At the same time, in the laboratory of the secret base.

Jane wearing gloves and protective goggles with her hair tied up in a bun, was performing an experiment, expressionless. 

The laboratory was huge and full of advanced instruments, which was second to none nationally developed laboratories, displaying the abundant investment that was put into it.

Jane stood in front of the computer, her fingers rapidly tapping on the light-sensitive keys. The complex equations were shuttling and bouncing on the big screen one by one, and correspondingly in front of her through a tempered glass pool was a robotic arm that was being precisely adjusted and controlled.

Several strong men with white coats were standing at each corner of the lab, but they turned out to be guards instead of researchers.

Jerry with his chestnut hair stared at the complicated data on the huge monitor screen with his eyes shining and was deeply obsessed. 

If it wasn't for someone who had enough scientific knowledge in further science, it was impossible to understand that the scientific research she’s writing at this moment was so shocking!

"It's wonderful... I never thought that there would be such a way to perform fusion reactions... The power of FURY was originally constructed like this..."

Jerry turned his head stiffly, he was behind a screen, scorchingly staring at Jane, full of admiration and all kinds of complicated emotions.

The appearance of this woman had made those low class women incomparable. What's more valuable was that her wisdom had surpassed the limits of any human being!

What kind of man could be worthy of a woman like her...

“Teacher, if you aren’t on that demon’s side...that would have been great…”

Jane didn’t seem to hear what he said and stopped whatever she was doing. She then turned around to the experiment table beside her and began to manually prepare some chemicals.

“Teacher, what are you doing, why did you stop?” Jerry said in dissatisfaction. 

Jane raised her head and snorted at the glass pool, "It will take about eight hours to complete the fusion. I need to confirm the purity of some elements, which will affect the direct result of the final element synthesis."

Jerry looked at Jane suspiciously as she performed all kinds of strange deployments. In fact, although he was also specialised in this field, he was still far behind her.

However, even if it was unclear whether things were like what she said, he still believed that she dare not make fun of the lives of hundreds of innocent ill children.

“Teacher, you’d better not play any small tricks. You know very well of the consequences if there aren't any results within three days…”

“You don’t have to remind me.”

Jane dealt with his words without raising her head, and continued to adjust her hands in an orderly manner. But in her mind, the flashbacks of the image that could never be extinguished of her childhood...

Back in the Italian church, in the moment of crisis, the innocent young boy who was now a man that she couldn’t reach, would he save himself from the abyss as he did in the beginning...

Coming out of the seafood restaurant, Ron followed Cai Ning to pay the bill for her.

Although Cai Ning repeatedly rold Ron that he didn’t need to serve her so diligently, he pretty much still liked his job as a butler. He preferred doing everything by himself which made her somewhat helpless.

“Lady Cai Ning, will you like to return to the hotel or take a look at the market here? I can ask my daughters to shop around with you and be your tour guide if you need,” Ron suggested.

“It’s alright Mr Ron, I’ll go back to the hotel and accompany Rose,” Cai Ning said politely.

Ron squinted and smiled, “I understand that you’ll feel disappointed about His Majesty Pluto’s sudden leave. I only hope that you and Lady Rose can be happy on this trip.”

Cai Ning gave a kind smile in return, “It’s alright really, I am not a woman who’ll die without man. In fact, I am quite used to being alone.”

Ron was amused, “Lady Cai Ning, you are quite similar to Lord Persephone, but you seem to be more mature.”

“Persephone?” Cai Ning thought for awhile, “You mean Ruoxi?”

Ron nodded, “Yes, sadly she’s not here this time…”

Cai Ning sighed in her heart, perhaps Ron and the others didn’t know yet, the Lord Pluto they respected and worshipped was afraid of his wife and would never dare to bring Lin Ruoxi here.

The old and young strolled across the pebble path beside the beach returning to their hotel. Suddenly, Cai Ning felt a familiar feeling of oppression, approaching them from the front.

Although the opposite tried to keep it low, she still sensed them as they got closer.

Looking in front, a man with black curly hair, blue eyes and a copper spear tattoo on his stern face strode forward, showing a stance of courage and power.

“Where’s Hades?” The man immediately asked when he saw Cai Ning.

“Ares?” Cai Ning had met this fellow when Brahma of India attacked Zhonghai, and she immediately recognized him.

Ares was initially looking at Ron, he then frowned after being called by her and looked over, “You know me?”

Cai Ning stayed silent. She wasn’t exactly surprised about his presence, after all Yang Chen mentioned that they would contact the other gods to come pay a visit after his call with Christine.

Ron immediately greeted the God of War with respect after knowing his identity, “You Majesty Ares, His Majesty Pluto went to the Baltic Sea and he will be travelling around Europe for two days to search for an important person.”

“What, he’s not on the wonder I can’t find him,” Ares was slightly unhappy, “Hmmph, and I was thinking of having a battle with him, I supposed it can’t be helped.”

Cai Ning had entered the Soul Forming Stage so she did not feel inferior towards the God of War, “Is it even necessary, you’ve lost to Yang Chen in Zhonghai before. Now that his strength has further increased, you can only wish to be his opponent.”

Ares disdainfully said, "Woman, what do you know, I wasn’t giving it my all in the beginning, and I underestimated the enemy. If I knew that his Chinese internal energy and martial arts were the practice of the Chinese cultivators, I would’ve not underestimated the enemy. Whatever Xiantian True Qi... This god has faced the Chinese cultivators of the Soul Forming and Tribulation Passing stages. Although his method is eccentric, after I went back that time, I practiced with great concentration and I have come up with many methods to deal with him. I want to try it out with him."

Cai Ning was disdainful and Yang Chen also mentioned that although this guy was warlike, his strength was the lowest among the gods. However he knew that he was arrogant so there was no point in arguing with him.

It was at that moment, a smile came from behind.

“Haha, how amusing. It’s been a long time since we’ve last met, but you still like to brag a lot Ares.”

Cai Ning turned over and saw a handsome tall blonde man in a flower patterned shirt walking slowly from the beach with his arms around a charming lady who was in a white silky skirt and had long silver hair.. It was Apollo who was also known as Stern and Artermis who was also known as Alice.

“Hmmph, Artemis, Apollo, you came early too,” Ares said in a rough manner.

Stern shrugged a little helplessly, “We could only come over and take a look after Aphrodite informed us. This ain’t a trivial matter, how could we brother and sister miss out on the play.”

Cai Ning was already confused, why was Apollo and the Artemis siblings here as well. These gods who were just legends in her thoughts, were now chatting like mortals right in front of her.

Alice on the other hand greeted Cai Ning nicely, “Hello beautiful, are you one of Hades’s women too? Hehe...there are traces of cultivation on you, not bad huh.”

The God of Sun and Moon, as the ones who were ranked higher among the gods, the siblings wouldn’t take Cai Ning in the Soul Forming Stage too seriously.

“Isn’t it obvious, if she isn’t the woman of Hades, according to the covenant back in the days, any cultivator who is out of the territory of China will be our enemy. I would’ve taken action,” Ares snorted coldly.

Cai Ning was not convinced at once, “The question is, can you beat me?”

“What did you say!?” Ares raised his voice and asked angrily.

Stern hurried over to put off the fire, "Okay, since she’s Hades’s woman then she’s one of us. Ares, your bad temper will not change even if you were given 30,000 years. We will head to the hotel where Hades is staying. When Poseidon and Hermes are here, we shall discuss how to say hello to our old friends..."

“Hmmph, I’ll let it pass this time,” Ares glared at Cai Ning and left.