The second day of the Caesar Tournament started in Palermo, Sicily. As the preliminary round ended, for the next few days things were going to be more heated  as the matches were between capable mercenaries.

Others were thrilled to hear that Yang Chen had returned and that Jane returned back to Wales safely.

For Sauron, it looked as if he had aged for the past two days but when he picked up Yang Chen early in the morning, a smile had finally reappeared on his face.

Yang Chen didn’t let them stop the investigation as he wanted to know more about the incident. He had to know which organisation kidnapped Jane and started the whole FURY incident.

The investigation was now easier ever since the North Bureo clan joined in. Yang Chen ordered Makedon and others to look for more forces involved in this so that he could take them down all together.

To Yang Chen, there was no need to let them live, since they dared to threaten his woman.

When the tournament started in the morning, Yang Chen was already seated in the VIP room with Cai Ning and Rose.

Yang Chen was impressed to know that Rose had spent the whole night out with Christine. When she returned to the hotel this morning, the trunk was filled with bags of stuff.

Since the Sea Eagle wasn’t out yet, Yang Chen struck up a conversation with Rose who was still excited from yesterday’s late night shopping, “Rose darling, what did you buy last night?”

Rose sounded embarrassed and she avoided his gaze, “Nothing much…just some souvenirs.”

“Souvenirs?” Yang Chen raised one of his eyebrows, “You’re interested in these things?”

“Rose bought a lot of sexy lingerie and some were especially provocative…”

Before Rose could respond, Christine had blurted out everything.


Her face was flushed and she tried to cover her mouth!

Fortunately, only Stern and Alice were around to hear it. Rose would have lost her mind if Ron or Sauron was here.

Christine stuck out her tongue apologetically and shut her mouth when she realized she had broken her promise. 

Cai Ning looked at Rose with an amused gaze. A faint smile formed on her lips but she didn’t assume that Rose was challenging her, it was just amusing to her.

Yang Chen smirked and caressed Rose’s waist, “Is that so? You should get them, the more the merrier.”

“I…I didn’t buy a lot…”

“I know, I’m just saying.” Yang Chen smiled even brighter and whispered into her ear, “Can you wear it for me when we’re back in the hotel?”

Rose could feel her neck flushing with heat. Yang Chen lowered his voice on purpose even though everyone else could still hear his voice in a small room like this.

Chills went down her spine and Rose nodded her head subconsciously.

“Good girl, I’ll take good photos of you.” Yang Chen was satisfied.

Alice laid her head on Stern’s shoulder, giggling at Yang Chen’s shameless action, “Hades, I don’t get it. Why would anyone like you when you’re so dirty minded?”

Yang Chen didn’t mind her words. With an unfazed expression, he shook his finger at her, “You two wouldn’t understand the pure relationship we have when you’re flirting with each other as siblings.”

As they were talking, it was finally time for the Sea Eagle’s match.

Their opponent this time was Odin Mercenary Corp from Northern Europe. They were mainly active around the North Pole and their members were mostly retired elites from the Seal Troop or power users from Northern Europe.

Due to time constraints, only a single win was needed to advance into the next stage.

Odin’s Mercenary Corp sent in a strong and agile white man with a spear-like metal weapon on his back. He jumped onto the stage so quickly and gracefully. 

Sea Eagle sent in the tan and soft looking women from Southeast Asia. Her looks were ordinary and she was wearing a tight fitting leather outfit with two silver daggers in her hands.

Firearms weren’t banned in the Caesar Tournament but people didn’t really use it since it might affect the audience. Special protective measures would be needed to ensure their safety.

Also, as most of the contestants were power users, bullets wouldn’t be effective agains them. On the other hand, Mercenary Corps were used to combat, hence cold weapons would be more reflective of their true abilities.

“This match is between Whis from Odin Mercenary Corp and Lin from Sea Eagles Mercenary Corp!”

The announcer announced the contestants which riled up the crowd.

The woman was actually a hitman from ZERO but ZERO was not allowed to participate in this tournament thus Lin had to join the tournament as a member of the Sea Eagles.

The match started with the sound of a buzzer!

Lin moved first, stealthily without making a sound. She slithered around like a snake, getting closer to Whis. Her daggers cut through air like a pair of wings.

Whis had somehow taken down the spear on his back. People from mercenary corps were used to seeing weird weapons so his weapon didn’t gain any attention from others.

When the spear was twirled around, Lin froze for a second and moved away from the spear’s trajectory. She lowered her body and sped up to stand right in front of Whis!

Just when her figure reappeared in everyone’s sight, Whis pulled the bottom of his spear and a silver chain appeared!


Lin was stabbing her daggers down but her attack was blocked by the silver chain!

Lin didn’t see this coming and she dodged immediately!

At the same moment, Whis pulled the spear and almost hit her!

They had only exchanged one move with one another and it already riled up the crowd. They clamoured but they couldn’t see what was happening unless they watched it in slow motion. It was a blurry shadow to them. 

Whis roared and dragged the chain, tossing around the spear like a long whip but it was even harder to predict the trajectory. It felt as if countless silver lines were dancing on the stage!

Lin couldn’t get close to him. Her eyes flickered and with a dash, her silhouette disappeared from the stage!

The crowd turned silent suddenly, thinking that their eyes had cheated them. However, those who were experienced saw through it immediately!

Numerous shadows showed up on the stage, surrounding Whis who was standing at the center!

“The shadow technique?” Yang Chen was startled.

The others saw it too. Cai Ning who was known for her speed, replied to Yang Chen, “She must have done this with a special movement and speed.”

“That’s right, I’ve seen a master hitman who’s able to do the same thing at ZERO. It was like the whole space was filled with shadow. That must have been her master, but it’s pretty impressive that she’s able to do this at such a young age.” 

While they were talking, Lin was in the midst of ambushing Whis from behind him. Her daggers shone with bloodlust as she aimed for his vital point.

It was too late for him to turn around but to Lin’s surprise, with a tug of his chain, the spear went straight for her from above!

If Lin insisted on continuing the attack, it would still be a tie because she wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack.

She tossed one of her dagger with an expressionless face and with a loud clatter, the dagger hit the spear which sent the spear flying!

At the same time, her other dagger was right on Whis’ neck!

Whis didn’t see this coming but he had misjudged the power of the daggers. Seeing how he had lost, he admitted his defeat like a gentleman.

Thunderous claps were heard from the audience and Lin kept a low profile. She stored her dagger away before walking down the stage.

Since Sea Eagle made it to the next stage, Yang Chen was getting ready to leave as he wasn’t really interested in seeing matches like this. They weren’t exhilarating to his liking. Besides, it was already break time.

Stern, Alice and Christen were planning to leave together since they were just here to check on the Giants.

However, just when they walked out of the VIP room for lunch, Rose and Christen saw someone in the corridor which made them freeze.

They saw a short and chubby Asian man talking to a few Caucasian men who were obviously politicians judging from the amount of bodyguards behind them.

This man was the one they met at the lingerie store yesterday - the Japanese whom Christine kicked. Even the bodyguards behind him were the same.

As they walked past them, the Japanese man even stopped next to Rose for a while but he eventually left within a few seconds.

“What’s wrong? Do you guys know him?”

Yang Chen was confused and so were Cai Ning, Stern and Alice.

Christine and Rose furrowed their brows out of confusion. They couldn’t be very sure either. 

“Not really…” Rose hesitated, “But…that person, why is he acting like he has never met us…”