Amidst the shaking ground, Steropes lifted his giant metal hammer and waved it towards Yang Chen!

“How is this possible?!”

Yang Chen dodged hurriedly. A sharp gust of wind brushed past his face. 

Yang Chen’s heart fell when he realised that they could still move swiftly even in their actual form! They had to spend much more energy than before to achieve the same speed!

Yang Chen didn’t dare to take them lightly anymore now that he was aware of their capabilities. He continued to dodge the punches of the two Hecatoncheires while yelling at the ladies, “Rose! Ning’er!! Go and find the spell caster! He must be near the colosseum!!”

Rose and Cai Ning who were fighting off the mercenaries were unaffected by the space laws, hence they were the best candidates to do so!

Rose and Cai Ning responded swiftly before jumping off to search the whole colosseum.

However, the Giants reacted quickly too. Arges and Cottus blocked their way immediately when they realised Rose and Cai Ning were cultivators. They moved so quickly as if they had teleported!

Due to their giant bodies and agility, they could easily trap everyone within the colosseum!

“Two female cultivators, hmph, what a pleasant surprise,” Arges smirked and smashed his hammer down at Rose!

It felt as if a giant mountain was crashing down on Rose!

Rose summoned a giant water shield but it failed to withstand the hammer’s attack. Rose's body fell off the sky like a shooting star! 


Golden rays were shot out of Cai Ning as she summoned her True Yuan. With a quick motion, she appeared next to Rose and held her.

“You still have time to care about someone else?!”

Cottus ignored her True Yuan, packing punches at them continuously!

Cai Ning was able to dodge his punches in time. She mustered a few illusions which confused Cottus, buying herself time.

At the same time, Yang Chen was surrounded by three Giants, Brontes, Briareus and Steropes.  

They kept attacking Yang Chen and Yang Chen had to summon the Samadhi True Fire and Ming water to defend himself. The fire dragons roared as they tried to bite the Giants.

However, Yang Chen soon realised that these Giants were able to fend off the Samadhi True Fire. Simultaneously, their metal hammers could absorb the Samadhi True Fire which burned and returned the damage to himself!

As expected of the Giants who had fought with numerous cultivators in the Tribulation Passing stage 20,000 years ago. They could withstand the heavenly fire and heavenly water made by Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, let alone a normal True Yuan attack!

Yang Chen’s heart felt heavy, the battle was tougher than he thought.

Even though he still had the Chaos Cauldron as his trump card, Yang Chen didn’t feel confident about it. He wasn’t sure if the Chaos Beast Spirit could take the Giants down!

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s body was strong enough to recover each time he got hurt so he wasn’t badly injured.

The remaining Hecatoncheires, Gyges led the mercenaries to the Gods. No matter how hard they attacked him with their artefacts, it was useless without the space laws! 

Punches and hammer strikes from the Giants destroyed the colosseum, it’s past glory could no longer be seen!

Stones were flying around and holes were all over the place. At the same time, blazing flames, freezing ice and arrows were flying in the air continuously. It was disastrous!

The colosseum had turned into Hell, no one cared who they were killing nor could they remember how many people had they killed!

The soil turned red and the air was filled with the smell of blood!

Amongst the large troop of mercenaries, thousands of people died within seconds.

Shrieking, crying, growling and cackling sounds could be heard…  

“Hades! Find a way to attack Brontes! He made the plans so he must be the core to sealing the space!”

Poseidon was covered in blood, even his beard was coloured in red.

Right after he finished his sentence, one of Gyges’ arms struck his body!

Poseidon flew a hundred meters away as he pushed his trident into the floor to steady himself.

He couldn’t even rest when a group of mercenaries nearby charged at him. There was no other choice but to fight!

Once a God’s body was destroyed, they could only choose to reincarnate. Obviously, that wasn’t an option for them, so they either live or die in this battle!

No one had time to care or look out for one another, not even Christine. She was busy using the Magical Girdle to draw mercenaries in and use them to defend against other mercenaries who were attacking her!

Christine who was normally graceful and proud looked nothing like before. Her clothes were torn and her hair was a mess from the bloodstains!

The mercenaries participating in the Caesar Tournament had become the Giants’ sacrificial pawn!

“It’s time to end the battle,” Brontes cackled and raised his hammer. With a loud growl, the hammer sparkled in red flames!

“Hades, be careful! That’s the Heavenly Divine Lightning Fire!!” Christine yelled at Yang Chen frantically.

Heavenly Divine Lightning Fire?!

The moment he heard this, Yang Chen summoned a large amount of Kui Water instinctively and tossed it towards the hammer like a tornado!

Unfortunately, it didn’t put off the Lightning Fire. This time, water had failed to extinguish fire!

The Lightning Fire giant hammer struck the area around Yang Chen. Flames and electric sparks jumped around him which evaporated and burnt the humans nearby!

Yang Chen was ghastly pale when he suddenly remembered the origin of the hammer! Wasn’t this the fire used by the Giants to forge artifacts for the Gods?!

Even though it wasn’t as strong as the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, it still made his limbs feel numb. Worse yet, the flames were extremely corrosive. Yang Chen couldn’t comprehend how the hammer hadn't melted from the fire!

Yang Chen could only flee from the hammer’s attack. He was furious that Briareus and Steropes intentionally forced him to stay within a small area, limiting his chances of escape!

Why hadn’t Athena showed up yet? Wasn’t she proud and powerful?

Did she predict that she would lose even if she appeared so she decided to hide?!

Yang Chen couldn't express the annoyance he was feeling. Even though he didn’t have much confidence, the situation he was in left him no choice. They didn’t know how long the space would remain sealed. It would be too late if they waited any longer till one of the Gods’ bodies was destroyed!

“Chaos Cauldron!”

Yang Chen chanted in his heart. The Chaos Cauldron within his dantian sensed his summon and appeared in the air!

The cauldron grew rapidly in size, from being an arms-length to the size of a house!

Grey smoke covered the spinning cauldron and the patterns on the cauldron were glowing in red. It looked livelier than before, as though it was regaining vitality after Yang Chen claimed ownership on it.

The Giants were surprised to see the giant cauldron but they soon realised it was an artifact from the Chinese cultivators.

They didn’t dare to underestimate it, having fought many battles themselves.

“Let’s see what else you’ve got!”

Brontes didn’t act hastily, waving his Lightning Fire giant hammer at Yang Chen. A thicker and stronger pillar of Lightning Fire was shot towards Yang Chen! 

Yang Chen’s eyes had turned red from fury and he growled while lifting the giant cauldron. Roars of the Chaos Beast Spirit could be heard and a turbid giant silhouette leapt out of the cauldron, snarling at the Lightning Fire!