The colourful light shone on the various Mediterranean style patterns and decorations at the seaside night market in Palermo, just like a country in a fairytale.

The street performers were showing off various talents along the drums beats, singing their lungs out, dancing modern hip-hop, samba, and chacha, driving the bodies of many tourists to sway along the rhythm.

In the lively crowd, the vendors fluently used various accents to chat with tourists from all over the world. From time to time, there were conflicts caused by bargaining of prices, which even aroused the surrounding crowd.

In a shop specializing in women’s products, Rose in a purple camisole and tight cropped stood in front of a large variety of colorful women’s swimsuits, looking up, biting her red lips, looking one by one carefully.

Due to the regional culture here, most of the women's underwear sold here had ethnic and religious colors, but they were perfectly combined with the world's avant-garde fashion tastes. Rose regret coming so late as these clothes here really moved her.

“What is it? You want to buy swimsuits?”

Christine wearing a pair of nig sunglasses and a pink cap, came up from behind and asked with a smile.

After all, she was a world-wide influential superstar. In order to go out shopping, Christine not only deliberately put on makeup, but also spent a lot of time dressing in a different style before coming out.

“Yeah, these swimsuits are beautiful, but the colours seem to be too bright and not suitable for me,” Rose felt regretful.

In terms of dress code, Rose tends to be conservative. It's not that she was afraid to wear it, but she used to be the leader of gangsters before. Wearing too revealing would only make her look like a little girl without authority.

However, even if those responsibilities had been removed now, she was still a young lady in her mid twenties and would still be interested in bold outfits.

“Let me guess, is it for Yang Chen to see?” Christine asked teasingly. 

Rose turned away, “No way. I’ll be staying in the Mediterrenean for a long time, of course I need more swimsuits.”

“Hey, are you shy now? In fact, you gave him time to be alone with Miss Cai, you still feel unpleasant inside right?" Christine blinked playfully.

Rose started blushing after being exposed and said unnaturally, “I didn’t think that much, I am just afraid that Ning’Er would be shy. Besides, it’s fun to shop around here, aren’t you the one who asked me out?”

Christine stared at her deeply for a moment and made her embarrassed, in the end she stomped her foot slightly.

“Fine, I guess I am a little jealous, but I am not reluctant toward it, it’s all voluntary. Why should a woman make another woman’s life hard? We still have a long way to go and Ning’Er isn't someone who likes to play tricks, it’s good to have peace with her.”

“Honest women are usually more charismatic,” Christine used her finger and hooked her rosy chin, “Little beauty, this is an advice given to you by an old beauty who has lived for more than ten thousand years.”

Rose clenched her teeth, bulged her mouth and asked curiously, “Right, Christine, you gods use human bodies for reincarnation purposes, meaning these aren’t your actual appearances right?”

“Of course.”

“Then how did you all look like before? As in your original form, yours would definitely look beautiful right?” Rose asked curiously.

Christine smiled stiffly, “I suppose if you get to see my original form, it won’t be something good to be happy about.”


“Sleep with me tonight and I’ll tell you,” Christine suddenly licked her cherry lips charmingly.

Rose shuddered, took a step back and rolled her eyes, “No way, I don’t bother to know anyway.”

Christine chuckled as if she had encountered something fun and pulled Rose’s hand, “Come, jokes aside, I’ll pick a few ‘brutal ones’ that can definitely catch Yang Chen’s eyeballs firmly!”


That being said, Rose already got pulled to a piece of erotic underwear.

Seeing the clothes that Christine was referring to were made up of threads and muslin, as if it was for the sake of not weaning clothes, Rose felt ashamed.

However, when Christine picked up a black tulle, with exotic patterns outlined using silver threads and lace embellishing the bra, Rose already wanted to buy it with pure aesthetic sense.

"Well, isn’t it very tempting? Even a woman, seeing you wearing this one, can't help but want to have a baby with you,” Christine said solemnly.

“Nonsense, how can two women have children?” Rose snorted.

