Rose explained it to them when she realised they couldn’t understand her.

“Is he doing it on purpose because he’s embarrassed?” Cai Ning asked.

Others shook their heads. It wasn’t a plausible explanation.

“I’ve met all kinds of people in this world, it’s impossible for me to miss it if he’s putting up an act.” Christine furrowed her brows, “Besides, it didn’t look like he could put up an act when we met him yesterday. He can pretend to forget that I kicked him but his bodyguards seemed to have forgotten about it too. Something must have happened which made them forget about us.”

The mystery made them stand by the door, unable to get things straight. 

Yang Chen looked at the CCTV by the corridor and proceeded to take out his phone to call Ron.

“Hubby, what are you doing?” Rose asked.

Yang Chen pointed at the CCTV, “I’m asking Ron to check on them. We might get something useful.”

Even though it might just be a minor issue, Yang Chen still found it odd.

After assigning the task to Ron, Yang Chen led them towards an Italian restaurant by the sea. They had a simple lunch and went sunbathing on the beach.

However, when they reached the beach and saw the hot babes with bikinis, Yang Chen couldn’t get his mind off Rose’s newest purchases.

At the same time, Rose turned around and their gaze met which made her blush.

“Darling, you look tired. Shall we go back to rest? Take a shower and change your clothes…wear something pretty to sleep. You stayed up all night after all…”

Yang Chen looked genuinely worried about her as if she really needed to sleep now.

Cai Ning blushed at his words. After being with Yang Chen for a long time, she realised that he was truly a pervert but it was too late to get away from him.

Rose was annoyed when she noticed everyone else was smirking at her. In the end, she made up her mind to wear it since she did buy it for him.

“I’m going back first then. Come accompany me when you’re done.” Rose let herself go completely, giving him a kiss before walking back to the hotel.

Yang Chen beamed. He went to Cai Ning and asked her, “Ning’er why don’t you go and accompany Rose? I’ll come over later.”

Cai Ning couldn’t take it and she shook her head, feeling panicked, “You can go back first. I’m going to sunbathe, I won’t bother with your…nap.”

Yang Chen thought it was a loss and he was about to persuade her when Ron called.

Ron was able to complete the assigned task rather quickly since the mafias practically dominated the area.

Yang Chen pondered about Ron’s report and even though he looked kind of nonchalant, everyone else looked over curiously.

A weird smile showed up on Yang Chen’s face, “That Japanese man’s name is Kagawa Chusho. He’s the vice minister of the Ministry of Special Defense in Japan, he’s the representative for Japan for this year’s Caesar Tournament. The two men next to him are Peni, vice minister of the Intelligence Agency in Portugal and Rohm, the section chief of the Minister of Secret Defense in Italy.”

“No wonder his bodyguards called him sir.” Christen nodded in realisation.

“Why is someone from the Special Defense here? Shouldn’t Japan send over someone from the Self-Defense?” Cai Ning wondered.

Yang Chen explained it to her, “The Caesar Tournament is organised by China for the developing and developed countries. Naturally, most of the countries are from Europe. In these countries, the secret ministries are in charge of planning and executing. The militaries are here as onlookers, they’re not in charge. So, those people are the representatives of the organisers.”

“If that’s the case, why did he give up on revenge so easily when Miss Christen kicked him last night?” Cai Ning couldn’t understand it.

“Ning’er, you don’t get it. He does secretive work and he has to hold it in. Well, at least he can’t hold a grudge against anyone in public,” Yang Chen smiled, “I’m curious what made him forget about yesterday.”

Stern answered him, “This would be complicated if the Giants are involved. It might have something to do with them luring us here.”

“But can they wipe out someone’s memory?” Christen asked in disbelief.

“We should look into this and check if the special ministries had been in touch with the Giants. Hades, we’ll leave it to you since you have the most people.” Alice smiled at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shrugged. He didn’t mind it anyways.

After making calls to Ron and Makedon, Yang Chen went back to the hotel excitedly. He’s looking forward to seeing Rose in sexy lingerie.

Rose showered, listening well to his words. However, Yang Chen seemed to have returned too early. Rose hadn’t changed into the lingeries that were scattered everywhere.

Rose pouted, “I haven’t decided on what to wear.”

