Jerry thought he was hallucinating, but this was a protective door made of alloy that could not even be broken by armor-piercing bullets, how could it get blasted off that easily?

Instead of blasting, the door was rather twisted off from the outside!

Electric sparks were overflowing and amidst the rippling smoke, the figure of a man walked into the lab, stepping on the steel door which had turned into scraps.

Like a demon walking into an abyss, behind the man, blood was flowing into a river, the heads, hands, body parts and gooey brain juice from all from the guards of the lab were scattered. They were forcibly torn off and divided by him!

Obviously, these people have become the cannon fodder to vent his anger!

Yang Chen, who found this base area, just vented his anger about Jane’s arrest. But as soon as he saw the situation in the laboratory, especially the woman lying on the ground and curling up, his mind seemed to be ignited like gasoline!


He screamed and slammed forward, carried the woman, shook her and patted her face.

“What happened to you? Are you poisoned!?”

He immediately used the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ and examined her body.

Jane gasped faintly and showed a smile of relief looking at the man before her vaguely.

“I… I knew it… You… Would save me… Just like nine years ago…”

“Don’t be stupid! I’ll heal you!!”

Yang Chen’s eyes reddened. He couldn’t find out immediately what poison Jane consumed, he could only detect the presence of it in her body which made her body function degenerate rapidly.

However, the toxin was too concentrated and had a high degree of fusion with the blood, Yang Chen could only use his Heaven and Earth energy to channel it out carefully.

Soon, Jane spitted out a mouthful of blood congestion.

This somehow made Yang Chen extremely desperate - her symptoms weren’t relieved by even a bit!

“What kind of poison are you on, tell me how to deal with it!?” Yang Chen said loudly.

The blood stained her cherry lips, but the woman shook her head slightly, “It’s the poison I prepared last minute. In order not to let them save me, I used some special techniques... It will slowly stop my body from functioning... It’s too late..."

Yang Chen couldn't believe his ears, as if it was like a bolt from the blue! He trembled and kept shaking his head, "Impossible...Impossible..."

Suddenly remembering something, Yang Chen turned his head to Jerry who was shrinking at the console with fierce eyes.

“You beast, it’s all because of you. If you heal your teacher immediately, I shall remain your body as one…”

Jerry felt the huge sense of oppression as if the might of heaven was coming at him, making his legs weak, especially seeing the piles of corpses in the tunnel, how disgusting!

But the hatred towards Yang Chen made him laugh madly, "You devil, although I don't know how you found this place, but I’m telling you! No way! The poison that Jane formulated can only be solved by herself! It's a pity that she is dying, and you can't save her!"

“You asked for it…” Yang Chen’s patience had reached its limit.

Seeing that Yang Chen was about to attack himself, Jerry yelled, "Don’t come over! If I die, this laboratory will detonate because the biological timer expires! At that time, the two FURY that have been built here will be completely detonated! Not to mention you, even the whole of Bavaria! The whole of Germany! They will become a purgatory on earth! Are you going to sacrifice hundreds of millions of lives to bury me?"

Yang Chen’s anger was being forcibly suppressed and he turned to Jane, “FURY, the weapon he mentioned, is that the reason why they kidnapped you?”

Jane nodded weakly, “Yes...I gave it the name, it means ‘Vengeance’...”

“What is it then?”

“It’s...a kind of...advanced nuclear bullet...equals to...five hundred bullets of hydrogen bombs explosions…”

“What…” Yang Chen was stunned.

Five hundred bullets of Hydrogen bombs? General hydrogen bombs could produce pure radiation of nearly a 1000 kilometers. Let alone Germany and the neighboring countries, if it wasn’t detonated in a concentrated manner, the entire Europe will turn into a purgatory!

What kind of ambition did the North Bureo Clan and other terrorist organizations have to create such an inhumane monster!?

“Hehe, now you know how amazing it is right? I am delighted to be killed if you dare!" Jerry smiled triumphantly, "You devil, is it painful watching your beloved woman die in front of you? Haha! I waited for this moment for too long, you deserve it! You should go to hell!"

Yang Chen was at his wits end and was about to explode, but he really didn't dare to make a hasty decision with the lives of hundred millions of people in his hands.

"What’s wrong, you aren’t daring enough are you?" Jerry laughed wildly,"You came just right today. I shall avenge my father, my mother, and my sister who was just three years old!"

"Vengeance? What revenge do you have against me!?"Yang Chen questioned back.

Jerry sneered, "Of course you don't remember, you killed so many people, how are you supposed to remember all of them? You may have forgottened, five years ago in Simbokrog, Belarus, a village called Wozic. "

Wozic?" Yang Chen frowned. He really didn't know that there was such a place. After all, there were some small places where he didn't know the name at all.

"You really don't know huh," Jerry's eyes were full of flames of revenge, "Our village had 186 lives, among which are 30 children, I was the only one who wasn’t at home because I was studying in another city and you led people to slaughter them all! Just because one of your enemies came to our village, you killed all of them and didn’t bother to spare anyone! Even if you wanted to kill, why didn’t you let a three years old child go? Is the three-year-old girl posing as your bastard mercenaries!? You couldn’t find them all, so you killed innocent people indiscriminately, and even set our village on fire, not even leaving the dead bodies behind..."

He finally remembered that period of time, but it was very vague. At that time, he was in the most uncontrollable stage of his own mind and it was also the stage of bloodthirst and he was almost turning into a demon.

He vaguely remembered that he indiscriminately slaughtered more than a hundred ordinary people and Seventeen slapped him hard.

He couldn't help feeling a desolate loneliness when he heard Jerry say so bitterly.

No matter how much he tried to pursue a peaceful and stable life, no matter how he tried to live an ordinary life, perhaps in this world, people who hate him would do everything possible to find their own revenge.

Although he thought about it now, many of the killings in the past were not what he meant in his heart, but he had indeed been a complete executioner, butcher, and demon.

"Now, do you remember?" Jerry wiped away his tears and said gloomily, "You should also be punished. Originally, the organization promised to avenge me, so I took the hatred and endured it till now. But today, since you've found this place, I don’t plan to leave alive.”

Yang Chen pulled away from the scarlet memories. Hearing Jerry’s words, he couldn’t help but raise his voice, “What are you going to do! Did you think that by detonating FURY and killing me, you’ll be able to avenge your parents and the rest? Forget about your fantasies, you’ll just kill more ordinary people than me!"

"So what!? It’s all your fault! It was your evil deeds that made me embark on such a path!! Don’t try and fool me, even if I leave today, you will still find me and kill me! I might as well bring hundreds of millions of people to my burial! The lives of these people are all sacrificed because of you!!! Hahaha!!!..."

In between his sarcastic laugh, Jerry smashed the glass protection cover with his hand and pressed on a big red button!

“Beep! Beep! ----” 

The sound of the alarm came through and the female electronic voice began to announce mechanically, “Destruction mode has been turned on, the laboratory will be exploding after the countdown, thirty...twenty nine…”

“It’s the end, it’s finally the end!”

Jerry opened his arms and smiled in relief.

Yang Chen was stunned. He can’t kill the person or else FURY would detonate, but now even the lab would explode, wouldn’t it be impossible to stop this devastating nuclear explosion!?

Looking at Jane who was dying in his arms, he clenched his teeth and dashed out carrying her!

Since he couldn’t stop the explosion of the lab and the detonation of FURY, the only thing he could do was to carry Jane and leave the place immediately!