At the backyard of the Yang Residence, in Yang Gongming’s bedroom.

The grandfather and his grandchild planned to take an afternoon nap after a stroll in the courtyard. 

With the elixirs given by Yang Chen, although Yang Gongming did not cultivate, he was still strong despite his age. He managed to carry the chubby girl for half an hour straight without being tired. 

Lanlan was already in a drowsy state before she fell sleepy. Her little head leaned against her grandfather’s while her lips pouted.

“Hey Lanlan, why do you look so sleepy? Didn’t you sleep well yesterday?” Yang Gongming touched his granddaughter’s face with loving eyes. 

Lanlan shook her head, “Nope, daddy has been teaching Lanlan to cultivate and said that I shouldn’t slack off. Lanlan cannot cultivate while eating, so I’ve been thinking about it after eating and now I need to sleep after so much thinking.”

“Oh…” Yang Gongming could briefly guess what kind of practice Yang Chen passed down to his daughter. At such a young age, even if she was born with extraordinary physique, understanding such complicated practices was still very brain-intensive, no wonder she looked more lethargic. 

Yang Gongming didn’t ask much about her practice and walked to the spacious and soft bed and laid down. He let Lanlan lean against him and fell asleep together.

While patting Lanlan’s back, he asked gently, “Lanlan, why didn’t you...let your uncle Yang Lie carry you?”

Lanlan arched her body and muttered, “Lanlan is afraid...uncle looks like a bad guy…”

The child’s voice was barely hearable, indicating that she would be falling asleep soon.

Yang Gongming closed his eyes silently and a secret smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“I see...bad guy… haha, good girl, really good girl… sleep away…”

As if talking to himself, he began to rest quietly while patting the little girl.

After a moment, only the even breathing of the grandfather and his grandchild remained in the bedroom...


Beijing, the Ning Residence.

Two maids of the Ning family were gossiping softly while cleaning the fallen leaves in and out of the flower bed in the backyard. After all, Ning Guangyao’s study was right behind them and the Premier was working inside, so they dare not speak loudly.

“Hey, the young master has been back for so many days already. How is he not working?” A maid asked curiously in a low voice.

The other senior maid sighed and said, “What nonsense, the young master has not been reinstated, how can he go to work?”

“Not reinstated? Why? Isn’t our Ning family’s eldest young master allowed to go to work?”

“Who knows? I heard that the Premier deliberately refused to let him. It seems that someone heard the young master being scolded by the Premier at night. Either way, the Premier isn’t really happy about the young master’s return.”

“This is weird, isn’t it? Young master Guodong is the only seedling of the Ning family, even if the Premier blames him for his disappearance, he shouldn’t neglect him to this extent,” the little maid wondered.

The senior maid said with a gossiping face, “Let me tell you, but what stays here stays here. I heard from bodyguard Old Zhou that the last time the Premier didn’t go to Zhonghai for a meeting, was because he visited his illegitimate daughter… He seemed to be more fond of that daughter of his.”

The little maid’s eyes widened to the max after hearing this and stood there stunned. 

The senior maid said disdainfully, "Look at you, what's wrong with a big family having an illegitimate daughter? The young master of the Li family who was marrying the daughter of the Tang family, even the child in her belly is said to not be biologically related to him! How would ordinary people know how many children our Premier has, and who is born to the main wife of the house? Even the ones who knew, who would dare to say anything knowing the family’s influence? When the time comes, we will really give up  young master Guodong and help the illegitimate daughter. As long as the young lady has the ability, who would dare to disobey the Premier will?"

“No...No…” The little maid pointed forward in fear.

The senior maid turned over and her face turned pale immediately.

Ning Guodong somehow appeared behind them, looking at them with cold eyes.

“Young master...I...I am just…”

Without waiting for the maid’s explanation, he turned away and walked toward Ning Guangyao’s study.

Ning Guangyao straightened his back and was sitting on his office chair, skimming through the documents in his hand, reviewing them with high efficiency.

A man’s magnetic voice came from outside the study.

