Late at night in Beijing’s most prosperous commercial entertainment and leisure area, the large intertwined bright lights were lit, and although it’s near midnight, the morning dew of the day here has just begun.

The colourful light flashing like countless heartbeats in the crowd, teasing the nerves of the passersby. 

However, the people who could afford to spend in these luxurious clubs and lounges were obviously not the ones who watched the lights with the cold breeze outside.

Among them, a high-end entertainment club called ‘Pink Lady’ was located in a prime location at the corner of a pedestrian street. The facade didn’t seem to be big, but the four strong bodyguards at the door supported the image of the club despite the chilly weather.

And those who entered and exited from the underground parking garage of the side club were mostly veteran European sports cars. This grade had already made some people who think that they were gold-collars feel daunted.

At this moment, a dancing melody played and seemed to make the entire cabin in Pink Lady tremble.

In the dim cabin, under the lights and fluorescence, on the rose-coloured leather sofa, several figures had been entangled.

Shirtless upper body, a young man wearing only a pair of loose-fitting boxer trousers, beside him was a young girl with long wavy hair. She had moist eyes, red lips and white teeth, and a fragrant wine scent. Her body was stuck to the man tightly like a snake. 

Looking down carefully, you would realize that the girl had nothing on her lower body, except an open white blouse on the upper body alongside her snowballs.

A pair of unrestrained peaks squeezed against the man’s arm, rubbing gently, as if they could swallow the arm anytime. 

“Master Guo, are you not in a good mood today? Don’t you like Shi Shi anymore?” The girl asked meticulously. 

She worked hard to please him for a long time and her lower body was already wet for a long time, but this man didn’t look like he wanted to start anything.

The man held the red wine in one hand and took a sip, glanced at the little beauty that had been teasing him for some time.

With her appearance and figure, she would go viral on the internet and could even become the dream of many poor boys.

But in the eyes of a veteran like him, such a woman didn’t have much attraction anymore.

They were all the same, taking advantage of their young age and selling their bodies for money.

“Hehe, Shi Shi, seems like you won’t be able to get the money to buy another BIRKIN bag. This man saw a super beauty today and has lost interest in a small beauty like you.”

A flathead young man with a cigar in his mouth laughed evilly on the other side. 

He himself was having fun, his legs were wide open, letting a woman with reddish purple hair scream on him. 

The woman was sweating as her plump buttocks were constantly moving up and down, trying to squeeze out the man’s storage.

However the massive amount of blue pills on the table in front had given her quite some trouble as there was no way to make the man soft in such a short time.

However, thinking of the "tips" from these young masters each time which could go up to more than ten thousand, she couldn't help but twist her waist harder, hoping to get chosen again next time.

A trace of disdain flashed through Shi Shi’s eyes, “Hmmph, what even? Who took away the soul of Young Master Guo? Why don’t you tell me young master, Shi Shi doesn’t buy it.”

Guo Yue glanced at her contemptuously, “Ms. Zhang Wanshi, did you really graduate as a MBA holder from the Department of Finance and Economics of Beijing University?”

Shi Shi raised her head proudly, “Of course, I have my graduation certificate with me. I even got a full scholarship during university, otherwise how would I be qualified to serve you all masters?”

“How come your knowledge seems to be at the same level as a village woman,” Guo Yue said mockingly.

A strand of sorrow flashed through her eyes but she immediately resisted it and turned into an annoyed voice, “How annoying, how is Shishi a village girl? Is there a village girl as beautiful as me?”

“Except for your big eyes and breasts, your brain is just like the size of a walnut,” Guo Yue sighed.

Shi Shi was so mad that her face turned red and pale back and forth, but she knew that she couldn’t provoke these masters here and could only clench her teeth and swallow it back down. She pretended to be angry and whimpered gently.

“Young master Guo is bullying me, Shi Shi won’t talk to you again!”

That being said, the woman ran out of the room without forgetting to close the door despite being naked down there.

Guo Yue was not moved at all and continued sipping his wine, lost in his thoughts.

Another curly-haired young man who was french kissing the beauty in his arms, said curiously, "Hey Guo Yue, is your sister-in-law Lin Ruoxi really that good looking as she is rumoured to be? I heard from a buddy of mine who worked as an official in Zhonghai that she seldom appears in front of the public. He only managed to meet her once and she’s a cold beauty. Sadly, I never get the chance to meet her.” 

“So what if you saw her? She’s the woman of the eldest young master of the yang family. I heard that she has a character that even the overlord from the Li family is obedient to. Wouldn’t you get your head crushed if you touch her?” The flathead guy chuckled.

“It’s good to look even though I can’t touch her,” The curly-haired man snorted lightly.

Guo Yue glared at his two friends in disgust, "Touch your own women, is my sister-in-law someone to be thought of by you two male dogs who are in heat all year round?Did you all really think I would do nothing but women? Do you all know what you are relying on to use the best cabin and the best women here with me?"

The two then smiled in embarrassment, the flat head said, “Of course we are relying on you, Young Master Guo Yue.”

“Bullshit! It’s because my father has a sister who married into the Yang family! It’s because of the tributes that our Guo family gives every year, and the old man of the Yang family who is willing to accept them,” Guo Yue cursed.

“Yes yes yes, Young Master Guo is right. We are relying on the Yang family,” 

Guo Yue took a sip of red wine and grinned, "You all should know, the old man of the Yang family won’t have many years left to live. We can still be under his cover when he is awake, but if he is completely finished, the Yang family will be in Yang Chen's hands. But now, my cousin’s impression of me is not very good. Think about it, if the Yang family ignores us in the future, be it me or you group of idiots who are following me, let alone those people who are willing to respect us, those enemies of ours out there won’t let us go.”

“Huh? Why is that so?” The flat head wondered, “Did you guys get into a conflict?”

“Shut up!” Guo Yue cursed, “I went over to send a gift today! I’ve stared at that woman for a few more seconds and Yang Chen looked so annoyed at me! What am I supposed to do about it? Fortunately, I thought fast and managed to suppress things.” 

The curly-haired man asked, “Did they accept it? If they did it means everything’s fine.”

Guo Yue smiled eerily, “They did accept it. That red limited edition 599 did please my sister-in-law.”

The two let out a sigh of relief and smiled, “That’s good, that means they didn’t bother much about it.”

“What do you know, I am not done yet,” Guo Yue said with a gloomy expression, “Although they accepted it, my sister-in-law followed what my cousin brother said and gave me another car in return. Guess what car did she send me earlier this evening?”

“What is it?”



Both of them exclaimed. 

“ONE-77 of Aston Martin? That car is 40 million! This...the Ferrari costs only 4 million right?” The curly haired man exclaimed.

“Hmm, but not surprised though. The amount of assets she has as the owner of Yulei can reach hundreds of billions, she is much richer than us combined.”

Guo Yue sneered and said, “Now you understand? They are setting a boundary between our relationship, we neither have the rights nor the money, they might not even want us as their servants.”

The atmosphere dropped down to a cold state, even the two girls who were trying their best to please the men noticed the change.

The girl with reddish purple hair even realized the flat head man under her had withered and weakened.

“Not really, how can you all talk about being servants when you are a family?”

It was at that moment, a chuckling voice came into the cabin. A tough man wearing a shirt, revealing his chest muscles, walked in lazily.

He was holding a plump mature beauty in his arms. The woman was wearing a black, deep-neck dress, her round snow peaks that were gushing out, were as if it could burst anytime. Her seductive face was gleaming, bringing out infinite crimson reverie.

“Brother Lie, Sister Luo?”