At night at Sicily Island.

The ships were still busy sailing, like moving stars on the sea.

In the restaurant by the sea, Yang Chen ordered a large table of seafood, which caused many customers in the restaurant to look at him curiously. It was because Yang Chen and Cai Ning were at this large table of ten people.

“Ning’Er, do eat some. Why are you looking at me in daze?” Yang Chen took a piece of crab leg that is thicker than his thumb and placed it on the large dinner plate in front of Cai Ning. 

Cai Ning felt uncomfortable by the gaze around them, “geez, how are we supposed to finish all these?”

“Forget it, I just want you to try everything and I will finish the leftovers,” Yang Chen said cheerfully.

Deep in her heart, Cai Ning enjoyed the time she spent together with Yang Cheng. Seeing that Yang Chen was pilling up the food on her dinner plate, she smiled and began trying the food.

The two chatted and talked about the topics that each other hadn't had time to talk about in the past, without realizing, the conversation kept on continuing as like they were enjoying this very moment.

In terms of similarity, although Yang Chen grew up abroad, most of the people hemet were from the underground world, and among the women, Cai Ning is the one that Yang Cheng could relate to the most as the two of them had many similar interests and both shared the same common languages.

Cai Ning was also extremely interested in the mysterious strength that were hiding in various countries, as well as the mercenary groups that scattered all around the world. Yang Chen was exhilarating as he thought that Cai Ning was really his confidant.

"Ning'Er, why don’t I ask Ron to get us a yacht and we could spend a night on the sea," Yang Chen shoving the tuna meat into his mouth and grinned.

Cai Ning pursed her lips and said, "Going to the sea? Why? Didn't you mean to go shopping, since Rose is still in the hotel."

"Hey, you don't understand Rose very well, you see, she won't stop playing until she finishes all of her money. You can go shopping tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Let’s take this opportunity tonight and get down to our business,” Yang Chen smirked while looking at Cai Ning hopefully.

Cai Ning hesitated, and after thinking about it for a while, she only started to realize what the "business" was.

With a feeling of embarrassment, the fork in her hand almost pierced a hole on the dinner plate, "Why did you say this all of a sudden..."

"Didn't I say it before I returned to China last time", one of Yang Chen's feet rubbed against Cai Ning's calf from under the table, "If you don't agree, then you can go back straight to the hotel, but Rose may be watching..."

“Huh?” Cai Ning lifted up her head and shook vigorously, “No way, how embarrassing…”

The conservative Cai Ning couldn’t imagine that she would be stared at by another woman during her first time.

"My dear, just give it to me. I could still hold back last time in Tang Sect, but not anymore for now," Yang Chen looked at Cai Ning hoping her to say yes.

Cai Ning couldn't help biting her lip and smirked, "Yanyan was right. You are so pretentious but always having those little thoughts of yours in mind. How shameless of you, do you only think about this kind of stuffs everyday?"

"That's because my Ning’Er is too attractive. Well in that case, I'll take that as a yes," Yang Chen smiled, "I will call Ron to get a ship over!"

Cai Ning saw the man so excited and didn't know whether to laugh or to be mad. Somehow she was looking forward to it, after all, the two had not taken the first step up until now.

Yang Chen had many women, but Cai Ning didn’t mind that. When she was secretly monitoring him, she was aware about how the relationships between him and the other women would end up.

She could also understand why her sisters would be willing to give away their love to this man despite the judgement and prejudices surrounding Yang Cheng remained.

Probably because she grew up in an environment free from secular morality, Cai Ning cared more about the relationship between herself and her lover. As for the rest, it doesn’ really matter.

If they hadn’t reached the last step, Cai Ning always felt that everything was inconclusive.

Just when Yang Chen was about to take out his phone to call Ron, a group of people, all sturdy looking, walked into the restaurant from the entrance.

The one leading them was the redhead Sauron.

Sauron, with a very excited expression, walked into the restaurant and went straight to Yang Chen's table. The store owner and other guests did not dare to complain. Just by looking at the face of these people, they knew that they could not be provoked, even if it affects their business.