“Father, I have something to talk to you about.”

Ning Guangyao frowned slightly and put down his work, “Come in.”

After the door was pushed open, Ning Guodong walked in heroically in a suit, steadily and arrogantly.

But such a young man who seemed to be reborn and more confident than before could not let Ning Guangyao stretch his brows.

“What’s the matter, I am very busy,” Ning Guangyao said impatiently.

Ning Guodong said indifferently, “Father, I went to meet a few former colleagues and friends today, only to know that tomorrow is the full moon banquet for the children of the Li family. Since you are busy with official duties, I shall attend on behalf of the Ning family.”


Ning Guangyao slammed the table angrily and reprimanded, “Who allowed you to meet your bastard friends!? How many times have I told you!? You are not allowed to go out without my permission!!”

“Father, what’s the big deal about me meeting a few friends?” Ning Guodong said innocently.

“Hmmph! If those friends of yours ask you where you have been, will you tell them the same excuse you gave me, that you’ve lost your memory!? You are not willing to tell me truthfully what actually happened to you and what you have been doing! How did you recover? Do you think that I am so stupid to be deceived by you!?”

Ning Guodong said sternly, “Father, I didn’t lie to you. Believe it or not, I really lost my memory, that’s what it is. I am just wondering why, as a son that has miraculously recovered from his cripple body, you as my father are unhappy to see it.“

"Don't break the subject! If you really think of me as your own father, tell me the real purpose of your return this time, who are you fooling around with!? I obviously sent a bodyguard to look at you, how did you have the ability to get out of their sight!? You let all the people in Beijing notice your return, for the sake of wanting me to restore your position right? Do you think I will do as you wish? Listen, you shall stay at home until you clarify things with me! I will let the two uncles Ning Xin and Ning De look at you and we shall see how you are supposed to go out again!

Ning Guodong frowned, “Since my father is so unwilling to trust me, then I have nothing to say… As for tomorrow, the Li family’s banquet…”

“You don’t have to worry about it, I will send the gift to the Li family in person. You are not in the place to lead the family yet. You couldn’t do it before so don’t think about it now, as for in the future, it might not be you either! Get out!!”

Ning Guodong couldn’t help clenching his fists but let go quickly. He silently lowered his head and walked out of the study.

It was at that moment, Ning Xin and Ning De happened to enter from the outside. The two looked at Ning Guodong carefully while passing by.

But he seemed to not feel anything and left after nodding politely.

When Ning Guangyao saw Ning Xin and Ning De, his face turned bright again, and his smile appeared authentic, "The two elders, you’ve probably heard what happened just now. Could I ask a favor from you both to take care of the evildoer."

"Rest assured, we will pay attention to that," Ning Xin said casually "You are doing a good job. Ning Guodong is already very weird now. Before we figure out what happened, he cannot be trained as a successor for the time being. Letting him out will only affect our established plan."

Ning Guangyao nodded in agreement, and then said, "I received news that Yang Chen and Ruoxi have returned to Yang's Residence from Zhonghai. It is estimated that they will be in Beijing around the New Year's Eve, but I think that I should visit earlier to make a grander appearance. So I am thinking of going over to visit Ruoxi and I wonder if the two elders can accompany Guangyao? After all, Yang Chen is moody."

“Yes of course, this is also why we are here. Lin Ruoxi is our first target right now, you must change her surname to ‘Ning’ as quickly as possible. You have worked hard previously, don’t let it go at such a critical moment,” Ning De reminded.

Ning Guangyao showed a confident smile, “Rest assured, Guangyao is confident. Yang Chen will not see the Ning family as an enemy anymore within this year.”

The cheerful laugh of the three men came from the study.

Outside the study, Ning Guodong who was walking along the corridor alone could still hear their conversation in the study despite being meters away.

After a while, his eyes were fierce and full of hatred.

“Ning Guangyao, you gave up your chance of survival. Since you are ruthless, then don’t blame your son for being cruel,” Ning Guodong showed an eerie smile.