“Stop wasting time, the thing you guys are ever so proud to own is gone,” Briareus said nonchalantly while touching his sparse beard.

“Damn it, how did this happen?!” Ares was furious.

Cottus mocked them, “Haven’t you guys realized that Brontes isn’t among us?”

The Gods exchanged gazes with each other. Things had progressed in a different direction.

“Who’s Brontes?” Yang Chen was confused.

Christine replied to him in a worrisome tone, “He’s the big brother of the three Cyclops, he’s also the strongest one. We always thought that he was in the Cyclops clan but it seems like that’s not the case.”

“What did you guys do?!” Hermes growled.

“Don’t get too agitated, the show has just begun.”

With a click of his fingers, the rowdy crowd in the colosseum started to quiet down!

“Mind control?!” Alice gasped.

Only then the others realised that the staff and audiences looked odd. Their expressions weren’t normal, their eyes were dull as if they were being controlled.

Even the officials’ faces were blank.

If it wasn’t for the Gods, Cai Ning and Rose having strong spiritual energy and soul, they would’ve been under their control too.

Mira, as a sorcerer managed to escape their control. Some of the stronger powerusers also caught on.

Yang Chen was reminded of the incident of Rose and Christen, “The Japanese man lost his memories suddenly because you guys controlled his mind!”

“You guys should feel fortunate that the dumb Japanese official gave himself away,” Briareus said, “We didn’t want you cowards to flee when you realise something was wrong, this was supposed to happen after the tournament. But we don’t have time to wait for Athena and the rest, so we’ll kill you guys now and find the others later.”

From what Briareus had said, the Giants didn’t make a move because they were trying to attract the other God’s over so  that they could kill everyone once and for all?!

The Gods were furious at his words but they were secretly anxious because of the sealed space.

At that moment, a bulky figure flew in from outside of the colosseum and landed on the stage with a thud.

He was half-naked, dressed only in beach shorts. His facial features were similar to the other Giants.

“Brontes?! What did you do?!” Hermes reprimanded him.

Brontes side-eyed him, “Nothing, I just sealed the spaces within this area.”

“How is that possible, you guys don’t have this kind of ability!”

“Haha,” Brontes guffawed, “It's all thanks to you guys, thanks to Zeus! Aren’t you guys curious how we returned from the space crack?!”

The Gods were at a loss, this was beyond their knowledge.

“I’ll let you guys have a clear death,” Brontes snickered, “I bet you guys don’t know that the alternate space has its laws…”

Alternate space law?

Colour left the Gods faces when they were reminded of something.

“For the past 20,000 years, we have been looking for a way to return to this world and finally, after a long search, we found out that the alternate space also has the space laws! Even though the way the space laws exists in the cracks of the parallel space is different, it still exists! However, we have to admit that our spiritual energy wasn't as good as you guys, so we’re less sensitive with the space laws which is why it took a long time to comprehend and master the alternate space laws.”

The Gods basically understood everything to this point.

If they interfere with the space laws in this space by using other space laws, it could render their space laws to be non-functional!

Poseidon’s gaze was cold, “If that’s the case, your spiritual mind shouldn’t be sufficient to do this for a long time. Space has its integrity, you can’t disrupt it forever!”

“You’re right, Poseidon.” Brontes grinned, “But don’t forget that you guys are no match against us. Even humans can harm you guys, so before our alternate space laws fails, we can do whatever we want with you guys…oh yeah, most importantly, if you guys die when your space laws aren't working, you can’t reincarnate, which means…you will die for real!”

The rest of the Giants guffawed. They had waited too long for their sweet revenge.

“I doubt so.”

Yang Chen walked forward. His Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was revolving inside his body as he unleashed the oppression from his cultivation of the Tribulation Passing stage!

Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy wasn’t dependent on the space laws, thus regardless of the condition of the space laws, he could still summon Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy freely!

Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy quickly pooled around, forming a huge pool of blue Ming water. It was surrounded by black mists as it circled in the air!

“Even if we don’t have the space laws, it doesn’t mean that you guys will definitely win!” Yang Chen waved his hand down!

Ming water transformed into countless arrows which aimed at the six Giants!

The other Gods were slightly surprised to see how much his cultivation had grown. Even though it wasn’t as great as the cultivators who were in the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning stage 20,000 years ago, it was really close!

From this, they could tell that the initial results from Yang Chen’s cultivation technique were astonishingly great!

The six Giants were able to dodge most of the arrows since they were wary of Yang Chen. Even so, some of the arrows still landed on them!

The Giants’ shirt became corroded by Ming water but their bodies were unharmed. Yang Chen was astonished by the elemental defensive power of Titan’s Blood! 

Once the arrow landed on them, it turned into a cloud of smoke, leaving nothing but a black smear. It did no harm to them!

Ming water was able to corrode the body of a vampire with royal blood!

“Hehe, we know that the new Hades cultivated using cultivation techniques from China. Don’t worry, we’ll play with you!”

Briareus cackled and pulled off his tattered clothes. His eyes were wide open as his body started to bulge!

As he roared, his body started to bulge from the new tissue growing in him! Very quickly, they lengthened and formed into thick arms!

It all happened within seconds. Yang Chen was taken aback by his change whereas Cai Ning and Rose were close to vomiting!

When they looked at Briareus again, his head and his body had become disproportionate. He was three to four floors tall, looking more like a giant. Even worse, countless arms grew all over his body!

Hecatoncheires had been hiding his actual body?!