Yang Chen thought about it and he realised that it had been a while since Tang Xin was pregnant. 

Even though the child was born in the Li clan, he was still Yan Buwen’s son.

Yan Buwen was one of the opponents acknowledged by Yang Chen. He had a miserable death because he chose Yang Chen as his opponent or else he could have been a genius, he would’ve been a comparable opponent for Jane. 

Yang Chen was impressed by Li Dun. He was truly big-hearted as he was able to accept his lover’s child who was unrelated to him.

Yang Chen could never do the same thing.

Lanlan finally came downstairs during night time while covering her tummy.

Yang Chen picked her up and complimented her, “Not bad, you pondered in the room for so long. Good girl.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at her daughter with a look of approval since it was rare of Lanlan to be so focused on something dull.

Lanlan blinked. She blushed as she muttered, “Lanlan thought about it for a while and I was stuck. I got sleepy so I fell asleep and now I’m hungry…” 

Yang Chen suddenly felt that it would be a long journey to educate his child.

The three of them left for Beijing the next day and they arrived in the morning. 

Yuan Ye came to pick them up and ever since he became involved with his family business, Yuan Ye had matured. He was no longer the youngster who dreamed of fighting demonic beasts.

Yuan Ye who had come home with his parents was also seizing for the chance to prove himself to his grandfather.

As Yang Chen’s cousin, Yuan Ye technically had a similar position with Yang Chen in the family tree. However, as the surname of Yuan Ye wasn’t Yang, he had to work hard to gain the support of the Yang clan.

“Brother Yang Chen, there’s a month left to Chinese New Year, we finally have so much time to gather together.” Yuan Ye said excitedly while driving.

Yang Chen couldn’t agree with his excitement. Even the thought of being visited and visiting others stressed him out.

“Everything is fine at home right?” Yang Chen asked casually.

Yuan Ye nodded, “I guess, but aunt and uncle aren’t in a good mood. I think it’s because they’ve been quarrelling about Brother Yang Lie. Grandfather was angered too.”

“Yang Lie?” Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “What’s up with him?”

Yuan Ye sighed, “He came back recently and he’s working in the army. Everything was good at first but he kept mingling with the rich youngsters in Beijing and they always go out drinking. Even though it doesn’t affect his work, uncle wasn’t pleased with him. He said Brother Yang Lie was being too unrestrained, I think that’s what he meant. But aunt thinks those youngsters were the one who invited Brother Yang Lie to bars and nightclubs and that it’s fine for him to go out for fun. She says he’s just socialising and they shouldn’t restrict him as long as he isn’t causing trouble. That’s how the conflict happened.”

Lin Ruoxi glanced over at Yang Chen, “Looks like you two are really related, you’re both lascivious.”

Yang Chen wasn’t pleased to hear that but he couldn’t rebut either. He did visit those places frequently before.

Their journey back home took forty minutes because of the heavy traffic.

Lanlan was excited to be back. The moment she got out of the car, she ran into the mansion while yelling for her great-grandfather.

Everyone else was waiting for them in the lobby.

Yang Gongming put his teacup down when he saw Lanlan running towards him. With a gentle smile, he picked up his great-granddaughter.

“Lanlan, do you miss great-grandfather?” Yang Gongming asked.

“Yes,” Lanlan nodded hard, “Lanlan wants to eat roast duck…”

Yang Gongming chuckled at her response. He touched her chubby cheeks, thinking that she was truly a bundle of joy.

Everyone else laughed at Lanlan’s words and even the workers were stifling their peals of laughter.

Guo Xuehua missed her too and she walked forward to grasp Lanlan’s hand, “All you think about is food. Don’t worry, granny already prepared three roast ducks for you.”

Lanlan licked her lips and smacked them out of excitement.

Everyone greeted Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi passionately when they entered the lobby. Having been apart from Yang Chen for some time, Guo Xuehua kept looking at him and touching him as if she was afraid that he wouldn’t eat well without her. Her overflowing maternal love made her forget about the fact that Yang Chen was a cultivator.

Yang Pojun was the calmest, nodding at them casually as a greeting. However, he still changed a lot compared to his past cold attitude. His gaze softened when he saw Lanlan. 

Yang Gongming put down Lanlan and patted Yang Chen’s shoulders, “You guys came back in time. The Li clan is holding a red egg and ginger party tomorrow. You two can go on our behalf.”

“Just the two of us? You guys aren’t going? Isn’t that too few?” Yang Chen was startled.

Yang Gongming sounded sure, “The number of people doesn’t matter, what matters is the person’s status. Even if another clan brought everyone over, they’d still be nothing compared to you.”

“I like that, how rare of you to compliment me.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Lin Ruoxi felt awkward around Guo Xuehua since Guo Xuehua returned to Beijing because of the conflict between them. Even if they had reconciled over the phone, it was different from talking face to face.

“Ruoxi, I heard that you quit as the president?” Guo Xuehua initiated the conversation.

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile, “Yes.”

“That’s nice, women should be focused on taking care of the family. Children grow up really quickly, you wouldn’t want to miss any part of their growth. It isn’t easy to be a full-time housewife.” Guo Xuehua complimented her. She wasn’t hoping to have a workaholic daughter-in-law.

Yang Jieyu butt in, “Sis, Rouxi isn’t a full-time housewife, she’s still the director of Yu Lei. Xue Ming is basically working for her, so she gets to make the major decisions.” 

“That’s good too. She should keep hold of her belongings. After all, it’s a multinational company founded by her grandmother, she can’t just sell it! Am I right?” Guo Xuehua sounded understanding. 

Lin Ruoxi felt relieved when her mother-in-law seemed to have let down the past grudges, “Our company has already established a stable working system which is why I can pass the position to President Xue. He has experience working in the States and Hong Kong and he’s aided by my ex-assistant so he would be fine.”

Yuan Hewei joked with her, “Rouxi, it’s a waste for you to quit the corporate world. If you feel bored, you can come and work as the vice president of our company. Come help us bring up the profit."

“Stop it, you won’t be able to afford her salary.” Yang Jieyu chided.

Lin Ruoxi flushed in embarrassment when the others laughed.

Yang Gongming spoke up when it was almost time for lunch, “Xuehua, is lunch ready? I don’t want to starve Lanlan.”

Guo Xuehua answered him with a respectful tone, “Father, lunch is ready but…Lie’er said he’ll be home for lunch and he’s not here yet.”

“Hmph, I bet he’s drunk on some woman’s bed.” Yang Pojun snorted.

“Why would you say that? You didn’t see it so don’t make assumptions from rumours.” Guo Xuehua grunted.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi exchanged glances, they weren’t expecting to witness the argument so soon.

Right at this moment, Yang Chen heard car sounds from outside. He checked it with his divine sense and with furrowed brows, he turned to the front door, “We don’t need to wait for him anymore, he’s home.”

Soon, Yang Lie came walking in dressed in his military uniform. His hair was dishevelled and he was yawning while walking into the hall with heavy steps.

Yang Chen could tell that his cultivation didn’t grow but for some reason, something felt odd about him, but he couldn’t pinpoint it. It was as if something was blocking his divine sense.

Yang Lie grinned and greeted them passionately with wide opened arms, “Brother, sister-in-law, welcome home!”