Poseidon looked solemn, and frowned at Ares' arrogance, "Get rid of them? Do you think that you are Zeus or Athena? Do you really think that you can do it when they couldn’t? Since they are able to come back, they must have some kind of special entry. If they aren’t confident enough how could they appear in front of us in such a flashy manner."

Ares was disdainful, “Poseidon, I think you are living behind in time and getting more and more timid. They are just a group of prosecutors and thieves of the gods, even after 20,000 years, they still can’t change what’s deep within them!”

Hermes grinned, “Stop fighting both of you, it’s better to think about notifying Athena. Now that Zeus is not there, and we don’t know if Hera, Hephaestus, and Dionysus are awake. If she doesn’t come, I really don’t know how to control this situation."

“Hmmph, didn’t you always hate Athena and tried to prove yourself to be better than her?” Ares laughed in sarcasm.

“Although it’s true that I hate her, we are still on the same side facing the common enemy,” Hermes said.


“Hehe, whatever you say…” Hermes was the least bit bothered.

All kinds of screams and cheers had sounded around the venue. Some people were excited and some felt that it was too arrogant for such a strange team as DEICIDE to only send one member into the game. 

It was at this moment that the five members of a mercenary troop from Africa, rushed up to the white cloaked freak with despise for their opponent!

These five African mercenaries had very strong physical qualities. Although their attack methods were rough and simple, they were fast and would hit the vicious parts every single time!

The golden-faced man stood there without having the means to move at all.

Even when the five of them had touched his body, the golden-faced men still stood steadily on the spot, motionless!

The five only see it as slightly weird, but their combined force managed to hit the golden-faced man’s face, chest and waist.

However, their power was as if the clay ox entered the ocean and had no effect at all!

This abnormal phenomenon caused them to lose their response to the next step.

But at this moment, a soft snort came from behind the golden-faced man's mask. And immediately afterwards, the five men felt a surge of power, coming from behind the white cloak!

This was a kind of pure physical elasticity, just like the reaction force of the ball after scoring a ball!

The five of them never expected that this seemingly ordinary figure would have such fierce physical power!

Anyways, the five of them were shaken out of the ring without knowing what happened!

The electronic referee on the sidelines immediately announced that DEICIDE would be entering next round and the speculators around were also exclaiming in surprise.

The golden-faced man didn’t bother at all, he looked up as if pointing and glanced in two directions.

The six gods in the VIP rooms were obviously his targets. His eyes were filled with provocation and disdain.

“It can’t be wrong, this kind of physique and looks, without any spiritual energy fluctuations, it’s them,” Stern frowned.

"But since they came out, why would they come to participate in such a conference for human competitions, shouldn't their goal be us?" Alice was puzzled.

Stern shook his head, "Not sure for now, but if we declare war with them, it won’t be as easy as 20,000 years ago, and may cause a worldwide panic, we shall see how things go."

Rose and Cai Ning aside were confused, and couldn’t help asking, “Who are they? Since you know, mind telling us?”

Christine sighed and asked with a wry smile, “Have you heard about… A race named Giant?”

“Giant?” Cai Ning thought for a moment, “I heard that the champion of the previous Caesars Conference was obtained by a family mercenary named Cyclops, the name of the family seemed to be Cyclopes?"

