The Gods looked ahead when a black-haired woman appeared in front of them. She was barefooted, her face indiscernible.

It seemed as if the sun had lost its shine when she showed up.

This woman was acting cold and proud like she always did. As though she wasn’t the one who blasted the lightning shield.

Everyone else looked at her with an unreadable gaze.

No matter how much they dislike her personality and habits, they couldn’t deny her abilities!

She has the rights to be proud!

Athena didn’t show up on a whim.

Her eyes remained indifferent when she looked at the disastrous island. There wasn’t even a hint of shock when she saw the Giants.

With a light wave of her hand, Aegis returned to her in a silver fluid-like motion.

The shield was almost as tall as her with a tough structure and ancient design. It was hard to tell the material it was made of and it looked similar to an ancient heavy shield used in the Crusades. 

Aegis was silver with patterns of olive leaves and it was glowing with a silver-blue hue. It was completely incompatible with Athena but it was somehow weirdly harmonious.

Athena looked at Chaos with an apathetic gaze and their gaze met.

It stared back at her with a look of resignation but it eventually returned to the cauldron as soon as it realised it was no match for Athena.

Yang Chen, who was already unconscious, fell off the sky after letting go of Cai Ning!

Cai Ning reacted quickly and held onto him.

They landed on the floor slowly.

She couldn’t even care about herself when she noticed Yang Chen had fainted.

“Hubby, wake up! How are you feeling?!” Rose flew over to their side but no matter how hard she shook him, she couldn’t get any reaction from him.

They even tried checking his body with their divine sense but to no avail.

Yang Chen’s internal energy was completely normal, in fact, it was even stronger than before. However, for some unknown reason, he wouldn’t wake up nor did his divine sense show any reaction.

The ladies were at a loss but fortunately, they weren’t so weak to be completely helpless. Seeing how Yang Chen‘s breathing was normal, they quickly calmed down and averted their gaze towards the Giants.

The Giants were trying their best to stand up but because of the Chaos Beast’s attack, they were too weak to do so. Even if some of them managed to get up, they were panting and wobbling. Some of them were even missing limbs.

Still being wary of the Giants, Cai Ning lifted Yang Chen and flew up to the sky with Rose.

“How is Hades doing?” Christine asked.

Rose shook her head, “I don’t know, he’s not waking up but he’s not hurt either.”

Athena glanced over at Yang Chen for a second before looking back at the Giants. Her seemingly cold gaze was flickering. 

“Damn it…Athena, I knew you were doing this on purpose! You knew this would happen so why did you come over now?! Are you here to mock us? Or are you wishing for us to die?!”

Hermes tossed Prince to Christine before shouting at Athena.

“You guys are still alive,” Athena said flatly.

“What do you mean by that?! Do you rather have us killed by them? Don’t forget that you won’t be able to revive Gaia’s Heart without us!!” Hermes was trembling with fury.

Athena’s gaze sharpened, “Don’t challenge my patience, I’ve already let you go for plotting against me with that wretch. I’ve been very nice to you, I know she has awakened ages ago.”

The Gods were astonished. They could guess what she was saying but it felt odd to them.

Hermes smirked, “I thought your prophecy is invincible? Why? Can’t you find her?”

Athena grunted, “She’ll appear sooner or later.”

“Hehe, I think…it’s because your spiritual energy has yet to recover so you can’t find someone stronger than you. This means that you might not be a match for her.” Hermes sounded cocky.

“She’s timid and useless, I’ve no interest in looking for her. She wouldn’t have to hide and pull tricks on me if she’s truly confident in defeating me.” 

Apollo furrowed his brows, “What are you guys talking about? Why don’t we understand?”

“It’s nothing, you guys don’t need to understand.” Athena glanced at them before waving her hands. With that, the floating Aegis disappeared with a silver flash.

Poseidon stepped up and asked, “The cauldron summoned by Hades and the beast, what are they? Why haven’t we seen them before?”

“It doesn’t matter what their identity is but I’m sure it must be difficult to deal with since Athena had to use an artifact to stop it.” Ares said.

Athena didn’t answer him. Instead, she descended from the sky while facing the six Giants.

“Athena…you wicked woman, how dare you take advantage of us? If you truly have the guts, fight us when we have recovered!!” Briareus roared.

“You guys are half dead, how would you recover?” Athena said in disdain.

“We have not lost!! Come at us!!”

Brontes was furious. He tried to pick up the giant hammer but the huge loss of Titan’s Blood from his body made it impossible for him to do so!

The Giants were devastated. They couldn’t believe that they were defeated by the new Pluto, someone they had looked down on the most. 

Athen sneered and she extended her arm to reveal a brown ball of light on her palm.

“Gaia’s Heart?!”

Everyone else was startled. Fear appeared on the Giants when they remembered something! 

“No…no, it can’t be…why do you have the Gaia’s Heart?!” Brontes gasped and he moved backward instinctively.

The Gods looked at Athena with a complex gaze.

Athena manoeuvred the Gaia’s Heart towards the Giants and as if it had smelled a tempting scent, the Gaia’s Heart moved even quicker.

Gyges shrieks in pain the moment Gaia’s Heart touched him!


No matter how painstakingly his screams sounded, his fate was decided!

Brown mist surrounded Gaia's Heart which soon covered Gyges’ body!

Within the next second, light-spots were formed on Gyges’ body with a mixture of red lines. It looks as if a firework had been absorbed by Gaia’s Heart! 

The Giant was engulfed by a split second!

But Gaia’s Heart wasn’t done just yet. After engulfing one of the Giants, it charged towards the rest of the Giants!

The remaining Giants shrieked but they couldn’t escape from the mist!

Soon, they all turned into light-spots and red lights before being absorbed into Gaia’s Heart!

Once the Giants disappeared, the colosseum looked as though they had never appeared at all.

The giant hammers too disintegrated along with the Giants as if they were making a tribute to their masters.

The Gods turned pale at her action whereas Christine and Alice wore a mournful look.

Poseidon let out a long breath and he asked with a hoarse voice, “Athena, you’ve been waiting for this moment to come so that you could use their Titan’s Blood to recover the vitality of Gaia’s Heart.”

Athena took back Gaia’s Heart and turned around to face them. She asked with an apathetic attitude, “Why can’t I do this? Unless you want me to use one of you to activate Gaia’s Heart?”