“Hehehe… Beautiful Rose, you’re so amusing, don’t be so serious when we are joking,” Christine seemed to be immersed in the fun of teasing Rose.

Rose ignored her tease and grabbed another beige coloured underwear, she whispered, “Can this...really attract his eyes?”

Christine shook her finger, “NO, NO, not to attract his attention. Yang Chen that pervert won’t even let my maid go, he always likes to stare at beauties like you, but if you wear this, you can hollow out his heart and liver.”

Rose heard the key of the sentence!

“What? Your maid?”

“Oh…”Christine covered her mouth and blamed herself for her big-mouth and smiled embarrassingly, “It’s not a big deal, I let my maid help him do something with her mouth when he came to my house for a visit.”

Rose gasped and sighed, “Forget it, I knew that bad guy likes to cheat. I ain’t his main partner, who cares!”

Christine shrugged, this woman was bold.

As they talked, the two women began to compare and choose one by one. Christine was a big fan in the fashion circle, and naturally had a precious taste for all styles. Even if these clothes were not well-known brands, she could still describe them properly which made Rose tempted to buy all of it.

Just when Rose was excited to pick a few last items to pay for, a vigilance made her frown!


Rose slammed her hand behind her and a hairy hand that was about to touch her buttocks was caught upright!

Christine frowned and looked over, but no one could see her true expression under her sunglasses.

Turning over, she saw that it was a middle-aged Asian man with a square face and a plump body. He was wearing a white blouse, huge straight flowery trousers with golden frame spectacles.

“Hehe, miss, your amazing back figure makes it hard to restrain myself. Please forgive me, you are too beautiful and I noticed you among the crowd at my first sight.”


Rose could barely understand his English with a strong Japanese accent.

“Let go of our lord!”

The two tall Japanese men who looked like bodyguards came forward and motioned Rose to let go of her hand.

She snorted and swung his fat hand away, then spoke directly in English irritatedly, “Go away!”

The middle-aged Japanese man scolded the two bodyguards reproachfully and turned back embarrassingly. He stared up and down at Rose’s chest and slender legs, "Miss, I know that many of you like to pretend to be good girls to raise the price, but you can't fool me. By looking at the underwear you are choosing, it’s obvious what kind of woman you are. I know your market well, go ahead, as long as the price is reasonable, I am willing to pay for one week to have you!"

Rose and Christine looked coldly at the man at the same time, she was so mad that she could crush her teeth. This guy actually treated her as a prostitute!

Christine couldn’t help but laugh, “Rose, ask him if he’s willing to pay a billion for a day?”

“How are you still laughing? I want to kill him now!” Rose clenched her teeth.

The Japanese man only noticed Christine at that point. Although she was wearing big sunglasses, he knew from the figure and temperament that she was not some ordinary person.

The man's eyes suddenly glowed, and he drooled and asked, "You two are together? Great, how about I take you all?! I can pay one hundred thousand euros a day!"

Involving herself, her beautiful eyes behind those shades turned icy cold, "One hundred thousand? How about I pay you one hundred thousand for a kick? Fat pig from Japan."

“Idiots! How dare you cheap prostitutes scold me!? Owh!”

Without waiting for the Japanese man to finish shouting in rage, Christine kicked him to the ground with one foot and he cried out loud!

“Not only do I want to scold you, I want to kick you too!”

The Japanese man who was kicked had his internal organs tumbling, and it was thanks to Christine that she didn’t want to cause a scene, so she kept him alive.

Seeing that their master was beaten, the two Japanese bodyguards suddenly became furious. After one lifted the short and fat man up, the other rushed forward to capture Christine!

Although the gods didn’t unseal themselves and they only possessed human bodies without the Space laws, but under the strengthened action of powerful mental power, their bodies had precisely controlled their growth to the limit. It was not an exaggeration to say that they were super humans, their acuity was still much better than ordinary humans.

Indeed Japanese men had received professional special forces training, but before even reaching in front of Christine, he was thrown to the ground by her lightning fast leg hitting on his shoulder!