“Your Majesty Pluto, we’ve found something!” Sauron nodded.

Yang Chen had already put down the phone earlier, and the appearance of a hippie smile just now disappeared completely, as if he had changed in an instant, and his sharp edge was revealed.

Cai Ning almost couldn't adapt, like a kind and funny man, suddenly turning into a cold and solemn man.

“You’ve found Jane?”

"There is no specific whereabouts of Princess Jane yet, but the Mossad agents of Makedon have collected some information. North Korea has recently worked with a terrorist organization secretly in Eastern Europe through Southeast Asian channels, and they participated in a shareholding nuclear test. It is said that this nuclear test has been launched for more than a year. If it had not been for North Korea's sudden participation recently, it would have been difficult to find a flaw so quickly.” Sauron said.

"North Korea...Nuclear test...Eastern Europe..." Yang Chen squinted, "You are assuming that Jane was being captured by them in order to complete this experiment?"

"Most probably. We’ve found out that the North Bureo Clan, an underground organization on the Korean peninsula since ancient times, is one of the instigators of this plan. They purchased quite a lot of rare element ores from the US army dealers and underground laboratories and secretly smuggled them to Europe, which led to this sudden alliance. And these elemental ores, according to Princess Jane’s students, there are very few scientists in the world who can skillfully extract the ores and use them, Princess Jane is one of them. The more important point is that we have estimated the time since the DNA of the dead female spy appeared in the institute, and it has been almost three weeks now. There is one member of the laboratory, Jerry, who is also Princess Jane’s student, who didn't return on time after taking a leave of absence three weeks ago. We can’t find any evidence of his trip. It is suspected that he is the internal coordinator of the spy. Princess Jane is likely to be kidnapped by his coordination.”

Yang Chen heard the term "North Bureo Clan" and suddenly felt confused. He didn't expect that North Bureo Clan, who had troubled South Korea, had such big ambitions. Although he didn't know the purpose of their nuclear investment and what kind of power it aimed at, it was definitely not a small plot.

"You've said so much, then how narrow is the scope," Yang Chen frowned.

Sauron lowered his head and said, "Your Majesty Pluto, after entering Eastern Europe, the transportation of rare ores was decentralized by the underground black market. We can't trace which ones are true and which ones are camouflage, so I am afraid we won’t be able to find Princess Jane in time if we continue looking like this."

“Then why are you here for me?” Yang Chen suddenly became a little unhappy.

Sauron hit himself in the head and said: "Although we can't find Princess Jane in time, we can quickly find a different route. However... with your knowledge of the European terrain, coupled with your speed of action, it may be able to accelerate our search."

Yang Chen finally understood what Sauron meant. Indeed, if he went to find it himself, it would be much faster than his subordinates flying around by means of transportation. The most important thing was that he could perceive a wider range of information, much faster than his subordinates who were slowly searching.

As long as he got reminded that Jane was now being contained, Yang Chen couldn’t stand idle. He stood up and said, "In this case, send me the specific coordinates through your mobile phone, and I will search one by one."

"We feel ashamed for asking you to go out in person, but ..."

“Alright,” Yang Chen waved his hand, “You are right to come to me.”

As he spoke, he looked at Cai Ning with embarrassment, “Sorry, Ning’Er...It seems that I can’t accompany you tonight…”

Cai Ning was inevitably disappointed as they were just getting intimate a moment before and now the man had to run away again, but she still smiled and said, “It’s okay. It’s more important to find Jane. Do you want me to help you?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “You are not familiar with the European terrain and there's a language barrier, you won’t be able to find those secret bases. You can go back to the hotel to rest, or find Rose to play casually. Ron will arrange the matters regarding tomorrow’s opening ceremony and the games of the Caesar Conference, I’ll take my leave.”

 "Alright, be careful yourself," Cai Ning didn't say much, but sighed slightly in her heart.

Even with a lot of guilt, Yang Chen still had to leave quickly and took the first coordinates from Sauron, which was the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea...