“Hades, stop staring. They are making a move.” Christine jolted Yang Chen.

“How dare you ignore us,” Ares was trembling from anger. The bronze spear tattoo on his face disappeared and with sparkling light, a three-meter long artifact had appeared in Ares’ hand!

Even if the space was sealed and their artifacts wouldn’t be as powerful, they wouldn’t stop using it.

Ares almost killed Yang Chen with the spear but now they were facing an old enemy for 20,000 years - the Giants!

“Heh, Ares, did you forget that we forged the spear for you? Now you’re using it against us? How cute…”

The big brother of the Cyclops, Brontes, snickered as his body started to bulge too.

Soon, his clothes were torn apart and he was now more than ten-meters tall!

Different from the Hecatoncheires, his head was enlarged and his eyes were fused together in a weird angle!

A lightning stroke down and a giant hammer appeared in Brontes’ hand!

The metal hammer looked really heavy with the head bigger than a hot air balloon. There were scratches on the hammer and with the white cloths covering the handle, it was hard to tell what material it was made of.


Brontes roared, almost tearing their eardrums. It was like a battle cry ringing the start of a battle to avenge themselves!

The hammer was dropped to the floor!

A visible force was seen emitting from the hammer!

The colosseum started to tremble and giant holes were made in the floor!

Stones were falling off and debris was flying everywhere as the colosseum was unable to handle the impact!

The rest of the Giants unleashed their true bodies, feeling the ferocious battle spirit from their brothers!

Ares couldn’t hold it in any longer and he charged forward!

Since he couldn’t use the space laws, Ares was forced to throw his spear at Brontes’ throat with his brute force!

Brontes snorted at his attempt and waved his hammer!

The giant hammer was flung easily like it was some kind of rubber toy!

Ares couldn’t stand the reaction force, his arms were numb from the force and whilst his spear flew into another direction, his body was pinned to the ground!


Christine gasped. Her hands glowed with golden light and the true Magical Girdle showed up in her hands.

It caught onto Ares body and she pulled him out of the ground!

Just when Ares body left the ground, a hammer went down at that spot!

If it wasn’t for Christine’s Magical Girdle and her fast reflexes, Ares would’ve been pounded into ground beef!

After all, they could only move with their own physical strength. Compared to using the space laws, their speed was too slow!


Ares got up with a crestfallen expression. He summoned his spear back while thanking Christine softly.

Christine frowned and shook her head, “Don’t be so hasty. Other than Hades, none of us can use all of our abilities to fight them.”

Even though she hated this belligerent psycho, they still shared the same roots.

The other Gods didn’t dare to act hastily now that the situation has become unfavourable for them.

A blue light shone through and Poseidon’s trident appeared in his hands. Hermes also took out his Caduceus and the wings on his Talaria were fluttering, ready for battle.

Apollo and Artemis were solemn. A blue cold current and red blazing flames showed up in their hands to summon their bows - Helios and Selene. 

Even though they were at a disadvantage due to the sealed space laws, their beliefs remained strong for surviving past countless battles!

The Giants had limited spiritual energy and they couldn’t seal the space laws forever. All they needed to do was hold on!

“Come, show us how long you guys can last!!”

A blazing arrow materialised on Helios and with a golden glow, Apollo shot it at the six Giants!

The arrow split midair, aiming for their vulnerable spots!

The Giants didn’t care about it, blocking the arrows with their hands or hammer nonchalantly. The blazing arrows sparkled but they were easily wiped out.

Hermes flew with his Taralia and appeared behind the Giants. The eyes of the golden snakes on his Caduceus were glowing red!

Just when he wanted to use illusion to fool them, the Hecatoncheires nearest to him, Gyges, waved the arms on his back as if he saw Hermes!

Hermes spell was interrupted and a pair of devil flame wings appeared on his back, allowing him to dodge in time!

“I’m sorry, but you guys are nowhere near a threat to us. I don’t have time to deal with trash, so let the mercenaries play with you guys.”

Briareus cackled and with a swift motion, all the mercenaries charged towards the Gods as if they had lost their mind!

Their faces were dull but most of them were warriors and powerusers. The Gods fumbled around as they attacked all at once!

Some of the mercenaries could resist mind control but they couldn’t do anything to help as they were buried by the sea of people. 

The Gods had no choice but to fight these humans.

Poseidon and Ares waved their trident and spear at them. Although it was easy to shake these humans off, they wouldn’t stop attacking them!

“This is endless! Have they lost their minds?!” Ares shouted.

Artemis used Selene to shoot out dozens of frozen arrows which froze a large group of mercenaries, buying them some time.

“They planned this. We’re forced to kill them which will anger the mercenary corps to unleash their wrath at the countries who organized the tournament.”

“They are scheming. Are they planning to protect those countries and have humans think of them as their saviours?!” Christine was enraged.

“Even if they aren’t trying to be saviours, I bet they are trying to replace us from human civilization by making us kill these people.” Hermes snickered as he licked the blood of his lips. He had no intention of giving mercy, killing all the humans who charged at him!

“They are controlled by the Giants’ spell, so someone must be casting the spell behind our backs,” Poseidon said and he turned to Yang Chen, “Hades, you guys are the only one who’s unaffected by the space laws. We’re moving too slow, you guys have to look for the spell caster!”

“Don’t make it sound so easy, we haven’t started with the real deal yet!”

Steropes rushed forward and lifted his foot to stomp on them!