likely to cause huge troubles to the world."

"No one can defend Jane’s wisdom, she must have other ways to protect herself. I just hope to find clues as soon as possible," Yang Chen sighed, then grinned and said, "Okay, it's useless to worry too much. Apart from looking for Jane, I am here to play and relax with the beauties, come let’s go eat.”

Cai Ning was helpless toward Yang Chen’s optimism, but she couldn’t help him anyway so she nodded with a smile.


At the same time, somewhere in a secret base.

Under the bright white light, there was a huge space made of precisely enclosed alloy steel plates.

After a steel plate door slowly slid open, a white man with chestnut hair wearing a white lab coat walked in. The man looked a little thin, but his eyes were piercing, and he looked quite delicate wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

In the closed room, there was only one old wooden chair.

The woman sitting on the chair was also wearing a white coat, with amber hair covering half of her face, looking a little haggard, and her lips were slightly pale, but the pair of sapphire eyes still had an intriguing brilliance.

This woman was Jane.

“Teacher, I came to see you again,” the chestnut hair man bowed.

Jane looked up, her eyes couldn’t hide a trace of disappointment, “Jerry, let’s stop.”

Jerry laughed, "Teacher, what are you still dreaming about after so many days? Stop it? Since I visited your sect two years ago, I have always been looking forward to this day. Are you telling me to stop now? Do you know that I have never thought of stopping at all?"

"You are one of my best students, even though I once had doubts about your research direction, I still chose to believe you, but I didn't expect that you’d still do something that would disappoint me," Jane said with regret.

A trace of guilt flashed in Jerry's eyes, but it was fleeting, "Teacher, I will ask you again, what is the last synthetic element of FURY?!"

Jane sighed deeply, "Why are you still so obsessed with it? I thought that when you know what the birth of FURY meant, you would stop."

"Why should I stop!? I followed you for two years, and finally found what I wanted, why stop!? "Jerry said anxiously.

"Don't let hatred blind your eyes anymore, Jerry," Jane shook her head, "You know very well, if FURY is made, what will happen. After I created a complete design system three years ago, there was no plan to develop it anymore.This is a sin against the entire human race, and this is not something we scientists should make. If anyone creates it the person would be sinning against mankind.

"But you still retain its design system, right!?" Jerry sneered, "Dear teacher Jane, you are my idol. Once upon a time, as I studied with you in depth, I respected you more and more! The most important thing as to why you like me as a student is that we have one thing in common, we are all reluctant to give up on great scientific achievements! Even if it would destroy mankind! Although you keep saying that you don’t want to create FURY, you still keep this secret silently all the time!? I don’t believe it, in your mind, there is nothing crazier than this!"

Jane closed her eyes silently, "It seems that no matter what I say, you won’t stop. In that case, you may leave. Even if I die here, I won’t let you finish FURY."

"Teacher, do you think that I won’t be able to crack the secret if you don’t tell me what the last synthetic element is? There are dozens of elements in the world that can be used to perfect this balance, I might as well just try them one by one. Although it will take some time, I will eventually succeed," Jerry said proudly, "You should just cooperate with us obediently, with your talents, the upper levels will definitely treat you well, why work for a devil in vain?"

Jane chuckled lightly, seeming to laugh ironically.

“Why are you laughing?” Jerry frowned, feeling weird.

"The devil you mentioned, he killed a lot of people indeed. I can understand that there are countless people who want to seek revenge from him, but what are you doing now? Do you think that if you create FURY, you can kill him? Do you know how strong he is?”

"That’s not of your concern! Even if I can't kill him, I’ll kill all the people around him! Let him taste the parting of life and death!" Jerry glared.

"By doing this you are more cruel than a demon. Yang Chen killed a lot of people, but you want to destroy all of humankind!" Jane rebuked.

Jerry snorted coldly, “Teacher, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the world. When I find the last element, it will be the moment when we come to create a new world order.”

"You are too naive, Jerry", Jane looked up,"If I can be your teacher at this level, am I still Jane? If the last element is an element that already exists in this world, then... FURY is too easy to be made."

Jerry’s face turned pale and he yelled out, “Could it be! An artificial element!?”

Jane pursed her lips, "You guessed it huh? Yes, in this world, no one knows the last element except myself and you will never get to know."

Jerry's face was stiff, his work for so many days was in vain!

In the end, a vicious smile appeared at the corner of Jerry's mouth, "Teacher, it seems that the gap between me and you is really big. I didn't expect you to exceed the scope of this world. But it doesn't matter, if you don't cooperate with us to create the last element... Then... the group of children by the church of Santa Maria... Maybe... Won’t be able to see tomorrow's sun again..."

Jane raised her head suddenly, incredulously looking at Jerry, "Are you crazy!? They are just children! They are innocent! They are cancer patients and they are so young, how could you..."

"Of course I can! You can't help to cure the cancer of those orphans, why don’t I let them meet God earlier? Wouldn’t that be less painful?"

“Jerry...You are insane...You are no longer my more…” tears started to appear in Jane’s eyes.

Jerry grinned eerily and said, “One last time, cooperate or refuse?”

Jane took a deep breath, closed her eyes and thought for a long time. She then sighed, “Fine...I’ll come with you...I’ll get it done…”

Jerry couldn't help laughing loudly when he heard her, "Teacher! Although you are a little smarter than me, you are still too young…I’ve finally won you!! Haha!!! FURY My FURY!!! Haha..." 

In the secret room, the sharp laughter of the man constantly echoed, like a ghost crying and howling...