“Are you looking down on me?” Ares said unpleasantly, “Hades, don’t think that I am much weaker than you because you defeated me last time. It was my carelessness as I didn’t know the ‘internal energy’ you used was the Chinese cultivator’s practice.”

“Since you say that, then I won’t further persuade you. It’s fine if you want to die, but it won’t be good for us to be judged later on,” Yang Chen pretended to think and said, “Let’s do it this way, you wanted to fight with someone right? Since all of us are here, you can fight with Raphael?”

Raphael, who was drinking wine, choked out immediately. He quickly wiped it with his napkin and revealed his fangs, “Damn it Hades, are you kidding me? Who wants to fight with this one!?”

Ares’s eyes brightened in excitement. In fact, his hands were just itching, as for being able to defeat the person, that’s none of his concerns! 

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, “Hehe, you faked the gray coat previously, right?”

Raphael looked confused, “Gray coat? What gray coat?”

"It’s more unreasonable for you to have no flaws and pretending to not know anything, because those subordinates must have been sent by you,” Yang Chen was particularly certain that the counterfeit gray coat last time was played by Hermes, “Although I don’t know why you brought out a fake charm belt, but you didn’t just provoke me alone."

“What!?” Christine got up angrily, “Hermes! The fake belt last time was your doing!?”

“Aphrodite, you just believe what he says? Why would I do such boring things?” Hermes spreaded his hands and said innocently.

Christine was even more furious, "Stop your nonsense! Hades is not a person who says such things casually, he must have his reasons! More importantly, Hermes, we knew each other for more than 30,000 years! You usually act calm when you lie! Do you think that we are fools!?”

"You..." Hermes gritted his teeth and looked at Poseidon and the others, "What about you guys? You all think it’s my doing as well? Think about it carefully, what would my intention be!? What good will it do for me?!”

Stern and Alice kept quiet, but they held a ‘stop pretending’ expression on their faces.

Poseidon continued drinking his champagne, “Hermes, your skills in deception is not as good as your illusions.”

Hermes was so angry that he slammed the table hard, “Fine, since you all know me so well, I admit it’s my doing! I was bored and wanted to play around, what’s wrong with that!?”

“Hehe, Hermes, I don’t care about whatever nasty things or dirty tricks you are playing. If you are mad right now, how about going a few rounds with me?” Ares took the opportunity to say.

Hermes was also extremely bored and raised his voice, “Come on! I shall play with you lunatic!”

After he glared at Yang Chen fiercely, a pair of wings appeared beside his legs and his figure flew rapidly to the distant ocean.

Although Ares’s speed was not as fast as his, he still followed immediately.

The two would definitely be fighting hard for a few rounds, if they don’t find an open sea area, they would inevitably destroy a large area.

“Aphrodite, Hermes has used your belt, aren’t you going to help Ares?” Alice joked.

However, Christine threw away her anger and returned back to normal, “ No way. If I join forces with Ares, the probability of us winning or Hermes will just be 50%. If it wasn’t for helping Hades in the act, I wouldn’t bother to care about him using my name.”

“Whatever it is, letting Hermes accompany that madman to extinguish his anger is better than fighting the giants now,” Stern said.

Yang Chen had never faced the giants before and couldn’t help but ask, “What are you guys planning to do? Just watch?”

"They obviously brought us here deliberately, otherwise they would have not gone to the hotel where you wanted to stay in advance. They didn't directly attack you, they were just waiting for us to get together. Obviously, they were going to make a big scene. At this time, if we act rashly, we may get caught in their trap. Instead of doing so, we should just wait and see what sort of trickery they have. After all, Athena hasn’t come yet, so we can’t completely assume our victory,” Poseidon analyzed, shaking his glass.

“You’re so confident in Athena huh,” Yang Chen smiled helplessly.

“You’ve seen her abilities, shouldn’t I be confident?” Poseidon grinned surprisingly. 

Yang Chen's mind got struck and he recalled the memories of that night in Korea which made his scalp numb.

He didn’t know where did the confidence of those giants come from to challenge the gods.

Later on, he briefly chatted with the rest and ate something. He then got up and planned to take the two women back to the room. Cai Ning was still waiting eagerly to see what the gift was.

