The night had fallen in the city of Palermo, Sicily.

The colosseum above the sea was shining bright yet empty.

The first day of the competition had ended without much surprise, the strong mercenaries from the past terms all entered the next round and the actual fight should commence tomorrow.

At the huge open air balcony of the Cassano Hotel, a middle-aged man wearing white chef outfit and hat was slicing the salmon rapidly with the knife in his hand.

Each slice of salmon was being cut mechanically, and the degree of neatness was impressive, it just happened to be the thickness that could slowly melt in the mouth.

The two servants of the hotel continued serving the standard seafood platter to the long table not far away.

By the table, Christine raised the glass of champagne in her hand and toasted with Rose who was nearer to her.

The two smiled together and finished the glass after the clink sound.

Both their faces were slightly flushed, it was obvious that they drank a lot of alcohol before the dishes were served.

“Aphrodite, you don’t seem to be worried at all, how’s the drink?” Ares who was leaning on the chair lazily, showed some disdain. 

“Why not? I am here for a holiday,” Christine said in a carefree tone.

That being said, Christine turned around and spoke to the chef, “Poseidon, are you done? I want to eat.”

The God of Sea whose occupation was a chef frowned as he looked up, “No one touches the food before I finish, or else none of you gets to eat.”

Christine could only shrug and turn back.

Cai Ning, who had been staring at Poseidon cooking for quite some time, never expected the God of Sea to be a chef in Hawaii at the same time as a retired navy.

Seeing Poseidon cooking with such focus was indeed surprising.

“Ms Christine, why must we wait for him to finish cooking?” Cai Ning couldn’t help but asked curiously.

“Let me answer you,” Alice, who was slightly annoyed by the wait, said, “Poseidon is very serious when it comes to dining. As long as he wishes to prepare a meal, everyone must wait for him to finish his ‘work’ and serve them before eating, or else he will feel that it’s imperfect.”

“Basically, he’s very stubborn when it comes to cooking, a perfectionist chef,” Stern blinked his eyes.

Cai Ning and Rose were quite speechless, these guys had been living for more than ten thousand years and were like antiques, but they still looked like some playful kids with weird personalities.

But if they thought about it in another perspective, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand. After all, the days were long, if the gods didn’t find some activities to kill their spare time and develop their hobbies, the former Hades wouldn’t be the only one who had no will to live.

After another couple of minutes, Poseidon finally finished the sashimi platter and placed it on the long table. The entire seafood feast looked colourful and attractive.

He even took out his mobile phone to snap a pic of the table with a proud face.

After being teased and ridiculed by the other gods, he then sat down and let them eat, at the same time asking the waiters to leave.

It was Christine who initiated the dinner earlier this afternoon. Although there were many grievances between the gods, and the competitions against each other had never ended. They were still from the same race, so it wasn’t anything unusual for old friends to gather around for a meal.

The reason why Cai Ning and Rose were able to attend, one was Yang Chen and the other was the acknowledgement of their abilities from the gods.

After all, they were the ones who had fought with Chinese cultivators, they could still sense the ‘irritating’ aura on the two.

“Hermes, we are already on the island, can’t you take your black suit off? Don’t you think this it’s unsuitable here?” Christine was a bit tipsy as she pointed at Raphael opposite her.

He gracefully took the white napkin and wiped his mouth, “Rest assured, the blood race doesn’t have any body temperature.”

“Who cares if you are feeling hot? Besides, you could just consume blood to survive, why eat with us?” 

Raphael chuckled, “It’s a recognition to Poseidon’s culinary arts.”

“I don’t need that, it’s already perfect,” Poseidon praised himself in a relaxed tone.

Rose and Cai Ning looked at each other without saying a word, these guys were not just weird in terms of personality but shameless as well.

The food in front of Ares disappeared rapidly as he gobbled down everything and the long hair God of War walked outside of the balcony after finishing. 

“Ares, where are you going?” Stern frowned and asked.

“Why is that even a question?” Ares turned back.

“It’s not the time to look for them yet, do you think you can defeat them by yourself?”

Ares snorted, “I don’t have the time to eat with you guys until midnight, neither am I interested in watching the human’s mercenary conference. I am here to fight with them.”

“Hey brother, do you want to go into reincarnation again?” Hermes teased.

“So what, never try never know,” Ares said in disdain, “I am not interested in their conspiracies, I dare to go if you don’t!”

Stern and Alice frowned at his madness, how ridiculous. 

At that moment, the group noticed something and looked toward the sky at the north ,and both Cai Ning and Rose looked happy.

In a blink of an eye, Yang Chen landed on the balcony board, and he held a large box wrapped in blue silk cloth in his hands.

The annoying Hades, you finally came back. We thought you ran away in fear!” Christine chuckled.

Yang Chen gave a ‘tsk’ and glanced at everyone present, “Everyone is here huh. Nothing happened when I wasn’t here right? My apologies, I went to Wales that’s why I came late.”

Since Jane had to return to Wales to attend the New Year’s celebration, he sent her back to the palace. 

Although Jane was reluctant, she still missed her playful mother Catherine and told Yang Chen that she would come to him after the New Year event.

Yang Chen had to meet Catherine and have a talk with her, so he didn’t rush back to Sicily until night.

“Not for the time being, but there might be something after this one sends himself to death,” Stern sneered at Ares.

Yang Chen was confused but still walked to Rose and Cai Ning and handed the big box to Cai Ning.

“Here, Ning’Er, this is a gift I specially brought back to you,” Yang Chen said cheerfully.

Cai Ning was a little dazed, after receiving the gift with blinking eyes, “Gift? Didn’t you go to search for Princess Jane, how did you…”

“Jane is already safe, the gift is compensation from me not being to finish dinner with you, you can’t blame me anymore after taking it,” Yang Chen said.

“I never did,” Cai Ning looked at the box with a smile, “What’s in it?”

Yang Chen played mysterious, “You are not allowed to open it now, you may do so when we return to the room.”

‘Mhmm,” Cai Ning said happily. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to get herself a gift when he was busy trying to rescue someone else so she couldn’t help but to lower her head shyly, hoping for the dinner to end soon.

“Honey, you are so biased, why did you only bring presents to Ning’Er!?” Rose squeezed Yang Chen’s waist in a frantic manner.

Yang Chen grabbed her hand in embarrassment, “Next time, I’ll get you one next time. The thing is there was only one left when I bought it.”


“Of course, why would I lie to you my dear Rose?” Yang Chen quickly kissed the woman’s cheek.

Rose didn’t take it too seriously either and laughed after listening to what Yang Chen said. She was more curious about what Cai Ning was getting.

After giving the gift, Yang Chen asked what had happened. Christine briefly explained the identity of the giants and how Ares was going to find them.

He sighed after hearing the context, he should really study the history of the gods, he didn’t expect the giants to actually exist.

Just like other gods, Yang Chen couldn't think of why these guys would participate in the Caesars Conference, and whether there was any conspiracy behind them.

Thinking of this, he directly said to Ares, "I advise you not to go. I’ve come across one of them, although I don’t know their true strength, I still know that even you won’t be able to defeat one of them.”