While the thought of Jane’s life was passing rapidly, Yang Chen’s heart was aching.

In a blink of an eye, he had already carried her from Bavaria to an uninhabited mountain area in the south of Austria.

At this distance, even with a nuclear weapon’s explosion on the German side, it wouldn’t affect them, at least not in the meantime.

In the dense cedar forest, he found an area covered with soft and withered leaves. He put her down and hugged her lightly, then carried out another examination.

It was meaningless to ask for help, he could only do his best to save her.

Jane’s breath was getting weaker and weaker, as if it would stop at any point now.

Yang Chen was disappointed once again after running the Heaven and Earth energy through Jane’s body.

Her bodily functions seemed to be decaying, but still maintaining a rate of degradation, heading towards death...

“Damn it, Jane, talk to me! How can I save you!!?” Yang Chen hugged her upper body. Her eyes were red and tears were filling it up from anxiety.

It was this woman who spent countless nights without rest just to develop a cure for him when he was in a state of loneliness, pain and helplessness... she was the one who brought him out of his nightmare.

He had never repaid her well but only asked for her help and commitments all along. Now, she was losing her life in his hands and he couldn’t do anything about it!?

Jane slowly raised her trembling hand and wiped his cheek.

He felt water running through his face but he didn’t notice that he was in tears.

Tears somehow fell from his eyes and he couldn’t control it.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, “It’s alright… You… Can’t cry… I’m… So happy… That the last person… I see… Is you…”

He couldn't help but burst out in tears, like a helpless child, burying his face on the chest of the woman.

"How can you just leave like this... You are too cruel... I... I can't forgive myself anymore... You saved me so many times and did so many things for me... I can’t even save you...I'm such a useless moron..."

Yang Chen suddenly raised his head, and in grief, he slammed himself into a cedar on the side!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!…”

The cedar shook from the impact, and a large piece of bark fell from a hollow in the tree and stuck to Yang Chen's forehead.

Jane’s eyes were filled with tears and she opened her mouth weakly, ‘No...don’t do this…”

He grabbed her ice cold hand that felt like it was going to turn stiff at anytime.

“Alright, I won’t...Jane, don’t die...I...I can’t imagine you leaving me…” He cried like a helpless child, looking at the women eagerly.

Her voice was getting weaker and softer, “I...I want to...ask you...a question…”

“Go ahead, I’ll tell you anything and I’ll do whatever you want!” He immediately shouted incoherently.

A glimmer of light flashed through her sapphire eyes, "Yang Chen...I just want to...know you...in the end...do you...love...me..."

"Yes, I do, I’ve always loved you very much...You are one of my favorite women..." Yang Chen blurted out without hesitation. These words would never have been said to this woman all his life.

A filthy, blood-stained prodigal son like himself was not eligible for the holiness of this girl in the past, let alone she was his benefactor.

And now, he had a destination, a family and he couldn’t let such a woman who was standing on the altar commit herself for him.

Yang Chen would never doubt his love towards Jane. It was probably just puppy love when they were young, but as they grew up it naturally became a man’s love for a woman.

This kind of love was not the ordinary but sincere love of a couple with Lin Ruoxi, but a kind of love between men and women that surpassed ordinary people's understanding, time, ethics, even lives and deaths.

Perhaps in this world, there were so many women that he liked or loved and they could give everything to be with him, and in return he could also overcome difficulties for them.

However, the true love in his memory may only be Seventeen; in reality it was only Lin Ruoxi; and the lover who seemed to be a dream was only Jane.

"Really?" Jane didn’t expect that so she asked again while trying to open her eyes.

He nodded as hard as he could, "Really, what I said is true, you have to believe me. I never dared to expect you, because I feel that I am not worthy of you. I lose a man’s courage only in front of you...I'm sorry...I've only said this until now..."

Jane's eyes were filled with joy and relief, and a happy smile made that pale and beautiful face beam.

“Honey...I knew it, you loved me....”

Yang Chen was already sobbing and unable to speak, so he could only silently nod his head and tell the woman how much he loved her.

Jane smiled gently, then suddenly lowered her head and opened her mouth, wanting to bite something...

Yang Chen noticed it and looked at the direction she was going for in confusion.

“Collar…” She faintly uttered a word.

Although he was blur, he still pulled the collar of the white coat with his trembling hand so that she could touch it with her lips.

“Jane, what are you doing? You are biting the collar...for…”

She didn’t answer, but exhausted her last effort, closed her mouth and sucked on the collar.

Soon, the collar was wet with saliva.

It was at that moment he discovered that a faint blue colour appeared in the soaked part of the collar...

If it weren’t wet, the colour wouldn’t have been found.

Just when he was puzzled, something shocking happened!


Jane let go and let out a suffocating breath, as if it was holding her up.

Immediately after, her complexion rapidly got better, as if her fever reduced quickly and her vitals were restored!

As if being beaten by a big clock, an incredible thought popped out of his mind.

He didn’t know if he was in ecstasy or dumbfounded. In short, Yang Chen was completely stunned!

Looking at Jane in his arms with his eyes widened, witnessing her who was about to die and now suddenly her azure sapphire eyes regained their spirits in less than half a minute.

Jane licked her cherry lips with her pink tongue with a shy look. After biting her lower lip, she pursed her mouth and smiled, "What's the matter, dear, are you shocked? I am not resurrected, I am alive. "

Yang Chen gulped and he could even hear his own voice.

“You...how did you...what…”

"How did I become normal again? Because I cured myself," Jane smiled, exerting some strength, she sat up, and got out of Yang Chen's embrace, then began to slowly comb out her messy hair.

Yang Chen glanced at the blue collar again, then looked at Jane’s joyful face as her conspiracy was successful, and cried out, "You lied to me!?"?

"Who asked you to be easily fooled, how could you even fall for it so easily ..." Jane raised her head proudly, her swan-like neck was slender and white, "Who am I? I'm Jane, I'm that foolish Jerry's teacher! Can I lose to a student who hasn't graduated from me?" You underestimated me too...suicide? Huh, that will be for those stupid women out there, not me!”