Yang Chen was startled at first but he chuckled immediately as if he had heard an interesting joke.

“What are you laughing at?” Chaos furrowed his brows, feeling displeased at his attitude.

“I’m laughing at you. You have lived for so long but why do you still like to do self-comfort?” Yang Chen shook his head.

“Nonsense! I have never done that, I was just stating the fact!”

Yang Chen retorted, “If you’re truly as strong as you claim to be, why are you still being sealed in the cauldron after so many years? Also, if you’re truly strong, you would’ve been invincible, so the fact that you were sealed meant that you’re not strong enough.”

Chaos was furious, “Do you know that you would’ve been torn into shreds by the Giants if it wasn’t for me!”

Yang Chen didn’t give in, raising his chin at Chaos, “Don’t forget that you’re just a spirit in my artefact. I’m your master and you should work for me!”

“You brat…how dare you…how dare you…” Chaos turned red from anger.

Yang Chen waved his hand out of annoyance, “Why did you choose to use my face to talk to me? You’re ruining my handsome face, what’s with that expression…”

Chaos was so pissed that he pointed at Yang Chen and was stumped for words.

Yang Chen smirked, “Although I don’t know where I am, I’m sure that I’m still unconscious. You must have something to tell me since you’re not letting my divine sense recover. If I guessed correctly, you have a request for me. It wouldn’t work if you act like this and threaten me. I've been immune to fear since I was young. Fear is non-existent in my dictionary.”

Chaos suppressed his anger and grunted, “You’re right but it’s not a request. I’m giving you a chance.”

“A chance?”

“A chance for you to be unruly in the world, a chance to break through the void and be truly invincible!”

Yang Chen snorted, “How can you help me with that when you’re not invincible?”

“You can be invincible! Because the cultivation technique that you own, it’s the best scripture in the world! I don’t know who created that technique but it’s better than the top techniques in the Great Ancient era! I wouldn’t have helped you so many times if it wasn’t for your cultivation technique. However, the spiritual aura in this world is too thin compared to the Great Ancient aura. It’s extremely tough to reach the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning stage let alone pass it! If you’re willing to hand your body to me and I’ll engulf all the energy sources in the world with my immortal soul. With this, I’m sure your cultivation will reach immense growth within a short time! By that time, it’d be a piece of cake to pass the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation and even the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation. You’ll be part of Heaven and be able to integrate with the Dao.”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, “Your way of growing cultivation, is it to engulf powerful humans?”

Chaos answered without a doubt, “The weak ones are the prey of the strong ones, that’s how the world works!” 

“Scram!” Yang Chen spat, “I might not be a good person but I wouldn't eat people for my cultivation! No wonder a beast like you was sealed, you deserved it!”

“How dare you berate me?!” Chaos roared.

“So what if I did?! I’d rather be unconscious for the rest of life than to hand my body over to you! You’re just my servant, it’s hilarious that you’re dreaming of taking over my body!”

Chaos chuckled from anger, “Fine! If that's the case, I won’t rush things. You’ll reach a slump soon, and If you truly have the guts, you can choose to not ask for my help, but once my cultivation has recovered, you wouldn’t be able to make your own decision…”

“Heh, you still dared to threaten me. I haven’t thanked you for telling me that I can use you to face the Nine Heavenly Lightning. My cultivation would also grow by that time so we won’t know who will be the last one standing.” Yang Chen said arrogantly. 

Chaos smirked and said nothing else, his silhouette disappearing from the void slowly…

It was past midnight in London and Yang Chen had been lying down for three days straight in Jane’s laboratory.

Jane was still clueless after checking Yang Chen’s condition in Wales, so she had to ask Rose and Cai Ning to follow her to London where there was more equipment present to run more tests.

When Jane realised that Yang Chen’s brain condition had worsened and became even more complicated, her confidence was challenged.

This odd disease had a ghost-like existence in Yang Chen's brain, unable to be comprehended.

Cai Ning and Rose could stay up for days since they had cultivation but Jane looked exhausted since she had to think about Yang Chen’s condition while keeping her personal feelings from interfering with her work.

She held onto her chin with a frown while looking at the monitors which displayed statistical information.

Yang Chen was lying on the operating table beside her, his chest moving up and done peacefully.

During that time, someone patted Jane’s shoulder. Jane turned around and saw Rose smiling at her.

“Take a rest, you have dark eye circles. Hubby’s body is fine, so he should be alright.” Rose comforted her.

Jane shook her head while sighing. She forced a smile, “I can’t sleep, his condition worsens each time it occurs. I’ve never seen this happen to him before. I’m too worried to sleep.”

Rose was reminded of the time Yang Chen started a massacre for her. She could remember the image of Yang Chen passing out vividly and it frightened her each time she thought about it. Even though her love for him grew deeper, her worry for him deepened too.

“How long has he had this condition?” Rose couldn’t help but ask.

“At least ten years, he was used as a test subject as the first generation of ZERO. He survived by cultivating with Chinese cultivation technique but it still affected his body,” Jane sounded sentimental, “I studied medicine to cure him but…I still can’t do it.”

Rose pursed her lips and asked, “Then…do you think he will wake up? Will he be in danger in the future?” 

Jane shook her head helplessly, “I have no idea. Science can’t explain this but I know that if this doesn’t get treated, each relapse will be harder to recover and he would onlysuffer…it would be better to die.”

It felt as if someone took the air out of their lungs.

They were silent for some time until Cai Ning walked in, “Don’t be so pessimistic. We can’t change anything so we can only believe him.”

Rose and Jane nodded silently. She was right.

“Ah…that was a good sleep…”

A surprising voice was heard from the operating table.

The three of them looked towards the operating table and tears welled up in their eyes when they saw Yang Chen sitting up.

“Hehe,” Yang Chen stretched and laughed self-deprecatingly, “It seems like I woke up a bit too late. As expected of Ning’er to be sensible. You guys should believe in me, I can’t bear to leave you guys behind.


Rose rushed over and punched his chest, “Why didn’t you wake up earlier? Don’t you know we have been worried sick?!”

Yang Chen rubbed his head against her chest. It was soft and comfortable, “I’m sorry, I’ll wake up earlier next time.”

“Next time?!”

“Oh…no, no more next time.” Yang Chen smiled sheepishly but he felt guilty.

Even though he acted tough when confronting Chaos, he wasn’t confident that he could control Chaos since he wouldn’t know anything about the future battles.

He might need to use the Chaos Cauldron if he was at his wits’ end, and with that, Chaos would surely be able to recover. Yang Chen would be forced to let him recover because he needed to take down his enemies…

However, Yang Chen didn’t plan on telling them since he didn’t want them to worry about him. They would have prohibited him from using the Chaos Cauldron.

Most importantly, Yang Chen was hoping to find a safe artefact to replace the Chaos Cauldron but low-grade artefacts weren’t as strong as the Heavenly Fire and Water and high-grade artefacts were hard to come by.