Yang Chen was left speechless. Looking at the woman in front of him being so energetic as if nothing had happened, he started to think that whatever he saw before was just a dream!

“It was all part of your plan?” Yang Chen asked foolishly.

Jane shrugged, "Yes, do you think you could find me by luck? When I was using their computer, I secretly set up a link to your Sea Eagles satellite. As a teacher, I know Jerry is not proficient in computer knowledge, so he didn’t realize at all. As long as your people pass through this area, the satellite will be jammed. Didn't you realize that if you go over the base, the received signal will be blurred?"

Yang Chen nodded, he did find her because of that.

Although he expected someone would purposely play some tricks behind, because of the urgent situation he couldn’t think carefully. Indeed, it was all Jane’s plan to save herself!

“Then what about the poison, what’s that…” Yang Chen obviously noticed her vitals and bodily functions being restored!

Jane continued with a playful smile and said, "That's true. I did secretly mix up a new type of poison, which is actually a kind of 'pseudo-death drug', which can stop the body's functions for a period of time as if you are dead. If you don’t take the antidote, the body will freeze in an hour and fake your death, after 24 hours, you will slowly recover the body temperature and wake up. This is what I plan to protect myself. If they find me dead, they may find a place to bury me or do other treatments, so that I have a chance to escape. Of course, this is just my last resort as I cannot guarantee that they will not cremate me. But anyway, under the premise that no one saves me, I can only fake my death to avoid being harmed by them. Fortunately, you arrived in time, so I used the second plan..."

Jane pulled her collar lightly and winked, “I applied the antidote in secret earlier, as long as I suck it in within an hour, I’ll go back to normal immediately.”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Why would you even trick me, didn’t you notice that my heart was broken into pieces?”

Jane opened her arms and wrapped around Yang Chen’s neck. Her fluffy mountains covered his face and she placed her cherry lips on his forehead.

His mind fell into a gentle dream right after.

“If I didn’t take this chance, you’ll never tell me those words, right.... My dear Yang Chen,” Jane whispered softly.


Yang Chen wanted to comment about her mad actions, but before he got to open his mouth, Jane blocked it with her lips!

After a light kiss, Jane showed a begging face, her pitiful eyes were as if they could talk.

“Honey, don’t be mad at me. I only wanted to be with you, if you don’t tell me, I’ll be sad forever,” Jane pouted her lips.

Yang Chen sighed, after escaping for so many years, the day had eventually come, it was probably fate.

“You’ve designed everything since the start, waiting for me to jump into the trap and I actually cried like a baby, how embarrassing,” Yang Chen smiled bitterly, but was still happy inside after seeing Jane healthy.

Jane stuck her tongue out playfully, “I was just going with the flow because Jerry threatened me with the lives of those children so I didn’t have a choice.”

After hearing this, he slapped his head, “Oh no! FURY! Germany is doomed!”


Jane couldn’t help but to laugh and pinched Yang Chen’s nose, “I told you all of these were just my plot, how would I actually detonate FURY?”

“Huh? This...what’s going on? That’s fake too!?” Yang Chen was stunned.

Jane nodded as expected, "Can’t you think about it? Will I gamble with hundreds of millions of lives for a group of children? No matter how emphatic I am, it wouldn’t be up to that extent. FURY is actually just a concept that I designed, how is it possible to complete it within one or two days? The synthesis of artificial elements it requires are unstable, and it takes at least a year or a half to complete the experiment. What I showed Jerry was just an unstable man-made element. Once FURY is activated, the result is as though a supercar’s fuel tank that cannot be ignited and it will just turn off.”

Yang Chen finally came to his senses and smiled bitterly, “So, that Jerry must be extremely pissed when the lab exploded just now?”

“Maybe,” Jane chuckled, “But let’s put those aside… The Germans will settle the mess. I am so happy and fulfilled right now, I want you to kiss me!”


“What do you mean huh? You say that you love me, you must compensate me since I’ve suffered for so many days,” That being said, Jane raised her head and pouted her lips.

After all, she was still in her best years, no matter how smart she was, the energy and passion still came out of her when it came to men and women affairs. However, even if the western ladies were open-minded, they would still blush at these moments.

Seeing her beautiful and delicate face and her cherry lips with a faint smell of blood, Yang Chen finally got relaxed and showed a wicked smile.

This woman made him cry miserably with her cleverness, he shouldn’t let it pass!

As soon as he put up his smile, Jane realized that she had become the little sheep beside the lion’s mouth.

Her small chin was pinched by a slightly rough hand, and the two perfectly curved lips were forced open by him. They were as bright as pink cherries that got picked in the morning dew.

Immediately, she was kissed gently by him....

This happened in an instant and the breath of the man’s desire channeled around her and made her freeze.

Western women were born to be good at kissing. Not long after Yang Chen kissed, Jane began to cater, her toes curled up happily, her height of 1.7 meters was enough for her to rub the man’s messy hair with her fingertips.

The breath from the beauty's little nose brushed Yang Chen's ears, and her big and sapphire eyes that were clearer than the plateau lake gazed at him with full attention.

He clearly felt that there was something called affection inside. A beast like himself seemed to have captured a pure girl who had fallen in love with him many years ago.

In the cedar forest, the two began to kiss deeply and passionately.

Jane tilted her head back playfully, and gently stroked her slender fingers from top to bottom along the edge of Yang Chen’s lips, staring at this bad guy who had kept her dreaming countless times, and then ignited more passion. Suddenly she drew him closer, sucked the man’s sexy hot lips into her mouth, and stuck out the tip of her tongue, sliding like a snake between his lips...

Wandering softly around his taste buds, a thin groan came out of his throat involuntarily and finally leaving a whistle...

The ten minutes of damp and hot fragrance fleeted. 

It could’ve gone on longer, but Jane’s stomach was growling as she didn’t eat much these few days, only relying on nutrient solutions.

Yang Chen resisted the urge to play with this newly determined woman naked in the field, fixed his looks and took her to a nearby town on the edge of Bavaria to eat some simple food.

Before that, he should inform Solon and the rest that the search is over and Jane is safe.

Jane was still blushing and salivating, but it didn't matter anymore. In front of her lover, she clearly remembered what her unscrupulous mother Catherine once said, "Lady? That’s just for the sake of other men to see.”

The two arrived at a restaurant from a small town in the German countryside and ordered two steaks in a random restaurant. Many of the town residents felt weird when they saw Jane with her blood stained lab coat, but the population there was quite sparse so it didn’t cause any scenes.

Yang Chen also knew that they wouldn’t gain much attention which was why he brought her here. The folkways were simple and honest, which could make her relax.

While Jane was starving as she waited for the steak to be served, Yang Chen noticed a sign across the street and his eyes brightened.

“Honey, wait for me here, I’ll shop across the street.”

Yang Chen then got up in her puzzled gaze and walked out of the restaurant towards a shop across the street.