Yang Chen didn’t want to ruin the mood seeing how upset the ladies looked. He wanted to go with the flow and enjoy the present.

Yang Chen first hugged and kissed each one of them to comfort them. After doing so, he sighed in relief and thought it wasn’t easy to be a ‘patient’.

When Jane asked if anything special happened while he was unconscious, he lied and said that he couldn’t remember anything.

Jane explained the data to him and only then he realised that the relapse was worse than before. It seemed like the Chaos Cauldron could actually kill him.

“Jane, is there a new method to cure my condition?” Yang Chen was hoping to keep his condition under control.

Jane shook her head helplessly, “I think it’d be impossible. I’m not familiar with the Chinese cultivation techniques so I can’t comprehend what has gone wrong in your body.”

Yang Chen slapped his forehead in realisation, “I almost forgot that I didn’t get to teach you last time. I’ll teach you the cultivation technique invented by me. Even though I can’t keep guiding you, I’m sure you’ll do fine since you’re talented and you’re familiar with the language. If you have any questions, you can ask Cai Ning and Rose, they are both staying in the Forgotten Realms.” 

“Can you really teach me? I thought Chinese people care about the secrecy of their cultivation technique?” Jane was surprised. She initially thought that Yang Chen wasn’t intending to teach her since she’s Caucasian and they had just gotten together.

“I’m not that kind of person. I can’t bear to see you grow old. Don’t feel too burdened, I’m just hoping that my women can live long and stay pretty.” Yang Chen said.

Cai Ning and Rose were puzzled. Rose sounded sour as she said to Yang Chen, “Hubby…when did you get together with Jane? Is it when you saved Jane…”

Jane was open about it, “Yeah, I even pretended to be half-dead or else he wouldn’t have confessed to me!”

Rose and Cai Ning were dumbfounded. They never expected such a gracious woman to be so scheming.

Yang Chen didn’t want to be reminded of his embarrassing moment so he changed the topic and started to teach Jane about his cultivation technique.

Jane had a photographic memory, allowing her to memorise it quickly. Even though she had no foundation in cultivation, it wasn’t hard for her to understand. 

Yang Chen remembered to take out the medicinal pills to help speed up her cultivation. He also took out the Dragon Sky Pill for her. Even though they were extremely precious to the eyes of cultivators in Hongmeng, Yang Chen gave it to Jane generously.

Jane’s eyes sparkled at the thought of being young forever. A chance no woman could resist.

More importantly, if she could learn more about cultivation, she might be able to treat Yang Chen. 

Now that most of the things were settled, Yang Chen remembered that he had to return to Zhonghai so that he could go back to Beijing for Chinese New Year with Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan. He wondered if he could still make it.

“Uh…Ning’er how long have I been unconscious for?”

“Almost four days.” Cai Ning sounded dejected.

Yang Chen counted with his fingers, it was time for him to go back. He slapped his thighs and told them, “I need to go back to China. I still need to bring Ruoxi and Lanlan to Beijing. Rose, Ning’er, you two can go back to the Forgotten Realms. I’ll visit some other time and you can come back to Zhonghai if you want. I doubt Hongmeng can catch you as long as you’re careful.”

The ladies understood his situation and even if they were reluctant to let him go, they didn’t force him to stay. 

Yang Chen was about to leave when he remembered something. While scratching his head, he smiled sheepishly at them, “Remember not to tell anyone about my relapse and that I was unconscious for three days, especially to Ruoxi and the others. If anyone asked what happened on that day, tell them I was injured but I’ve recovered so they wouldn’t worry about me.”

Rose sniffed, “Why would you care about this when you have a timed bomb in your head?!”

“Be good and keep this a secret for me.” Yang Chen said sternly.

Rose pouted and agreed reluctantly.

Cai Ning and Jane seemed disheartened but they still nodded at him.

Only then Yang Chen chuckled and disappeared from the laboratory.

Even though he had just woken up, his cultivation didn’t fall. Instead, it grew from the energy absorbed by the Chaos Cauldron. In a way, Yang Chen had benefited from it.

He would be lying if he said he didn’t feel anything about killing thousands of people but even if he was under Chaos’ control, those people still died because of him.

However, it wouldn’t affect him for long since he had taken so many lives the past decade.

The death of those people granted him stronger cultivation. Nothing could be done to change this and Yang Chen could only hope that such a tragedy would never happen again.

It only took a few seconds for Yang Chen to return to Zhonghai. Since it was already January, the weather in Zhonghai was chilly, especially in the morning. 

Yang Chen landed on the balcony and pushed the glass door open to get to Lin Ruoxi’s room.

He could tell that Lin Ruoxi was with Lanlan in the room and he wondered what they were doing when it was almost lunchtime.

Yang Chen concealed his aura on purpose to give them a surprise.

The moment he reached the door, he heard Lanlan’s voice. 

“Silly mommy, don’t cheat!”

“Who…who cheated? It slipped out of my hand so I misplaced it!”

“Hmph, you’ve misplaced it seven times! I don’t believe in you! You’re lying!”

“Mommy was thinking about something so it happened by accident.


“Why would mommy lie?!”

“You’re a liar! You said you didn’t miss daddy yesterday!”

“I don’t miss him! Don’t mention him, quick, mommy put it here. It’s your turn!”

“You already lost! I don’t care! I don’t want to play anymore!! I want to see the elephants!! Elephants!!”

Lanlan started bawling.

“You…you naughty child! Didn’t we agree that I’ll bring you there once you win?!”

“You’ve already lost five times! You’re a liar!”

Yang Chen was dumbfounded by the door. He had no clue what was going on so he just pushed open the door without any hesitation.

Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan were startled to see him.

They were both wearing white silk nightgowns which was obviously a set bought by Lin Ruoxi. There were Spongebob patterns printed on it.

As of now, Lin Ruoxi was sitting cross-legged on the bed with messy hair. Lanlan was crying and throwing a tantrum beside her.

Between them was a cartoon pink coloured five-in-a-row. It was a magnetic one meant for playing it on the bed.

Yang Chen finally understood their conversation…

She was gambling with her daughter and the prize was to visit the zoo?!

She wasn’t even admitting defeat too!

Yang Chen found it hilarious. He stood by the door and shook his head, not knowing what to say.

A tinge of surprise appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes but she quickly realised something was wrong. Her face reddened as she looked at the gaming board and her pyjamas.

That was so embarrassing, why did he have to come back at this time?!

Lanlan wiped her tears and jumped into Yang Chen’s arms.

Her chubby body was still soft and dense as ever. They hadn’t met for a week and he could feel that Lanlan had grown up slightly.

“Daddy, mommy is cheating! She wouldn’t admit defeat and she wouldn’t bring me to the zoo to see the elephants…”

Yang Chen rocked her in his arms and patted her back. He sighed and told Lin Ruoxi, “Just bring her to the zoo if she wants to see the elephants, why would you gamble with her? It’s fine if you gamble but you lost to her and you won’t even admit defeat. Aren’t you setting a bad example for her? You’re the one who always calls me out for being improper, tsk tsk…”