The Chaos Beast was far more ferocious than the Giants had imagined. It bared its fangs and swallowed the blazing Heavenly Lightning Fire! 

Its body changed from grey to bright red, with flickering yellow sparks!

“What is this monster?!”

The Giants and Gods were flabbergasted.

Cultivators from 20,000 years ago have never used an artifact like this, let alone a beast like this!

Yang Chen was delighted to see this. He never expected the Chaos Beast to swallow everything!

While the Heavenly Lightning Fire was being absorbed by the Chaos Beast, Yang Chen also had a profound experience.

The Heavenly Lightning Fire was the brightest and strongest fire he had ever felt, an exact opposite to the Hell Demonic Flame.

It was a battle between vital energy. 

Suddenly, a light was shed on the barricade which Yang Chen had been struggling to overcome!

Ye Fire?!

Buddhist used the spectral Ye Fire to cleanse the evilness in the world as it burned the spirit and heart of people, not their body!

No living thing could escape from having an evil thought nor could they reveal it so brazenly.

Who could be the judge of good or bad?

What is right and what is wrong?

In the path of righteousness, evil meant something that defied Heaven.

And for the path of evil, anything righteous defied Hell.

If there’s only evil, where would “kindness” stand?

“If I act kindly, I’m kind. If I act evil, I’m evil. Humans aren’t differentiated by their kindness or evilness, their hearts decide it…”

Two globes of fire blazed in Yang Chen’s eyes as he started to comprehend it!

It felt like a long moment to him but for others, it all happened in a split second!

Seeing how the previous attack failed, Brontes waved his hammer twice, shooting two rays of Heavenly Lightning Fire at him and the Chaos Beast! 

Steropes moved around the Chaos Beast and waved his hammer at the cauldron rapidly!

Yang Chen was in his best condition now that he had comprehended the Ye Fire. Without a single ounce of fear, he controlled the Chaos Cauldron to face their hammers!

A deafening ringing sound shook the whole area!

Steropes’ giant hammer was knocked out of his hand by the Chaos Beast which was sealed in the cauldron!

A huge crater was formed at the spot where the hammer landed, taking the lives of others once again!

After swallowing the Heavenly Lightning Fire, the Chaos Beast became more excited and with a loud growl, it attacked Brontes once again!

“How dare you!!”

Briareus who had been waiting for an opening, jumped in and extended his arms to choke the Chaos Beast!

Unfortunately, he had gravely underestimated it, causing his arms to be stuck in the Chaos Beast!

“How is this possible?!”

Briareus’ eyes widened when he felt a wicked energy engulfing his arms!

With a deafening roar, the Chaos Beast’s eyes shone red!

Yang Chen could feel the energy from the arms of the Hecatoncheires being absorbed by Chaos!

This energy actually caused the Chaos to grow and materialise the Power of Chaos!

The Titan’s Blood?! Was it the Titan’s Blood that triggered the ferocity of the Chaos Beast?!

Before Yang Chen could contemplate about it, some of the Giants rushed over to help Briareus when they saw that he was going to be swallowed completely.

Even if they had the upper hand now, they would be at a disadvantage if they lose any of their comrades so to stop that from happening, the rest of the Giants charged towards Yang Chen to take him down!

The Gods were relieved at the turn of events but they were also bewildered by Yang Chen!

They had no idea Yang Chen was hiding such a ferocious weapon!

Cai Ning and Rose were finally able to get away from the Giant.

They shared a look and nodded. With a strong faith in Yang Chen, they moved on to find the spell caster or else the remaining mercenaries would be sacrificed!

The situation was already similar to hell, but it couldn't be as close as hell itself!

Just when they were searching the corners in the colosseum, Yang Chen was busy fending himself against the five Giants. He didn’t even have time to feel the change of the Chaos Cauldron, releasing the newly comprehended Ye Fire without any form of hesitation!

Amongst the other heavenly fire, Ye Fire was meant to burn souls and spirits. Yang Chen knew that elemental damage wouldn’t be effective against the Giants but he was hoping that it could burn their souls! 

A fiery flame ignited on Yang Chen’s palm!

As the Heaven and Earth Energy continued to be summoned, the ball of flame transformed into a gigantic fire lotus!

The Ye Fire Lotus flew out of Yang Chen’s palm. As it spun across the sky, the flaming petals were flickering which felt as if an art piece was being created! 

The Giants couldn’t be bothered by his tactics. With their giant hammers, streaks of Heavenly Lightning Fire threatened to shred Yang Chen into pieces!

In the face of their attacks, Yang Chen looked as though he was the only boat floating on the vast sea! 

The only thing leading him was the blazing Ye Fire Lotus! 

Yang Chen summoned all of his Heaven and Earth Energy, ordering the Chaos Beast to attack the Giants alongside the Ye Fire! 


“So what if y’all are Giants?! I’ll eat all of your flesh!!”

Yang Chen cackled. He was no longer bothered about the aftermath. All he wanted was to destroy them to his heart’s content!

The Chaos Beast felt the strong fighting spirit from its master, causing it to expand and engulf all of the Heavenly Lightning Fire once again. Its mouth was wide open as it took in all the attacks from the Giants!

“Ye Lotus Fire, God Ends Suffering!”

The fiery petals fell off like raindrops, landing on the Giants who were trapped by the Chaos Beast!

“Damn it! What is going on?!”

“This monster is gobbling us up?!”

Brontes groaned. The moment the Ye Fire touched his body, his soul started to burn!

It felt as if someone was slicing his flesh deep within his soul. His body trembled at the unimaginable pain!

As the petals started to unleash its power on the Giants, screams were heard. It was so agonizing that it made the Gods shudder!

Yang Chen did not see this coming! He never expected his Ye Fire to be this potent!

Well, the Giants weren’t capable of defending the souls due to their weak spiritual energy. They also didn’t have any cultivation to protect themselves against the Ye Fire. 

It can be said that these conditions heightened the Ye Fire’s damage by one hundred percent! 

However, with the Chaos Beast trapping six Giants in it at the same time, the gobbling process seemed to have slowed down. As the Giants had a tough physique, it made things harder for the Chaos Beast to digest them. The Giants started to resist the Chaos Beast, tossing around and pulling the Chaos Beast violently, causing it to tremble and growl!

Yang Chen kept on shooting out Ye Fire to burn their souls, aiming to destroy them. However, he was distracted by the challenging situation at the Chaos Cauldron!

It seemed as though there was no end to this battle since they had become caught up in an irresolvable situation!

Suddenly, the Chaos Beast’s eyes flickered in red. It growled, releasing large clouds of shadows across the colosseum!

Thousands of mercenaries had died from the fierce battle. The colosseum was filled with blood whereas broken limbs and organs piled up into mountains!

Chaos turned the fresh corpses into dried corpses as the shadows swept past them! 

The souls and bodies of the powerful mercenaries acted like a top-class supplement for the Chaos Beast!