Not only were the Gods and the Giants shocked by the Chaos Beast’s movement, but Yang Chen himself was also dumbfounded!

He didn’t control the Chaos Beast to do so, it moved on its own!

This beast had his consciousness to engulf the souls and bodies of people?!  

Black Robe once said that the Chaos Beast was destroyed by the great ancient Gods, but its soul did not perish, instead it was sealed into the Chaos Cauldron.

Yang Chen initially thought it was complete bull crap. To him, if the Chaos Beast could not be killed, why would it be sealed?

Now that he looked at it, the Chaos Beast was truly immortal. After being sealed for thousands of years, it was able to maintain its consciousness and seize the chance to increase its power?! 

Just when Yang Chen was still overwhelmed by the new findings, the Chaos Beast raged as if it was dissatisfied by the six Giants’ attitude. It opened its jaw once again, engulfing the Giants at a greater speed!

As the Titan’s Blood began to be absorbed by the Chaos Beast, Yang Chen felt a strong mixture of feelings - rage, derangement, frenetic, fury and hatred…

All kinds of negative emotions started to invade his brain!

Yang Chen could feel himself being sucked in by a dark abyss and he was starting to fall!

The Chaos Beast was cackling while devouring the Giants as if mocking Yang Chen for overestimating himself. Yang Chen shouldn’t have even attempted to control the Chaos Beast!

Slowly, Yang Chen started to lose consciousness. His head was throbbing, preventing him from regaining control of his consciousness.

“Hades’ eyes…”

Christine had been keeping an eye on Yang Chen, thus she was able to notice Yang Chen’s condition immediately.

The Gods looked at him and a bad feeling welled up in their chests when they saw the dark mist appearing around him. 

Yang Chen’s eyes were red and his face was expressionless.

In the next second, Yang Chen waved his arms and the countless small beast shadows were shot out of the Chaos Cauldron which charged towards the mercenaries who were still alive! 

“Hades! Have you lost your mind?!”

“Stop it!!!”

Yang Chen couldn’t hear him at all and a devilish smirk appeared on his face.

The berserk beast shadows sucked the mercenaries dry like a vampire bug!

The mercenaries were all killed within seconds! 

It would’ve been a better scenario if they were ordinary humans but as they were elites, their body was basically a strong supplement for the Chaos Beast! 

The Chaos Beast growled in excitement as though it could finally unleash the anger within him. The tyrant in it was reviving! 

Both the Gods and the Giants feared the Chaos Beast!

It was inhuman, killing thousands of people in the blink of an eye and viewing them purely as food!

The Giants no longer had the energy to control the space laws and soon, the seals were broken! 

The second the Gods realised this, they chose to unlock the seal and flew up to the sky!

If they stayed in the colosseum any longer, the Chaos Beast might choose to eat them too!

Even though the Gods had gotten themselves far away from danger, they didn’t choose to leave since they were able to get away because of Yang Chen. They couldn’t just leave when Yang Chen was in such a state. 

At this moment, Cai Ning and Rose flew into the colosseum. 

Rose was holding onto a Caucasian man who was wearing a metal helmet. He was the prodigy sorcerer from the Sword in the Stone - Prince! 

Prince was knocked unconscious.

“How did this happen? How is he…” Rose mumbled.

Christine shook her head worriedly, “We’re not too sure either. I think the monster from the artifact had a side effect on Yang Chen, he’s unable to control himself…”

Hermes snatched Prince from Rose and bared his fangs, “Damn it, is this the guy who cast the mind control spell?!”

“Hermes, don’t hurt him. We need to get things straight before killing him.” Poseidon said sternly.

“His helmet looks like a special tool, maybe he was using it to cast the spell.” Apollo suggested.

“What’s the point in saying this now? Quick, think of a way! What should we do to help Yang Chen?!” Cai Ning raised her voice.

Even so, the Gods were stumped. 

Yang Chen looked like a Grim Reaper, standing amid the black flames while watching over the ongoing calamity. 

Cries were heard from the Chaos Cauldron as thousands of souls were being absorbed in it.

The outline of the Chaos Beast was becoming more clear and it was increasing in size. The grey on him became richer and murkier…

The lantern-like eyes shone brightly…

As the Chaos Beast continued to engulf the freshly obtained souls and Titan’s Blood, it was able to strengthen itself!  

At first the Giants were still able to defend themselves against the Chaos Beast but as it grew stronger, the Giants struggled to escape. Soon, half of their bodies were engulfed by the Chaos Beast! 

They had been planning for this for so long that they never expected themselves to be eaten as a meal!

However, no matter what they felt, they could only shriek out of fear like trapped beasts!

The Heaven and Earth Energy kept surging out of Yang Chen, supplying the Chaos Cauldron like fertiliser. The dark coloured Chaos Cauldron shone brightly as it stood tall in the sky!

“No, I have to stop him…he will be controlled by the cauldron completely if this goes on!” Rose’s face was pale as she flew towards Yang Chen.

Cai Ning didn’t stop her, and chose to join her instead.

“Don’t go there!!”

Christine was too late to stop them.

The moment they arrived next to Yang Chen, a strong power from the Chaos Cauldron tried to suck them in! 

“Hubby! Stop it!! Wake up!!”

Rose shrieked while trying to maintain her balance with her True Yuan.

Cai Ning tried to get close to Yang Chen and even though it was tough to prevent herself from being engulfed by the Chaos Beast, she still managed to grab onto Yang Chen’s arms!

“Hubby…quick…stop it…”

Cai Ning’s eyes reddened as she tried to inject her True Yuan into Yang Chen to resolve his Heaven and Earth Energy. However, the moment she did that, the Chaos Beast moved in discontent!

It seemed to have viewed Cai Ning as a delicious meal that it tried to engulf her True Yuan!


Cai Ning gasped when Yang Chen turned around to choke her!

Yang Chen’s face was covered in black mist as he smirked while looking at her. He acted as though he didn’t know Cai Ning, sucking her True Yuan into his own body!

Tears flowed down her cheeks at his expression. Her heart was filled with despair that she couldn’t muster the thought to pull herself away.

Rose was ghastly pale but no matter how hard she yelled at Yang Chen, he showed no plans of stopping! 

Right at this critical moment, a giant silver shield fell from the sky and tore space apart, heading straight for the Chaos Beast! 

The moment it landed on the head of the Chaos Beast, lightning sparks exploded from it and something flashed in the sky!


The Chaos Beast growled in pain, shocked by the silver lightning shield. It opened its mouth and spat out the six Giants who were heavily injured!

The Giants fell onto the ground with a heavy thud, bringing up huge clouds of debris with their fall!