The five members of Sea Eagle who were under Nasri’s lead didn’t dare to slack off. The moment they got on stage, they delegated their tasks - to fight them together.

”Hades, are you sure you want them to do this?” Christine was worried.

Yang Chen remained expressionless as he looked down at the stage. His gaze was determined as he said, “Stopping them from fighting is far crueller than asking them to die.”

Christine opened her mouth in shock but didn’t dare say further.

Back on the stage, Nasri rubbed his palms together, his knuckle cracking loudly under the pressure. With a smirk, he taunted them, “Heh, I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon, but I’m excited now.”

The five golden faced Giants had no intention to talk.

Their leader moved his hand forward and bent his fingers, taunting them to attack.

The five members of Sea Eagles glowered at his attitude. It was impossible not to salvage their reputation when their most respected person was watching them from above!

“Lin, Mira, Brett, Dimont, go!”

With Nasri’s order, murderous intent erupted from the rest of the warriors as they charged towards their opponents!

Lin who won yesterday’s match didn’t hide her abilities. With a twist, her body turned into countless shadows, blinking in and out of everyone's sight!

Black mist was emitted out of Dimont and after mumbling a mantra, his eyes turned red like a ferocious beast. His muscles were bulging and he growled while charging towards the God Slayers!

Nasri finally revealed his characteristics as a power user. His clothes had torn apart from his bulging muscles. With a crystal-like glowing skin, he jumped up like a human missile!

“Shadow Technique, Demonisation of Satan’s Believer, Crystallization…” Stern clicked his tongue, “Hades, your people are pretty bizarre.”

Having lived for a long time, the Gods had witnessed these powers and skills ages ago so they could see through it easily.

“It’s unfortunate that their opponents aren’t humans or else they could’ve been successful.” Christine sighed.

Just as expected, the leader of the God Slayers walked forward and blocked the way. It felt as if he alone would take down all five of them.

Before the three warriors of Sea Eagle could reach his side, he lightly stomped the ground …


From a distance, his stomp actually cracked the granite floor, sending debris all over the place!

With another sweep of his leg, the rain of stones charged towards the Sea Eagles!

Their attacks had been blocked by the stones, forcing them to stop in their tracks to evade the stones.

Right at this moment, the three of them lunged to both sides and left an opening in the middle.

Brett opened his mouth and a music note was sent out of his chest!

The rain of granites exploded immediately!

Sonic Attack!

Some of the mercenaries noticed his move. This kind of special power was extremely difficult to control. Brett must have practised hard to control the sound waves around the granites and send the explosion towards the God Slayers!

However, the golden faced man was unaffected. With a snort, he disappeared abruptly!

His immense physical strength let him reach in front of Brett within seconds as if he had teleported!

He landed a finger on Brett’s throat lightly!


With a painful shriek, Brett held onto his throat while staggering backwards.

Mira, who had been standing next to Brett, hadn't had a chance to make a move. Seeing this, her eyes glowed blue and she shouted, “Region Freeze!” 

A jagged giant ice block appeared in front of Mira, trapping the golden faced man in it!

The four-meter tall pillar of ice took everyone by surprise. They couldn’t understand how this happened!

Only then people noticed that Mira was a sorcerer?!

Even though Sword in The Stones was skilled at magic, it didn’t mean that it was exclusive to their organisation. 

Mira was one of the young prodigies in magic!

“Here’s our chance! Attack!!”

Nasri told Lin and Dimont to attack the ice pillar from three sides, attempting to penetrate the pillar to injure their opponent!

They failed to see that the other golden faced men didn’t bother to help out.

As for the frozen one, he didn’t even budge, waiting for them to attack him instead.

Just when the ice cracked, their fist and dagger went straight to the man!

Chills went down their spines when he was completely unharmed. It was like they had hit a perfectly impenetrable wall!

“Are you guys done?”

The golden faced chuckled mockingly, in a nonchalant manner he grabbed Lin’s dagger away from her.

Even the sharp dagger was unable to harm his hands.

After picking up the dagger, he turned around swiftly towards Lin!


Someone gasped and blood burst out from her in the next second. Lin couldn’t even react when her arms were sliced off!

Her eyes widened in disbelief!

Dimont who had demonised, his eyes reddened at the sight of his comrade being injured. Driven with fury, he attempted to snap off the golden faced man’s neck with his mouth!

But the golden faced man had somehow grabbed his jaw. With a light squeeze, a cracking sound was heard.

Dimont’s jawbone was cracked to pieces and with a groan, he was tossed away like a dead dog.

The crowd fell silent at his cruel act.

The golden faced man couldn't care less about it. He looked at Mira with a teasing yet malicious gaze. 

Mira was frozen from watching her comrades get injured one by one.

“I really like your glowing eyes, how about giving them to me?”

Mira shuddered at his cold voice.

“Mira, be careful!!”

Nasri who had gotten away from him yelled at Mira. The golden faced man was aiming at Mira’s eyes. He was trying to dig her eyes out!

Just when no one could bear to watch, a white silhouette appeared. He landed in front of Mira like an illusion and grabbed the golden faced man’s fingers!

“That’s enough…”

Yang Chen grabbed onto his finger tightly. Even though he was using almost all of his force, the golden man’s fingers remained unharmed.

The crowd clamoured at the man who had appeared on the stage out of nowhere. Even though he was a stranger to them, they could tell he was a terrifying person judging by his inhuman speed!

“Your Majesty Pluto!!”

Nasri and Mira almost shed tears at the sight of him. Yang Chen had appeared in front of them right when they were at the brink of death.

Yang Chen looked at them apologetically, “I know it’s something to be proud of but I can’t bear to let him humiliate you guys.”

“Heh…” The golden faced man sneered, “Hades, do you think I’m interested in dealing with these low lives? I don’t think it’s appropriate of you to break the rules of the tournament publicly.”

“If humiliating someone who had lost to you is part of the rules, then according to the ‘rules’, I’m allowed to kill all of you.”