Guo Yue immediately showed a pleasing face after seeing the pair. He stood up with a smile, put down his glass and poured them some wine.

Two of his friends also pushed away the women on them and stood up with a welcoming smile.

“Just sit, relax since we are here to have fun,” Yang Lie waved his hand to ask them to sit.

The milf who was being called Sister Luo asked with a smile, “How are you young masters getting along? Do tell your sister if there are any problems.”

“Hehe, these girls are good looking, but Sister Luo is next level in terms of aura,” Guo Yue didn’t pay much respect to this beautiful woman and kept on glancing at her from top to toe, his greedy expression was revealed completely.

Sister Luo smiled delicately and walked up. She took over Guo Yue’s wine glass with one hand and hugged his head with another then sat down gradually.

Leaning back on her slender neck, Sister Luo took a sip of wine and leaned his head on top of her soft and plump chest.

Bending her head slightly, she gently opened her lips and transferred the liquid in her mouth into his mouth.

The coquettishness of this scene made the curly hair and flat head hardened again, gulping, obviously all fantasizing that they were Guo Yue at this moment.

“Oh… Young Master Guo does know how to please your sister, take that as a reward,” Sister Luo smiled. She then wiped off the wine residue from his lips with her finger and sucked it with her mouth.

Although Guo Yue felt like he was on cloud nine, he still didn’t forget about Yang Lie and stood up to ask, “Brother Lie, what did you mean just now?”

Yang Lie was already sitting on the sofa, hooking his finger at Sister Luo. She then leaned on his body obediently and gently kissed his cheek.

“Aren’t you worried that you won’t be able to survive in Beijing if my brother takes the lead?”

Guo Yue smiled, “Brother Lie, since you are mentioning this, can it be…”

"How should I say are also my cousin, and our friendship in terms of entertainment purposes are also strong, how can I see you being disliked by my brother?” Yang Lie gently pulled open Sister Luo's deep collar with one hand, and squeezed out a pink and fair ball inside, like pinching a toy, squeezing out various shapes.

Guo Yue looked at it with greedy eyes, but he tried his best to think about what Yang Lie meant in his head. After a while, he laughed and said, "Brother Lie, to be honest, I think you are the solid roots of the family. Although the eldest cousin is a few years older, he is really unfamiliar with our Beijing circle and has not formally entered the army. I still feel that the old Marshal lacks a little consideration."

Yang Lie smiled and said with unpredictable eyes, " A family is not made up of only one person. If the most important family members don't support the family, then it will definitely not be possible. You always do things well, and you know, my dad has always been on my side, now my mom is still being neutral. Your family is very important in influencing my mother’s decision, this... you should understand."

"Understood! Understood!!!" Guo Yue seemed to be delighted with the surprise, "Brother Lie, don't worry about that, my parents are supporting you. As for my aunt, my dad will definitely speak for you!"

Yang Lie waved his hand. "Don't be so anxious, I just want you to feel at ease and let you know that you don't have to wrong yourself, after all...I am still here, right?"

“Haha, that’s true,” Guo Yue seemed to have taken a reassurance pill, "Brother Lie is right. I will definitely follow in the footsteps of Brother Lie more closely. And I was saying that you’ve become more masculine ever since your return. You even manage to get someone as perfect as Sister Luo, how amazing!”

Yang Lie raised his head and laughed. Although he was laughing, it made Guo Yue and the rest felt strange.

Suddenly, Yang Lie stretched out his hand and pushed, and the beautiful woman in her arms Luo Jie, like a toy, was pushed on Guo Yue, knocking Guo Yue over to the opposite sofa.

"Since you think this bitch is the best, I have always been generous and will not treat my brothers badly. You, just go, I will watch," Yang Lie smiled gloomily.

Sister Luo didn’t have even the slightest dissatisfaction despite being described this way. Instead, she snorted gently, “Hmmph, you don’t have to throw me away for me to play with these few young masters. I am more than willing to…”

That being said, she pressed her fiery lips onto Guo Yue’s chest, andher silky tongue traversed along his chest line.

