Yang Chen was surprised to hear this. Since this was a serious matter, he gave up on making Cai Ning join them. After a quick shower, Yang Chen went straight to the meeting room.

Everyone else was already seated at the table, talking amongst themselves.

Yang Chen noticed a letter on the table. Some weird characters were written on it with black ink but he couldn’t decipher it.

“What are you guys talking about? What’s this?” Yang Chen picked up the letter and asked while frowning.

Christine casted a weird gaze at his lower body before smiling at him, “Do you want to learn it? The language of Gods.”

Yang Chen paused for a second, no wonder he couldn’t read it. He shook his head and replied to her, “No need, I’ve learned enough foreign language, just tell me what it says on the letter.”

“It’s simple, the leader of the Cyclops, Brontes sent an invitation to us. He’s inviting us for lunch at the restaurant in the hall after the morning session of Caesar Tournament. He said it’s a reunion after 20,000 years.” Poseidon said with a straight face.

“Why are they asking to meet us? They’ve never contacted us before this?” Yang Chen wondered.

Stern propped up his arms and rubbed his chin, “This is confusing us too. They’re not seeking revenge on us and yet they’re showing up just like that. What are they trying to do?”

“Why should we care? They probably invited us over to end things. If they want to fight, we’ll gladly oblige. We can let them live if they choose to admit their defeat.” Ares said in disdain.

The other gods couldn’t say anything about him, they were helpless about Ares’ violent personality.

Yang Chen contemplated, “Are you guys worried that we wouldn’t be their match?”

Hermes snickered, “If we’re on Mars, they can’t even lay their fingers on us. I can take them down by myself. But things are different now, without Athena or Zeus, we might not be able to defeat them, although we’ll be able to defend ourselves.”

“There’s still me. Rose and Ning’er are both in the Soul Forming stage too, isn’t that enough? Why should we be afraid of them?” Yang Chen shrugged.

“Hades, you’re belittling the Giants,” Alice felt helpless at his attitude, “The Cyclops and the Hecatoncheires, they are superior to cultivators of China because they hold the bloodline of our ancestor, Titan’s Blood.”

“Titan’s Blood.” 

“That’s right,” Alice paused and looked at everyone else, confirming that no one was trying to stop her before she continued her sentence, “Titan’s Blood is the most ancient bloodline of the Gods. It's also the strongest energy source. The reason why we have only less than 20 to 30 percent of our power is that our Titan’s Blood has been sealed. The Giants are part of the bloodline but they don’t have divinity so they aren’t counted as Gods. Their blood isn’t as pure so they aren’t as powerful, but this is also the reason why their Titan’s Blood hasn’t been sealed.”

“Wait,” Yang Chen cut in, “I’ve been meaning to ask, how did the Gods lose so much power? If the Titan’s Blood is so powerful, why was it sealed? Does it have something to do with the Heart of Gaia?”

“This…” Alice hesitated. A hint of sadness was evident in her eyes.

“Don’t ask, it’s not important anymore. It’ll always be a pain in our heart.” Christine interrupted, “I’ll continue on behalf of Alice. Titan’s Blood gave them immense Xiantian power and it also strengthened their body. This is why they’re not afraid of the True Yuan of Chinese cultivators. Because True Yuan belongs to an element of the universe, you guys call it spiritual energy but it’s essentially the same. You have to know that other than Zeus who could use the lightning to oppress them and send them to the alternate space, no one else can defeat that. Not even Athena who has the Titan’s Blood sealed.”

“So we have to die in their hands if they plan to go all out.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

“Not to that extent, we don’t know their intentions. Even if they’re seeking revenge, we outnumber them. Besides, you have the space of laws and you’re skilled in Chinese martial arts, you would be impactful. Sadly you’re not in the same realm as cultivators who were in the Shang Qing Heavenly Tribulation 20,000 years ago. Or else you would’ve been a significant threat to them.” Poseidon said.

Yang Chen thought to himself, even if he wasn’t as good as cultivators from 20,000 years ago, he still had the Chaos Cauldron to protect himself. The ending wasn’t set yet.

These guys were being secretive about the Titan’s Blood as if they were afraid that he would catch on. It was really suspicious but he couldn’t get anything out of these foxes.

Cai Ning and Rose were intrigued by it but they didn’t really feel anything else. After all, they were only cultivators and to them, nothing else mattered more than Yang Chen’s safety.

After the discussion, Poseidon urged Hermes to check if anyone tampered with the Colosseum, just to be on the safe side. 

This wasn’t something difficult for Hermes who was speedy and devious. He gladly obliged since they were facing a mutual foe.

The night ended and the third day of the Caesar Tournament began.

It was the match among the top 32 and those remaining were renowned mercenary corps from all over the world. All the representatives from each country had shown up at the audience seat.

Other mercenaries filled the audience seat, heating the atmosphere even more.

Poseidon, Hermes and Ares were watching from a VIP room whereas Yang Chen, Cai Ning, Rose and Christine were in another room. 

Before the tournament started, Yang Chen received a report from Makedon that Kagawa Chusho had never been in touch with the Cyclops nor the other Giants. The other officials were never in touch with them either.

They did participate in a meeting last night, however, as it was too rushed, they couldn’t get any information from the meeting.

Yang Chen immediately realised that yesterday’s meeting was the key to this incident but it was too late to investigate further.

Just when Yang Chen was deep in thought, Sauron’s call interrupted his train of thought.

“Your Majesty Pluto, something’s wrong!” Sauron was frantic.

“What are you saying?”

“Have a look at the participants for the next match!”

Yang Chen looked up at the huge digital screen at afar. 

“Next match, Sea Eagles vs God Slayers!”

“What happened? I thought it’ll only happen during the semifinals?” Yang Chen was startled. He looked at the list before, as a seeded player, Sea Eagle would only have a match with God Slayers at the later stages. As for the Cyclops, they would only meet them in the finals.

“Someone changed it and the organizer stated that they made a mistake on the list. They’ve got to be kidding us! They’re making us face the God Slayers first on purpose!” Sauron was mad.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. It looked like the show was starting but they still hadn’t got a clue of their motive.

However, it was too late to change anything. It would be an insult for the Sea Eagles to withdraw from the tournament. They’d rather die during the match than to give up. Their dignity could not be stepped on.

Christine and the others turned grim when they noticed this.

The five members of Sea Eagle walked up to the stage fearlessly. They were excited to know that they could take the rude guys down. It was just like the saying, ‘ignorance is bliss’.

They didn’t really care about it even when Sauron told them to give up if they felt that something was wrong.

With the thunderous clap from the audience, five golden faced Giants from God Slayers walked up to the stage quietly.