But Rose suddenly remembered something and said, “Honey, I’ve promised Christine to shop around the night market on the island. You and Ning’Er can go back first, I’ll come back later.

That being said, the woman winked her eyes.

Yang Chen couldn’t help being touched, she really deserved to be a woman who had been with him for two years. Her mindset was as clear as crystal and knew how to create opportunities for her man.

Cai Ning also came to realize that Rose was giving the two a chance to spend time alone and felt grateful and shy at the same time.

Needless to think about it, what Yang Chen would do tonight after a few interruptions.

Yang Chen naturally didn't feel any nervousness. He grabbed Cai Ning's hand with a grin and returned to the VIP suite, her other hand held the big box tightly.

In the quiet corridor, stepping on the soft carpet, Cai Ning could even hear her own heartbeat and her head was numb and excited, yet nervous.

Pausing in front of the door, twisting the golden door knob, Yang Chen pushed Cai Ning to the door as soon as they got inside and pressed against her, kissing her passionately on the lips.

It wasn’t the first time for Cai Ning to kiss, she gave in as much as possible after being ignited by the man’s enthusiasm. However, it felt a bit stiff and strange, as if the theory and practicals didn’t come close.

At least ten minutes later, they separated. The woman’s cherry lips turned swollen after Yang Chen’s bite, her pink lips resembled fresh cherries.

Panting, she stared at the man with watery eyes and asked, “Honey, can I look at the gift first…”

He couldn’t help but look back at the woman, she was quite cute and silly.

“Yeah, of course.”

Yang Chen let go of the woman’s waist and let her go to the table. She tore the silk cloth and revealed a simple and elegant oak box.

Cai Ning took a deep breath and slowly lifted up the lid of the box...

After seeing the contents clearly, it took Cai Ning a long time before she recovered and looked at Yang Chen with some doubts.

“This is...clothes?”

“To be precise, it’s a set of dresses I bought for you, a special one,” Yang Chen smiled.


“Yes,” He stepped forward and picked up a colored garland worn on the head in the box, helped Cai Ning stroke her silky hair and put it on her head.

Cai Ning’s facial features were originally delicate and feminine, after wearing the flower wreath, it enhanced her beauty and elegance, with a touch of European style.

“Put on the remaining ones, I’ll help you,” he took the light blue top and said.

She nodded. Although she felt shy, she still took off her outfit leaving on her bra and underwear, letting Yang Chen dress her with the outfit in the box.

When the man’s hand touched her delicate skin, she couldn’t help but shiver and started blushing.

However, he seemed to be exceptionally serious. With no evil thoughts in his eyes, he looked at the breathtaking fair lady in front of him, as if he was appreciating an artwork.

The skirt was extremely beautiful, the open collar, waistband, sleeves and cuffs of the top were all trimmed with white lace. The apron style skirt was simple yet solemn, and was embellished with embroidery.

As for the pair of white stockings, it sketched the beauty of a woman’s slender legs and combined it perfectly with the skirt, adding a touch of temptation.

"This is the national costume of Bavaria, Germany. Their traditional women's clothing is rarely circulated now. Generally, this colorful skirt is only worn on special festivals. I found it in a small town in the German countryside, but it’s a pity that this is a handmade dress, there is only one such, but...it seems that it is destined to be yours,” Yang Chen explained.

She evaluated the outfit on her and could even smell a faint floral fragrance.

The skirt danced lightly as she gracefully turned around, as if a blooming Begonia.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I like it,” Cai Ning made no attempt to hide her joy.

Yang Chen held the woman in his arms, and said softly in her ear, "You said that day, you have been envious of other girls since your childhood, as they could wear beautiful skirts… Ning'er, what I wish to tell you is that from now on, at least one man in this world will always buy you beautiful dresses.You no longer have to envy other women, and you no longer need to borrow your sister’s. Don’t worry about not having a dress to wear...because I will buy you so many dresses and dress you up beautifully..."

One by one, the words entered her ears, after being stunned for a moment, her eyes started to moist and warm up.

A sweet smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Cai Ning felt that the skirt on her body seemed to be warm, melting with her skin, and she never wanted to separate with it...