In just a moment, she tore off his boxer briefs, took out the shaft inside, started spinning with the tip of her tongue and slowly enjoyed it.

Since it wasn’t his first time getting into contact with such a stunner, he didn’t hold himself back and immediately entered the state. Comfortably grabbing her head with both hands, he continued shaking his waist hard.

The flat-head and curly haired man were not interested in the women around them and went up separately, ripping off the black dress on Sister Luo.

She had nothing on down there, after lifting up her slit dress, her beautifully rounded and plump buttocks were revealed. The moist gap seemed to be full of infinite temptation.

The three of them were young men in their twenties and were even more irresistible against such a woman like her. Soon, they started attacking her city from front and back. 

Sister Luo didn’t refuse anyone as well. She suppressed Guo Yue under her and let his clone enter her body. At the same time, she welcomed the curly-haired guy into her body from the back...


The woman groaned comfortably and made the nerves of the three men excited to the max.

The flat-headed man had nowhere to enter, so he simply straddled Guo Yue’s head, faced Sister Luo’s cherry lips and attacked her violently. He even knocked a few pills to avoid being the weakest.

In Yang Lie's eyes, the glamorous scenes of three men and one woman were ordinary, watching silently, but there was no evil in his eyes, as if he was just looking at the scene of the animal world.

Half an hour later, the three men had already been drained. The extravagance of the nightclubs all year long made them vain, if it were not for the drugs, they wouldn’t be able to support themselves anymore.

Sister Luo was also a master in this. After finishing the three young men, she tossed her messy long hair, licked off the stickiness by her lips and swallowed it, then went back to Yang Lie with a charming smile.

“How useless, how are they even tired already, sleeping like dead pigs.”

“You’ve been playing a lot for the past few days huh, seeing that you are more proficient with three people,” Yang Lie asked with a wicked smile while holding Sister Luo’s chin.

“Who asked you to not visit me more often? Those little guys here are so nasty that they even drool looking at me, I really doubt if they have an Oedipus complex. If I don’t accompany them, how can my business be good?”

One of her hands was still walking between his legs, “They are too weak. These rich kids are all a group of soft-footed shrimps, yesterday I was with seven people but them combined are not even better than you alone.”

Yang Lie sneered, "You bitch, are getting more and more shameless. You are already in your fifties, don't think that you are really rejuvenating after I helped you get a better face. It’s okay to play, the more you act like the boss, the lower the chances that you get exposed. However, don’t forget about the things that I’ve asked you to do.”

Luo Cuishan winked and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong, I’ve made most of the arrangements… Also,Guodong has sent in some news, Ning Guangyao is not planning to give him another chance. He has planned to let that bitch Lin Ruoxi return to the Ning family.”

“Really…” Yang Lie squinted his eyes, “If that’s the case then, Ning Guangyao is pretty much useless.”

“Shall we kill him? Or take over his place? Although there’s Ning Xin and Ning De by his side, with your current skill and capabilities, killing them should be easy?” Luo Cuishan said in excitement.

Yang Lie snorted lightly, “I have my plans, just do as I say.”

“Jeez, I’ve always been obedient, can’t you just let me know things earlier for once?” Luo Cuishan ranted in a gloomy voice.

Yang Lie glanced at her once and suddenly stood up then carried her on his shoulder!

“Oh,” she smiled, “What are you doing? Changing rooms? Isn’t it the same to do it anywhere…”

“Go clean up yourself, or I’ll think that you are dirty.”


On the same night, a black Audi stopped outside of the Yang Residence’s front yard.

Ning Guangyao, who was dressed in a thick black coat and a gray scarf, got out of the car, followed by Ning Xin and Ning De.

When the guard on duty realized that it was the Premier, he was taken aback and then only saluted, “Premier, the Marshal has taken a rest.”

Ning Guangyao politely smiled, “ I am not here to see Old Marshal Yang. Can you inform your young lady that Ning Guangyao wishes to see her?”