The Japanese man panicked when Christen snapped at him. It was obvious that with physical abilities like theirs, they couldn’t be prostitutes. He had misjudged them!

He was no longer bothered to fight back, reminded of the number of mercenaries present on the island.  

“Go! Quick!!”

While placing his hand over his chest, the man quickly ordered his bodyguards to escort him out of the crowd.

The travellers snickered at him, but he couldn’t care less about their reactions. Nothing else mattered more than his own life. 

Even though Rose and Christine were kind of annoyed by him, it didn’t ruin their mood to shop.

However, after being harassed by him, Rose didn’t dare to buy anything extravagant. Instead, she was thinking of the right time to try the outfit…

Back in the VIP suite in the Cassano Hotel, a melodious violin was playing. It was ‘A Time For Us’, from the movie Romeo and Juliet. 

The melody of the violin soothed the mind of those listening to it.

A bottle of ’82 Lafite Rothschild was placed on the top of the bar top.

Cai Ning held a wine glass with both of her hands, taking a sip out of it while sneaking glances at Yang Chen who was smiling at her. Her gaze was amorous, yet her face was flushed.

Yang Chen was startled at first when Cai Ning told him she wanted to drink wine. He stifled a smile and opened a bottle of red wine for her.

He never could have thought that Cai Ning would act so anxiously when he tried to pull her skirt down!

“Two more sips, I’ll be fine after two sips.” Cai Ning muttered sheepishly.

“It’s fine, it’s your first time after all. It’s normal to feel nervous. I can wait for you if you want to drink the whole bottle.” Yang Chen said earnestly.

Tears almost formed in her eyes. Cai Ning didn’t think she would be so stiff from embarrassment just when they were getting into the mood.

Fortunately, her nerves had settled down under the influence of alcohol. She tried to let her mind go loose, allowing the alcohol to numb her senses.

The music ended and silence came upon them once again.

Cai Ning let out a breath and put down the half-drunk wine.

Slowly, she hugged Yang Chen. 

“Carry me to the bed.”

Yang Chen cheered internally. They could finally get to it now. Even though he had been acting nonchalant, his mind was bugged by it.

Yang Chen turned off the lights to dim the room. Through the windows, the light from outside casted shadows into the room.

Yang Chen carried Cai Ning up and put her down gently onto the comfy and large bed.

At this moment, there was no need to heat things up anymore as alcohol was the best aphrodisiac they could ever have. Even so, Yang Chen still hoped to give her the best first experience, leaving kisses on her cheeks, forehead and lips. 

Moans escaped her lips as she was caught up in the passionate kiss. It ignited the inner beast in Yang Chen and he fondled her breast hard before pulling her clothes off.

The only thing between them was Cai Ning’s white stockings. Yang Chen enjoyed the silky feeling as he ran his hands down her slender legs.

Cai Ning couldn’t think straight but the heat coming from Yang Chen was seducing her. His body pressing down on hers and him touching all her sweet spots was driving her crazy. 

It felt as if the air around them had turned pink as his shaft came into contact with her ‘flower’.

Cai Ning tensed up at first, but she relaxed in the next second as if she was prepared to welcome the sensation.

Yang Chen could feel the tip of his shaft being moistened by her. To him, it was a signal which indicated the foreplay was sufficient.

“Ning’er, I’m coming in…”


Yang Chen didn’t understand what she meant but he couldn’t be bothered to think about it.

The moment he pushed himself into her, Cai Ning wrapped her arms around his back.

Her body was tight, but the elasticity was unimaginable. It was probably because she had been cultivating since young and that she was in the Soul Forming stage. Yang Chen could feel a surge of pure Yin fusing with his Heaven and Earth energy through his shaft.

He knew that this was the reason why Tang Luyi didn’t let him do anything to Cai Ning.

Cai Ning relied on the Xiantian pure Yin to enter the Soul Forming stage at a faster rate.

The absorption of the pure Yin by Yang Chen’s dantian would barely affect Cai Ning since she was already in the Soul Forming stage. As a matter of fact, the Heaven and Earth energy coming from Yang Chen would actually benefit Cai Ning.

Well, naturally this would only work on their first time. Yang Chen wasn’t gullible enough to think that lovemaking would help much with their cultivation.

There must be a technique and theory to double cultivation, but Yang Chen hasn’t figured them out yet.

As of now, this wasn’t important. As an “experienced” man, he knew that he should focus on devouring the woman beneath him!

Cai Ning’s gaze became seductive which was a rare sight to see on her. Her legs were spread open and they were trembling from Yang Chen’s movement.

“Ning’er, does it hurt?”

Cai Ning didn’t reply to him, instead, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed herself forward. A painful moan rang across the room the moment Yang Chen penetrated her fully!

The pleasure almost drowned her!

Yang Chen thrusted forward subconsciously, pushing the remaining length of his shaft into her!


Cai Ning groaned. She never dared to look at his junk, so she thought she took him in full, but she had actually underestimated him!

Tears pooled in her eyes, perhaps from the pain or pleasure, or maybe both.  

Yang Chen kissed her tears away with an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry, it’s just so comfortable inside you…”

Cai Ning beamed at him. Her face was pale from the pain and the sight of her lying on the white sheets with her hair spread around her could have made all men go crazy for her.

“It’s fine, I’ll recover quickly. After all, I’m not an ordinary woman…”

Yang Chen chuckled. She was right about it. A little injury like this meant nothing to her as she would recover from it quickly. He shouldn’t be too cautious and end up wasting their precious night together. 

“Then I’ll start moving?”

“Mmh, don’t let me regret it.” Cai Ning bit her lips and stared at him with an amorous gaze.

Yang Chen smirked. He roared deeply as if it was his battle cry and in the next second, he started thrusting into her. Heavy panting and the creaking of the bed merged filled the room. 

Cai Ning’s moans could be heard and Yang Chen had no idea how long it took for him to release his seeds into her…

Cai Ning was drenched in sweat and she laid down on the bed. She thought she was going to die. Having experienced it personally, she finally understood why her sister’s face was red every time she told her that Yang Chen was most annoying in bed.

A mundane would have passed out at his final thrusts!

The bedsheet could no longer be used as it was drenched in their body fluids.

Yang Chen carried her to the bathroom and cleaned her body before changing the bedsheets so that Cai Ning could have a good rest. It was mainly to rest her mind since her body was able to recover quickly.

“My true Yuan feels stronger.” 

After a short rest, Cai Ning got up and said with a surprised voice.

Yang Chen was still thinking about the ecstatic experience. He fondled with her chest, causing Cai Ning to gasp at his action.

“Of course it would since I’m in the Tribulation Passing stage. I didn’t really get much from it.” Yang Chen smiled. He needed an excessive amount of True Yuan to experience Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning, which was the second stage of the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation. Cai Ning’s pure Yin True Yuan was nothing to him.