Seeing Guo Yue trying to please and compensate them, be it genuine or not, he still shouldn’t be too rigid. 

They were about to finish lunch when Yang Chen nodded in agreement.

After some time, Yang Gongming brought Lanlan to the inner courtyard for a nap. Lanlan had a satisfying meal and felt drowsy, so she followed.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t expect her own daughter to be favored by Yang Gongming so much. On the other hand, Lanlan used to be someone who needs to be supervised for her to sleep, but now she loves sleeping a lot. Has she changed into her polar opposite? 

The husband and wife followed Yang Lie and the rest went to the outdoor parking lot to take a look at Guo Yue’s gift.

When they reached the spot, Yuan Ye who followed behind let out a ‘Wow!’. 

It was a fiery red Ferrari sports car, single-row two-seater, convertible duo doors with extremely smooth linings. 

“Which model of Ferrari is this? I haven’t seen it before, it’s beautiful.” Yuan Ye was also a person who loved cars and couldn’t help but ask with bright eyes.

“Special commemorative limited edition of Ferrari 599, SAAPERTA.”

Before Guo Yue’s introduction, Yang Chen blurted it out.

Guo Yue was slightly surprised. He got stunned for a moment and said, “As expected, cousin Yang Chen who has returned from abroad, knowledgeable! I’ve only picked the car up last month and showed it to several of my friends, but only you managed to recognize it from a glance! Expert indeed!”

Yang Chen said in his heart, there’s no need to remember when I’ll never forget what I see.

But seeing Lin Ruoxi being amazed by this car, he knew that the woman liked the appearance and started to gain interest in the gift.

“If I remember correctly, this car is a limited edition, where there are only 80 vehicles worldwide and you wouldn’t be able to get it without great effort and money. You have the means huh, how much did you spend?” Yang Chen asked casually.

Guo Yue said triumphantly, “Not much, around 4 million.”

“4 million?” Yang Chen frowned, “How is that possible? This car is way more expensive than that even in Europe.”

That being said, Yang Lie, Yuan Ye and Guo Yue all showed strange expressions, obviously they all knew something.

A wicked smile appeared in the eyes of Guo Yue, “Cousin, you came back from abroad, there are some methods that you don’t know.”

“Meaning?” Yang Chen then realized that he still had many things that he didn’t understand.

Guo Yue said, "Nowadays, we don’t buy cars directly from the retailers here. Every year, for these big domestic models, we will buy those good cars from abroad. We can get almost anything such as Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin etc. Those cars are basically coming from unofficial channels. We only need to ask a friend at the customs to help us take a look. If you want a car, they will just detain it at the custom itself! Those fools will not dare to ask the customs blatantly, unless they have some sort of relationship with them or else they can’t be going against the entire country for the sake of a few millions right? We somehow have a layer of relationship with these people at customs so that we can spend less to buy these goods, this is much more cost-effective than spending tens of millions on buying a car!"

Listening to Guo Yue talking about the channel for buying the car, Yang Chen was then surprised and realized that he had really entered the ‘rich family’, so money can be saved!

Logically speaking, although the Guo family was also a political family, if Guo Xuehua hadn’t married into the Yang family, they would have been the tail of the second-rate family in Beijing. Now, they were still only in the middle among the rest. 

However, with a kid from the Guo family who could rely on this family relationship to obtain such privilege, it really did mean something. 

Yang Chen didn’t think that Yang Gongming and the elders knew nothing about what these kids were doing underneath. It was just the gloom of human nature which could not be eliminated by eradication.

Many people become cynical because they don’t have the opportunity to sit in such positions. They can’t be so ‘tacky’, otherwise, it might feel worse.

Yang Chen suddenly thought that it might sound better to say that this car was ‘robbed over’. 

“Brother Chen, just accept the gift. Guo Yue doesn’t lack good cars and I think my sister-in-law likes it,” Yuan Ye seemed to be quite used to these things and said with a smile.

