The Norwegian sky was sunny yet chilly.

In the endless blue sea, only the thin and sparse clouds were floating in the reflection.

A night had passed, Yang Chen, who had been searching in various remote mountains and waters of Northern Europe for the entire night, stood frozen in the morning sky silently.

From the Baltic Sea, to Stockholm, Oslo of Sweden, and Bergen of Norway, there were eight terminals along the way, which were false targets created by those terrorist organizations to confuse people.

Yang Chen only managed to find some special military bases in local countries, and there was no secret nuclear test laboratory. If he hadn't come to find it himself, it was assumed that his subordinates would cause conflicts due to wrong targets and it would really be a great loss for him to suffer.

If it wasn’t for his strong sensing abilities and speed by using the teleportation method to search, it would probably take about two days to complete the full investigation.

However, it’s still too slow!

Yang Chen took his phone out, the specially customized phone was able to accept any signals sent out by Sauron from all around the world.

“Sauron, how many more?” Yang Chen asked.

Sauron, who hadn’t rested all night, immediately replied, “Your Majesty Pluto, from the Norwegian Sea to the north, there is Wilwick, and further west, there are ships going to Iceland and Nuuk in Greenland; to the south, there is Rotterdam in Netherlands, Leipzig in Germany, Marseille in France, Lodz in Poland and so on..."

Yang Chen gnashed his teeth after listening, "Damn, they deliberately scattered the points. It will take at least a week to find them all!”

Sauron said, "Your Majesty Pluto, I think that we can actually exclude some points. For example, these locations in France are very close to the Mediterranean Sea and have a high population density, they are not suitable for hiding. The probability that they choose to conduct nuclear tests is very small. Also, relatively speaking, our troops will be able to search them easily, they won’t be risking it. Why don't you go to the west to search, and I command the people below to search near those northern European cities?"

Yang Chen thought for a while and vetoed, "No, on the contrary, we shall search from low latitudes to high latitudes. Cities and regions close to the Mediterranean Sea will be searched first."

Sauron was taken aback,  "You think that they are doing the opposite, deliberately using locations that we think is impossible as their secret base?”

"It's not that simple," Yang Chen analyzed, "I just remembered it when you said it. It's impossible for a laboratory to be supported by a few scattered people. The best way for a group of people to hide for at least two years, is to hide them in the crowd. Therefore, I think the more prosperous the area, the more suitable it is to establish such a laboratory. Of course, it is just my assumption, but we might as well bet on this rather than searching around like headless flies.”

Sauron nodded on the other end of the phone, “You are right, I will mobilize my people immediately to search the south!”

After Yang Chen hung up the phone, he hurried to Marseille, France. Although the sudden appearance in various places in broad daylight might scare some people, he couldn’t care less now.

With his moving speed, most of the people would only take it as some hallucinations.

He was still thinking about Sicily, the Caesars conference should be opened, and Christine, he should have notified several other guys, hopefully there won’t be any big disturbances, at least before his return.

At the same time, in the ocean of ​​Palermo, Sicily, a huge antique Colosseum above the sea was filled with noises!

The huge elliptical Colosseum was made up of heavy granite stones. It was originally located on a stable site extended by the continental shelf, so it could be safely carried.

After the renovation of the facilities in the Colosseum in the contemporary era, the Mafia had been maintaining it all year round and it looked extremely modern as well. Except for various ancient Roman style frescoes and decorations, everything else was similar to a modern sports stadium.

Mercenary groups from all over the world, rich men, nobles, as well as important military personnel and politicians of some major countries, had taken their seats throughout the venue.

There were more than 30,000 seats in the audience, and many ordinary soldiers of the mercenary group could only stand by the aisle.

Except for the elite mercenaries who were going to compete on the first day, the atmosphere of the audience was like a gathering of fans watching a football game. The noise of various languages ​​and accents were deafening.

In a VIP room above the Colosseum, Cai Ning and Rose had already taken their seats early, and there were also Stern and his sister Alice and Christine. As for Ron and his son Fidero, they were at the side serving them carefully.

“When are they going to start the fight, it’s been an hour since the opening ceremony ended,” Rose started to get anxious.

“Why don’t I play a few more rounds of cards with you, just to kill time?” Cai Ning teased.

Rose bit her lower lips and snorted lightly, “Hmmph, just laugh as you please. It’s just losing the game, it’s not a big deal. Those were professional gamblers, it would’ve been weird for me to win.”

Rose gambled from yesterday night until this morning and lost a few million euros, but as a woman who didn’t bother much about money, it didn’t really affect her mood.

“Oh right, Ms Christine, I supposed to call you Venus instead?” Rose looked over suspiciously.

Both Christine and Alice at the side were holding a fashion magazine, discussing the outfits displayed on it and neither one of them looked like one of the gods.

Christine smiled politely after hearing Rose call her, the simple and plain-dressed blonde beauty made Rose, who was also a woman, startled with just a smile.

“Anything is fine, just don’t call me Venus in public,” Christine winked.

She had contacted Rose once in Zhonghai, so she didn’t feel strange at all.

Rose nodded, “I just wanted to ask if you recognize those white cloaked freaks? You all don’t seem to be reacting at all.”

Christine pointed at the other VIP room opposite them. There were three men in different seats there, Poseidon in a navy uniform, while Hermes and Ares were in suits and leather shoes.

The three male gods weren’t fond about sitting in the same room with women. However, even if the three were in the same room and had known each other for more than ten thousand years, they didn’t really talk much.

“Look, they are also waiting, so are we. We can only confirm when they appear. Besides, Hades isn’t here and we can’t reach out to Athena, it won’t be easy if we face our old opponents without having everyone here.

Rose was even more curious about those freaks after hearing Christine’s words. At the same time, she was hoping for Yang Chen to return as soon as he found Jane, a bad feeling was channeling in her mind, thinking that something bad might’ve happened.

In the midst of boredom, the hosting stage finally issued an announcement that the first round of the competition was about to begin.

Due to the large number of participating teams, the first day would mainly be elimination rounds. There were six teams playing each round, after two-by-two, the winners would enter the second day of the competition.

The Caesars Conference forbade killing opponents in the ring, but if it was "accidental death" or "disability" etc, they would not be disqualified. This agreement had been signed before the competition.

In fact, even if the mercenaries who dared to participate in the competition were not confident in winning, they all had their own ability to escape. It was not easy to deliberately kill them. So in the past few years, those who died in the ring were only a few.

One after another, in the three battle arenas at the center of the Colosseum, six teams came out head-on.

What disappointed Rose and Cai Ning was that the Sea Eagles elite team did not appear in the first round. However, the two women soon came to light. A guy with a white cloak went on stage, facing the opposite five opponents alone.

One against five! This was allowed in the rules, but this was obviously a complete contempt for the opponent!

Regardless of Stern, Alice and Christine or the three gods in the VIP room opposite, the moment they saw the white cloak man, they stood up with a solemn expression!

"It really is them... how did they come back..." Hermes couldn't help muttering.

"Hey, isn’t it good. We shouldn't have left them in the beginning, this time we will completely get rid of them!" Ares geared up.