“It’s fine, you look good in a towel.” Yang Chen didn’t want to wait any longer. Her scent and the floral scent from the essence she used was stimulating the secretion of adrenaline in him.

Yang Chen sat on an empty bed and motioned her over.

“You’re such a pervert,” Rose muttered but she still sat on his lap.

Now that they were alone together, Rose felt more at ease. Her amorous aura was being continuously emitted.  

She had tied the towel into a knot on her chest which gave her chest a lift. As she was shaking on Yang Chen’s lap, it looked as if she was sending her breasts into Yang Chen’s mouth.

“Rose darling, you're becoming more like a vixen.” Yang Chen described her perfectly while hugging her waist.

“If I’m vixen, what about Ning’er?” Rose giggled.

“Ning’er…a young vixen.”

“Hey, are we all vixens to you?”

“Yeah, I raised a group of vixens.” Yang Chen said proudly.

Rose feigned anger and grabbed his shaft in between her thighs. 

Yang Chen sucked in a breath. Her hands felt good on him.

Rose’s flower had opened slightly and she lifted her butt slightly while pointing his shaft towards the opening…

When she moved her perky butt back down, both of them sighed with pleasure. It had been a long time since they last made love and he still filled her up.

“Don’t move!”

Rose arched her back and looked up at him. He kissed her fingers, his tongue sending chills down her spine.

Yang Chen laid back on the bed frame and let go of her fingers. After letting out a heavy breath, he opened his arms and let her take the initiative.

“Now that’s a good boy.”

Rose smiled and lifted her butt. It was a simple move which revealed everything to Yang Chen but before he could enjoy the view, Rose dropped down heavily. The pleasure almost sent him flying. 

Rose made grabbing motion mid-air and the remote control on the table opposite them flew into her hand. She turned on the music and chose a fast-paced EDM.

Her hips moved up and down like a slithering snake.

Soon, her tempo matched the music, going slow and fast at times. She hummed the melody during the warm-up before turning around to ask Yang Chen, “Hubby, who feels better? Ning’er or me?”

Yang Chen’s face was flushed as if he drank wine. It was impossible to describe the pleasure he was feeling.

“Yours…” Yang Chen wasn’t silly. He knew he had to please her. She wasn’t asking for a serious answer, she was just in the mood.

Rose beamed. With an amorous gaze, she pinched his waist, stopping him from thrusting into her. As her hips kept moving, she untied the knot on her chest and pulled the towel away from her body.

Her perky chest bounced up and down but because her back was facing him, Yang Chen could only see some curves when she lifted her arms. Her teasing was driving him crazy and he tightened his fist to refrain himself from fondling her breasts.

She told him not to move so he should let her have fun.

After half an hour, Rose started to moan loudly. The atmosphere around them became sticky and the room was filled with lust.

Yang Chen noticed the change in her voice and he thrust hard into her, making her fall onto him.

“You…I said I’ll do it.” Rose looked at him.

“I don’t want you to tire yourself. Let me do it, men should put in effort.” Yang Chen French kissed her while thrusting into her.

The curtains were tightly closed and they had no idea what was going on outside as they shared an intense lovemaking session.

Someone opened the door and at that moment the overwhelming smell took Cai Ning by surprise.

Cai Ning felt like running away when her eyes followed the pile of clothes and lingerie before looking at the bed inside. 

She should have checked with her divine sense before coming in!

Rose had changed into purple lace lingerie but she didn’t take it off fully while riding on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen buried his face into her chest, the silky material of the lingerie was enchanting him.

Cai Ning could tell how long they had been doing it judging from Rose’s weak voice.

They were still immersed in it even after a long time since they were already in the Soul Forming stage.

Rose motioned Cai Ning over when she saw her as if she had found a saviour.

“Ning’er, save me…I…I can’t do it anymore…” Rose begged her.

Cai Ning bit her lips, feeling conflicted, “You guys…why aren’t you guys done yet, it’s already night time…”

Yang Chen chuckled, “Rose darling wouldn’t give in so I had to give her what she wants.”

“That’s not it! You’re shameless…” Rose mumbled.

Cai Ning was humoured by them, “Alright, go shower and change. Christine asked me to call you guys over, there’s movement from the Giants.”