Lin Ruoxi pondered with furrowed brows and muttered, “There can’t be so many theories behind it, can a kid come up with all these?”

“Of course she isn’t thinking about this. If you force yourself to think about it, it’ll only bring the opposite effect. It’s all superficial and only she can comprehend it.” Yang Chen replied.

Lin Ruoxi could tell that he had an underlying meaning, “Hubby, are you…planning to teach Lanlan about cultivation?”

Yang Chen was startled but he smiled immediately, “You got me.”

“But didn’t you say you will let her cultivate when she’s older?” Lin Ruoxi was puzzled.

Yang Chen thought to himself. In the past, he would’ve been able to wait for Lanlan to grow up first but now that his brain condition has relapsed, he had to teach Lanlan as soon as possible.

Also, Lanlan seemed talented so if she started cultivating at an earlier age, it might come into use in the future.

However, Yang Chen wouldn’t tell Lin Ruoxi this, “Lanlan’s talent is pretty good so it’s fine to teach her at an earlier age. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to cultivate with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, it all depends on their talent and comprehension. It’s beneficial to cultivate at an earlier age too, at least Lanlan will be able to protect herself.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded in agreement. For the sake of her child’s safety, it’d be better for her to become stronger.

Yang Chen smiled at Lanlan and told her, “Lanlan, from today onwards, daddy will teach you how to cultivate. Haven’t you been asking how daddy managed to fly? You can also fly if you do according to what I say.”

Lanlan’s eyes were sparkling, “Really? Daddy, quick, teach me!”

“Hold on, you have to promise daddy that you’ll never mention about your cultivation, don’t tell anyone about the cultivation technique daddy taught you, especially to strangers. Do you understand?” Yang Chen said sternly.

Lanlan asked softly, “I can’t tell mommy too?”

Yang Chen was taken aback and he wasn’t sure how to tell her until Lin Ruoxi interjected, “Don’t tell me! Mommy won’t ask you and you shouldn’t tell mommy either, don’t tell anyone!”

Yang Chen smiled at Lin Ruoxi sheepishly which gained an understanding nod from her. 

Even though Lanlan was lost, she nodded since her parents looked so serious.

After giving a heads up to Lanlan, Lin Ruoxi left the room to Yang Chen and Lanlan.

Yang Chen didn’t think that he should hide the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture from Lin Ruoxi since she was her wife but he was worried that it would affect her cultivation and that someone would take advance of her.

Yang Chen didn’t want to see her woman being hunted down for the scripture.

After calming himself down, Yang Chen started to teach Lanlan the cultivation technique he had been practising for years.

It seemed as if fate had brought them together. Even though Lanlan was adopted, she was talented.

Just by looking at her talent, Lanlan was stronger and smarter than Yang Chen. When he was at her age, he would never defeat someone like Lin Ruoxi in mind games.

To Yang Chen’s relief, although Lanlan was playful and gluttonous, she was smart and was able to memorise things quickly. Yang Chen only had to recite it one time and Lanlan was able to memorise most of the scriptures.

By the second time, Lanlan was already able to recite it by memory.

“Lanlan, remember what I told you. Don’t rush things, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture relies on comprehension, not continuous practice. No matter how you comprehended the scripture, don’t bother thinking about what is right and what is wrong. Don’t think about success and failure, just cultivate as you see fit.”

Even if Lanlan was smarter than her peers, she was still a child, “Then if I don’t understand something, can I ask you?”

“No, because I can’t answer it too. Everyone thinks differently but remember, don’t give up because you think it’s too difficult. Always believe that as long as you're still alive, you are the only one who can win against yourself.”

When Yang Chen cupped her face and told her this with bright eyes, Lanlan blinked back at him without saying a word. She remained quiet the whole time as if she was deep in thoughts.

One hour passed and when Yang Chen walked out of the room, Lin Ruoxi had already changed into a purple dress.

She was leaning on the rail and when she noticed Yang Chen, she couldn’t help but ask, “How did it go?”

It felt as though she was sending her child off to an exam and she knew that any children living in a family like theirs would face all kinds of incidents, so having strong cultivation would decide their fate.

Yang Chen smirked, “Dear, how am I supposed to answer your question? What do you mean by that?”

“I’m asking if she understood it. Did she find it hard?” Lin Ruoxi was anxious.

Yang Chen pursed his lips and took a deep breath before answering her, “I don’t know how much has she comprehended but she has memorised all of it. I wasn’t as smart as her when I was her age but I was able to reach the seventh level in less than ten years and after some encounters, I was able to breakthrough to the Soul Forming stage. With the medicinal pills that I’ll be providing to her, it shouldn’t be hard to reach the seventh level as long as her talent is decent. As for the eighth and ninth levels, it all depends on her.”

“Can’t you share your experience with her? What were your encounters? Tell her about it.” Lin Ruoxi suggested.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “My encounters…one of them was the death of my beloved and the other one was when I died once. Are you asking me to teach her these?”

Lin Ruoxi was startled and her face fell, “Are you talking about Shi Qi?” 

Yang Chen quickly smiled at her when he realised he had misspoken, “Don’t overthink it, I didn’t know you at that time. Everyone has a past, right?”

Lin Ruoxi gave him a side-eye, “I didn’t say anything, why are you explaining yourself?” 

“Haha, that’s true,” Yang Chen quickly changed the topic, “I told Lanlan, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture has nine levels, thoughtless, selflessness, fate, end of the road, no questions, darkness, celestial, life and death and rebirth. Each subsequent level gets exponentially harder. Fate is the first hurdle and darkness is the second hurdle. Whenever she overcomes one hurdle, I’ll fulfil her wish and whenever she advances into the next level, I’ll bring her out for good food. I’m not expecting her to reach ‘celestial’ within a few years but I hope she’ll be able to persevere.”

Lin Ruoxi’s brows were tightly knitted from the complexity, “The name of the levels sound weird, you’re troubling Lanlan.”

“It’s normal, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture tests talent above everything else, I hope I didn’t make an error in judgement. If Lanlan is able to pass on the scripture, I won’t feel like I’ve let down uncle for passing the scripture to me. At least the scripture didn’t end with me…”

“You’re talking as if you’re dying, it’s not like you won’t be able to teach anymore.” Lin Ruoxi wasn’t pleased. 

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly, sighing internally. He almost exposed himself.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to bother Lanlan so after having lunch downstairs, they started to prepare for tomorrow’s trip.

Wang Ma brought some red packets for Lin Ruoxi, telling her that she should put in money and give them out to children or the elders when they were out visiting their relatives.

Yang Chen was amused by the idea. He thought he would never give out red packets to his relatives even though Lin Ruoxi was the one packing the red packets.

“It’s great that you didn’t come home too late or else we would’ve missed the red egg and ginger party in the Li clan?” Lin Ruoxi said while packing her things.

Yang Chen was astonished, “What party?”

Lin Ruoxi gave him a side-eye, “Tang Xin’s son is almost one month old. You weren’t around when Li Dun called.”