Yang Chen turned over to the woman, “Honey, do you like it?”

Lin Ruoxi was honest, “I like it, but it’s still quite expensive even if it's just four million. It’s not that good to receive such an expensive gift the first time we meet.”

“Hey, it’s not a big deal, a luxury car should go with a beauty! Such a beautiful car can only be used by a beauty like my sister-in-law…”

Guo Yue was speaking excitedly only to realize that it sounded inappropriate and stopped with a smile.

Yang Chen frowned, thought for awhile and said, “Let’s do it this way, Ruoxi you can take the car but you will give him another car of the same price.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded and smiled, “Yeah, good idea. I have many new cars that I haven’t driven yet.”

“But...this,” Guo Yue smiled stiffly, aren’t they trying to offset the relationship between us?

“What is it? Are you worried that our family won’t be able to give you a car of equal value?”

Guo Yue immediately shook his head, “Oh cousin, of course not. Our sister-in-law is one of the richest women in China, she is obviously better than a small civil servant like me.”

Yang Chen laughed strangely, “So you also know that you’re a small civil servant.”

Guo Yue’s face turned red and pale simultaneously, it felt as if being insulted right to the core, but he could only smile humbly.

It seemed that his endurace had reached the tip, his expression was very stiff. After passing Lin Ruoxi the car keys, he planned to leave.

As for what Lin Ruoxi said about sending the car to his house, he didn’t care to listen carefully.

But before leaving, he still pretended to be looking forward to it and promised to meet Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi again tomorrow in the Li family’s banquet.

Yuan Hewei who had been quiet for the entire time came up and patted Yang Chen’s shoulder after Guo Yue left, “I know you are against these kinds of bureaucratic children, but you have to adapt to it in the future. After all, there are still many good ones, you can just avoid these kinds.”

Yang Chen shrugged, "I don’t really mind, I just feel a bit ironic. I used to wonder why there were so many gangsters collecting protection fees without any restrictions when I was selling lamb skewers in Zhonghai. It seems that the protection fees paid by the poor are relatively small. The protection fees that the rich people have to pay are really extraordinary."

 "Now I know, we are in business. , How important is it to have a good relationship with the government? To put it bluntly, don't our Yuan family also rely on the Yang family to be stable up until now," Yuan Hewei laughed embarrassingly.

Yang Jieyu pretended to be angry after hearing that, “Oh wow, so you married me just for the sake of your business!”

Yuan Hewei looked embarrassed and quickly confessed his mistake. Yuan Ye who was beside him blushed and felt sad for his father being controlled by his wife in such a way. However, he was also the same....

As for Yang Lie, he had been silent since the start.

Yang Chen noticed that he had a sincere look which was extremely rare.

It was a complicated expression that seemed to have condensed memories, hatred, sadness and anger, with mixed flavours. 

“What are you thinking about?” Yang Chen couldn’t help asking.

Yang Lie turned over and met his eyes without evasiveness.

“I was wondering, if there is really a god in this world?”

“...” A smile appeared at the corner of Yang Chen’s mouth, “What do you think?”

“Aren’t you being referred to as god, my brother?” Yang Lie asked with a strange smile, “Do you think of yourself as god?”

Yang Chen did not answer directly, instead he said, “The way you speak and your expression is not like the Yang Lie I knew before.”

“People become mature and change. Women are fickle but men are more fickle, and they change even more thoroughly.”

“Can I take this as you have changed too much?” Yang Chen stared right into Yang Lie’s eyes, looking forward to seeing any special reactions from the front line.

But the result disappointed Yang Chen. Yang Lie sighed deeply and raised his mouth slightly, "Perhaps I am overthinking. I am just an ordinary human being, even someone like big brother has to conform to this destiny and adapt to this reality. What other thoughts can I have, how can this world be so easy to change, ridiculous... how ridiculous..."

That being said, Yang Lie turned over and went back into the house quietly. A touch of unpleasantness was revealed on his back...