"You’re right, but Cyclops is just one of the giants. They also have close relatives named Centimani. According to the Chinese, it represents a hundred armed giants,”Christine explained, "The legend of the giants, the myths and stories written by humans have been there since ancient times, some are false, but some are true. The Cyclops family is actually a hybrid descendant of giants and humans. It only inherits the blood of giants, but can already overpower the top mercenaries in the world. The true Cyclops and Centimanis all originated from one ancestor, and their ancestors were similar to the ancestors of the Gods, but that was a long time ago and it also happened in our hometown, Mars. The physical power of the giants surpassed the gods , but their spiritual power is not as good as ours, so the use of the law of space is weak, and they aren’t our opponents at all. In the past, they were all driven for us as low-level races. After Mars could not survive, the Gods came to Earth, and some powerful Cyclops and Centimanis also came here. They stood on the same line with us at the time, and Cyclops also assisted Hephaestus and created a lot of artifacts for us. The Centimanis also wiped out a lot of Chinese cultivators for us. However, in the middle, they discovered that the body of us Gods is difficult to have offspring, and would need to use the human body to reincarnate so they became rebellious. After all, as our people became fewer, their lifespan and reproductive ability were stronger than us, and they had the opportunity to break away from our shackles. It was also the accumulation of generations of grievances that made them no longer willing to bear us. The six strongest representatives among them proposed to Zeus to divide the world outside of China equally, or else they will go against them instead. Zeus did not give them the opportunity to negotiate and suppressed them with the Thunder, so they were locked in a different dimension. That is, in the rift between parallel spaces, the turbulent space. It stands to reason that with their space laws and spiritual power, they should not be able to come out. So I did not expect them to reappear 20,000 years later.”

“If it’s like what you mentioned, they don’t seem to be very strong. Didn’t Zeus finish them alone?” Rose followed.

Christine smiled helplessly, "If it can be done, Zeus would have killed them directly in the beginning. Their body is too strong, even Zeus's thunder could not destroy them. Finally, they were forced to enter the other dimension. Although we may not be afraid of them, we still have to put in a lot to fight them. Moreover, it’s still a mystery on how they managed to come out. Maybe they have some special ability, otherwise they would not have looked at us so blatantly."

“Zeus is said to be the strongest among all of you, can’t he do it?” Cai Ning said in disbelief.

Christine and the Stern siblings looked at each other, as if there were things that couldn’t be spoken.

In the end, Alice said, “If we still have the original strength we had on Mars, they wouldn’t even stand a chance, but unfortunately.... We aren’t the same anymore.”

“What do you mean…”

“Hah, don’t ask too much now you two. Do contact Hades quickly and ask him to return as soon as possible,” Christine laughed.

The two noticed what these people knew, but they didn't want to speak. Although the two felt puzzled, they didn't ask further.

Germany, over the Bavaria region.

Yang Chen, who returned from Marseille in France without any outcome, was ready to go to the next area, Leipzig, Germany.

But when he passed through the city of Munich, he stopped.

Originally, he was comparing the targeted areas with Sauron, but at the moment, the signal which was originally clear got affected.

Sauron on the opposite side wondered as Yang Chen fell silent, “Your Majesty Pluto, did you find something?”

Yang Chen pondered for awhile and asked back, “Sauron, the telecommunication frequency band we are using is an independent design and has its own satellite, right?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. This is to prevent other organizations from eavesdropping, we even added a password protection function,” Sauron said.

“Meaning, if the signal got blurry out of a sudden, is it possible that someone has interfered with the satellite signal from the inside?” Yang Chen asked.

Sauron understood his context out of it, “If this is really the case, it’s definitely possible. After all, our signal has been strong and clear all along.”

Yang Chen immediately turned back for a short distance and heard the vague signal again. Although it was very short, he still managed to notice it with his distinctive senses.

“Check it out for me right away, is there any place in this Bavarian area thats possible to build a base!” Yang Chen’s heartbeat began to accelerate.

After Sauron took the order, it took him just a while to send the bitmap to Yang Chen.

“Your Majesty Pluto, this area is mainly an industrial park. Except for those abandoned coal mines, nothing seems to be suspicious.”

“Coal mine…”Yang Chen pondered, “You mean...the coal mines during the East German era?”

“Correct, but even if the coal mines in that era were huge enough, it’s often extremely deep and the temperature is high, which shouldn’t be conductive to the construction of labs,” Sauron said.

Yang Chen smiled in excitement, “You are wrong, Sauron, that’s the key! Because of the high temperature, they may build a base there.”

Sauron was taken aback and exclaimed, “Could it be...geothermal energy!?”