The Gods had different expressions on their faces when they heard this.

Poseidon furrowed his brows, “I didn’t mean that, but if you knew this would happen, why did you show up late?”

“I don’t need to explain my actions to anyone.” 

“Hah, you’re annoyingly arrogant.” Alice rolled her eyes.

The rest were frowning at Athena’s attitude.

“This is over and the revival of Gaia’s Heart has just begun. I’ll leave first if you have nothing else to say.” 

Athena ignored their mocking words and she turned around to leave, showing no intention to continue the conversation. 

“Stand right there!”

Rose blocked her way with red and teary eyes.

“What do you want?” Athena asked coldly.

Rose tightened her jaw and took a deep breath before sneering, “Do you think that you’re so powerful and that we should thank you for saving us?”

“What are you trying to say?” Athena furrowed her brows.

“I’m trying to say that if you really knew this would happen today, you would also know that these people would die."

“I have no time for such nonsense.” Athena sounded impatient.

Rose chuckled, “Nonsense, yeah, they are all dead so it’s all nonsense. I heard from hubby that you’ve been meaning to revive your race and you’ve been working on this for thousands of years. Even though I’ve never met you, I once thought that you’re an impressive woman. You’re strong and persevering, a woman with a strong belief…but now I realised that I was completely wrong. The woman I see is someone who would manipulate someone to achieve her goals. She is a selfish hypocrite who ignores the lives of others for her own goals!”

Everyone else was shocked and they stared at Rose in shock.

No one dared to believe what they had heard from Rose.

A strong oppression was released by Athena. It felt as if a nuclear bomb would explode from her soon.

Rose was fearless, “Maybe you think that humans are of a different race so their lives are insignificant, but haven’t you thought about the body you’re living in? It’s a human’s body too! Who gave you the right to look down on humans when you’re relying on a human’s body to stay alive?! Yang Chen has only lived for twenty plus years, he doesn’t know what you guys have gone through for the past thousands of years but he treats you guys as his peers because of his divinity. He had the chance to leave, he wasn’t afraid of the sealed space but he still gave his best and fought till the last moment! Even if he got into trouble and almost made a mistake, he never forsaken you guys! But what about you? You know that your people are in danger but you still choose to come at the last moment, acting like their saviour. Who are you to act like that?!”

Athena closed her eyes and dismissed her oppression.

“The future can’t be changed, those who are meant to die will still die and those who are meant to stay alive will be alive. I don’t need to explain my actions to anyone else. I won’t kill you for the sake of Hades but you shouldn’t show up in front of me anymore.” 

Having said so, Athena brushed past Rose…

Rose turned around abruptly and yelled at her, “Do you think you can be God just by acting apathetic and cold?! No matter how invincible you are, you’ll forever be a human!! You’re a witch!!”

Athena didn’t stay any longer, her body disappearing within the clouds by the next second.

After yelling her thoughts out, tears flowed down Rose’s cheek. Her shoulders were trembling as she sobbed while walking back to Cai Ning’s side. Yang Chen still wasn’t waking up so she just stared at him with a dazed expression.

The Gods looked at her in surprise, she might have said their inner thoughts too.

They had been so used to it that hearing it from Rose did make them realise how inconsiderate Athena was.

Christine walked to Rose and hugged her shoulder, “Don’t cry, Hades will be fine. Athena has always been like this, no one can do anything about her.”

Rose wiped her tears and forced a smile, “Mmh, I know that.”

“Let’s go down and look for survivors on the island first. We can think about a way to wake hubby up when we’re done.” Cai Ning suggested and everyone else agreed to it.

This incident had finally reached an end, although it wasn’t the kind of ending they were expecting.

After searching for a while, Rose and Cai Ning were relieved to know that Ron, Sauron and others were unaffected by the spell since they weren’t near the colosseum.

However, it was unfortunate that the five mercenaries of the Sea Eagles had died in the battle. Their corpses were nowhere to be found.

As for the officials, they too survived as they weren’t let into the danger zone on purpose. Thankfully, this would prevent international conflicts from occurring. 

Prince admitted that he had sinned by listening to the Giants and working for them because he wanted to seek revenge on Yang Chen.

As a matter of fact, Prince did try to refuse them when he learned that he was supposed to cast the spell on the mercenaries but the Giants captured his fiancée, Emma, to threaten him.

In the end, he still carried out the Giants’ orders, hoping for a fluke to occur. To his dismay, Prince had caused a disaster and a death sentence was insufficient to solve this problem.  

They decided to hand Prince over to the officials of the Caesar Tournament so a trial at the court martial was unavoidable. 

Yang Chen remained unconscious and under Ron’s suggestion, Rose and Cai Ning decided to send Yang Chen to the United Kingdom.

Back in Wales, Jane was helping her mother to choose a gown for the festival and she never expected Rose and Cai Ning to carry Yang Chen in!

Her expression was solemn when she heard about the incident of the Caesar Tournament. Having known the severity of Yang Chen’s past condition, Jane ordered the ladies to bring Yang Chen to the nearest laboratory. 

Jane had invented all kinds of medical equipment to treat Yang Chen’s weird brain condition and she thought it wouldn’t be used since Yang Chen’s cultivation was growing. She never expected them to be used.

The three of them accompanied Yang Chen and took care of him for days but he still showed no sign of waking up.

At the same time, the only visible light was seen at the centre of an area of voidness. Two identical silhouettes had been staring at each other for a long time.

“Who are you?” Yang Chen muttered while looking at the man who looked like a replica of him.

“I am you…” The other Yang Chen smirked.

“You’re not me but you have a familiar aura.” Yang Chen narrowed his eyes.

“Haha, I’m very familiar with your aura too.”

“Why do you look the same as me? Why am I here?” Yang Chen remembered that he lost control over his body after gaining a large amount of new energy. His mind was blank. What happened at the colosseum? What about Rose and Cai Ning, are they safe?

The other Yang Chen smirked, “Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it for you.”

“You…you were the one who helped me?” Yang Chen was puzzled.

“No, I helped myself.” The man said, “You are me and I am you.”

“No!!” Yang Chen was reminded of something suddenly, “You said you took care of it for me, are you Chaos?”

Chaos threw his head back and guffawed, “You finally get it. How was it, kid? Do you like the sweet energy that I’ve given to you?”

Yang Chen’s face was solemn, “Why did you bring me here? You have consciousness?”

Chaos snorted, “A cauldron seal can’t keep me sealed forever. Those hypocritical Gods only know how to plot against me. So what if they destroyed my body?! I was born in the power of Chaos, thus I am immortal. It takes time for me to get out but it would just pass in a blink of an eye!”