A laboratory, especially a high-energy weapon development laboratory, would inevitably arouse suspicion if it continuously transported energy from the outside, but if it was geothermal energy, it could be said to be inexhaustible, and silent!

Sauron was amazed by Yang Chen that he managed to think about this.

Yang Chen didn’t bother to speculate with Sauron and landed onto a suburban wilderness in a flash.

Although the Bavarian area was a strong economic area in Germany or even the world with developed industries, there were still some desolate areas, especially mining areas that were exhausted.

As soon as he landed, he immediately dispersed his divine senses, carefully searching various levels on the upper and lower ground.

Within a moment, Yang Chen’s mind was full of ecstasy!

Indeed there was an area with a structure that was obviously different from other underground coal mines in less than one kilometer ahead. If not mistaken, it should be the target he was looking for!

Ten minutes ago, in the underground experimental base.

Standing in front of the huge radiation shield, Jane looked calmly at the inside of the protective glass, and the robotic arm accurately performed the final assembly of the experimental results.

The fully automated smart arm had previously produced two silver gray, half-human tall streamlined bullets.

Jerry, with a look of excitement, looked at the results greedily in his eyes and smirked almost madly.

“FURY… it’s finally here. Teacher, you must be very excited too. This is a masterpiece that has subverted the entire human civilization! Even the gods cannot have such a surging and great power, right?”

Jane looked indifferent, “I’ve never thought about making it, it’s just my imagination. If you still treat me as your teacher, listen to my advice, don’t use it…”

“Haha!” Jerry laughed and pressed a button on the console.

The two completed FURY were immediately taken from the inside by the robotic arm and transferred to another channel.

"Don't worry, teacher, if the demon obediently submits, of course we don't need to use our nemesis, but before that, we must produce enough capital to destroy the world, and our funder is waiting. After completion, only then we will have the capital to negotiate terms with the world," Jerry grinned.

Jane sighed, “Although I don’t know who you are working for, and what organization it is, the power of FURY cannot be controlled by humans. You all will regret it.”

"Teacher, oh no, I should call you Miss Jane, I should be the one advising you to not be pretentious," Jerry said with a weird smile, "You are just the same kind of person like me in my eyes! We are both people who place massive efforts into scientific research, the final destination of our souls is our research! Exceeding the limits of mankind and exploring the root of the universe is the most essential survival meaning in our bones! If you are not looking forward to creating FURY and breaking the current limit of human nuclear weapons, why would you sketch out FURY’s concept and keep it until now!? Didn’t you study medicine and perform surgery for the sake of the most direct physiological experiments on the human body? Those ordinary stupid human beings are actually experiments in your eyes. They are all experimental figures like little white mice in the cage, there is no difference between them! Even if you don't use FURY to destroy the world! I suppose… In your heart, you are looking forward to the effect of FURY, right?"

Jane raised her head with blurry eyes, "I really didn't expect you to think of your mission and me this way. I studied medicine to help my beloved man get out of pain at first. I designed FURY,  thinking that the principle would be to increase the utilization rate of nuclear energy, but I gave up because of the fear of it being used by the country to make weapons.You are right, I have integrated scientific research into my blood, but that is not all. There are many things in this world that deserve our anger, but you shouldn’t be a slave to anger and hatred."

“Stop your nonsense! Jane, don’t act too nobly. You may be my teacher in the research institution, but now you're just my prisoner! I am your master!”

Jerry suddenly grinned and took a few steps forward, approached Jane’s body and hugged her waist!

Despite wearing the white coat and not resting for a few days, she still managed to move away quickly.

“Jerry! What are you doing!?”

“What am I doing?” Jerry smiled eerily, “I can finally relax after completing my task, how can I not enjoy a beauty like you. Isn’t it a waste to give it to someone else?"

“You...I am your teacher!” Jane looked at the student in disbelief as if she didn’t know him at all.

“Bullshit! I don’t give a damn about you being my teacher! You are younger than me by three years, did you really think that I’d worship you as my teacher if it weren’t for your skills? Forget it man, there’s no teacher and student here, just a man and the girl who’s about to become a woman!” Jerry continued approaching her with joy.

After all, Jane had learned a lot of defense and fighting skills. She stepped forward thinking to throw Jerry to the ground, but she stopped immediately in the next second!

Jerry suddenly took out a silver pocket pistol from his pocket, pointed at Jane’s forehead and shrugged one of his shoulders "Sorry, I know you are very tough, so I prepared a gun. To tell you the truth, there are more than a dozen guards outside of the lab who are stronger than you, you can't escape."

Jane clenched her firsts and bit her lips, her eyes were filled with anger and grievances. 

"What are you still dreaming about, take off your clothes, I'm still in a hurry to claim from the organization," Jerry looked up and down greedily at her graceful figure, "I’ve waited for three years to be in ecstasy with you. I am finally getting what I wanted, you have to let me enjoy..."

“Shoot me if you dare,” Jane’s eyes were as cold as ice.

Jerry sneered, "If you wish to die, you can, but if you don't cooperate with me, then I may... plant a bomb at the Santa Maria Orphanage...Oh, yes, and I will also 'take care of' the schools that you have invested in."


“Hurry, take it off!” Jerry looked grimly.

Jane took a deep breath,a strand of determination flashed through her eyes. She took a cotton ball from her pocket all of a sudden then quickly put it in her mouth.

She spit out the cotton ball after sucking the unknown substance in it.

“What are you doing!?” Jerry cried out in shock.

Jane chuckled in disdain, “Don’t you see it? I’d rather die than let a scumbag like you touch me. If you don’t mind a cold and poisoned body, be my guest…”

That being said, Jane’s face turned bad rapidly, her lips gradually turned pale, she then started panting and collapsed weakly to the floor.

Jerry's bloodshot eyes widened. He couldn't believe it, and muttered to himself, "Why is this... how did you get the poison..."

Suddenly, he recalled about her saying that she would perform some element detection manually yesterday.

At that time he still couldn’t understand and was suspecting what kind of medicine she was producing. Now that he thought about it, she probably prepared the poison under his own supervision.

She had predicted his interest toward her body long ago, that’s why she had backup plans!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He got deceived! He rushed forward and kicked the woman’s stomach who had fallen to the ground without mercy!


Jane cried, she rolled a few rounds after being kicked. The pain made her curl up, her face covered with sweat causing her amber hair to stick on it and she looked bad in general.

Seeing the woman who was already dying like this, Jerry naturally lost the interest in touching her, but he still felt the regrets. He shouldn't be in a hurry, it would be much easier if he secretly drugged her first!

"Well, I didn't expect your temper to be so strong, I’ve misunderstood you," Jerry sneered. "I am not interested in your body. However, the beasts in the Black Forest will probably have a sense of interest toward your flesh. I’m afraid no one would have imagined that the wisest woman standing at the top of the pyramid in the world would die in front of my eyes and be thrown into a pile of beasts!"

He didn’t bother to delay further and put the pistol back in his pocket. With a cold snort, he turned to leave the lab.

As soon as he was about to take a step, a loud bang sounded and the steel door was blown open from the outside!