The few guards present were all confused as they couldn’t understand why Premier Ning wanted to see Lin Ruoxi.

Either way, he was still considered a VIP. He was being polite but it didn’t necessarily mean he was asking for their permission, so they immediately went in and notified them and welcomed Ning Guangyao and the rest inside.

Ning Xin and Ning De were Soul Forming Stage cultivators, before they entered the house, Yang Chen who was about to hop in the bed could already sense their presence.

Lin Ruoxi was reading through the information sent by her subordinates on her tablet. It wasn’t about work, instead, it was the information about the main characters in the rich families of Beijing.

In fact, she would be required to socialize with many Beijing families in the Li family’s full moon banquet tomorrow so she had to do some last minute homework and memorize some of these important figures to prevent embarrassing herself.

Seeing the woman wearing her cotton pajamas in bed and trying hard to memorize those information, Yang Chen couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Honey, how much have you remembered?” He approached her ears and asked.

Lin Ruoxi pushed his head away with one hand and said without moving her head, “Leave me alone, I ain’t have time for you today, I am not even done yet.”

“Ning Guangyao is here.”

“Mhmm…” Lin Ruoxi didn’t respond much.

“I said, Ning Guangyao is here,” Yang Chen then repeated himself word by word.

The tablet in Lin Ruoxi’s hand slipped off, she turned over in a daze and looked at him with her watery eyes.

After a moment of silence, the sound of the servant came from outside the room.

“Young Master Chen, young lady, Premier Ning of the Ning family is here, he wants to see the young lady.”

Yang Chen asked the servant to leave first then started wearing his clothes. As he was wearing, he realized Lin Ruoxi was still in a daze.

“What’s with your expression, this is unavoidable,” Yang Chen smiled meaningfully.

“I… Should I go out?”

“Why are you asking me, shouldn’t you decide yourself?” He said.

She seemed perturbed, “If you don’t want me to meet him then I won’t go out.”

Yang Chen paused, chuckled and said with a serious face, “Lin Ruoxi, he is your biological father, no matter what I think of him, his position will never change. You used to tell me that blood relationships are impossible to sever when you asked me to meet my mother. I know how important this is to you. No matter what he did, I’ll not stop you from meeting him, I’ll only try my best to not let you get hurt, that’s all.”

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips and nodded lightly, “I understand now, thank you honey…”

Yang Chen shook his head helplessly, “Get up now, do you want to wear your pajamas out, I don’t mind though.”

Lin Ruoxi looked embarrassed and quickly got up to change.

When they walked out to the living room, Ning Guangyao was already standing in the middle of the area walking back and forth. He seemed a bit nervous, fearing that Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t be willing to meet him.

It was already midnight, some of the servants also felt sad seeing his tired face.

It was obvious that this Premier purposely rushed over to Yang's residence after the entire night of work.

When Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen appeared together, his expression lit up with surprise and glee.

“Oh Ruoxi, haha, you’re finally willing to meet father, I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to see me.”

The servant who was pouring them tea nearly dropped the kettle on the floor after Ning Guangyao spoke.

Many of the servants and guards in the living room heard the statement.


Did Premier Ning call himself ‘father’?

All of the servants looked at Lin Ruoxi in shock, they had always thought their young lady was just an elite in the business world. However, a business woman couldn’t really represent a rich and well known family like the Yang family.

But now, the servants then only realized, there was still such a shocking hidden relationship!

However, although this layer of relationship was shocking, it wasn’t enough to let the servants lose control. After all, there are plenty of illegitimate children within these rich families these days unlike the early days.

Yang Chen squinted, Ning Guangyao was obviously not covering up his father and daughter relationship with Lin Ruoxi, but no one knew what thoughts he had in the back of his mind.

Lin Ruoxi was also uneasy, but at that moment her heart softened when she saw the caring and joy on Ning Guangyao’s face, in addition to him rushing over here late at night tirelessly. 

As if being embraced with warmth, she was touched and fulfilled at the same time.

Ning Guang Yao walked upfront wanting to golf Lin Ruoxi’s hand, but took it back and smiled embarrassingly, “My apologies Ruoxi, father has been busy these two days and couldn’t make it to visit you earlier. Did we disturb your resting time?”

Lin Ruoxi started blushing after being stared at by the people around her, “Yeah…you didn’t.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Ning Guangyao kept on glancing up and down at his daughter, as if he couldn’t look enough. He then turned to Yang Chen with a smile, “Yang Chen, thank you for not stopping my daughter to meet me.”

Yang Chen smiled evilly, “Why will I stop her? Unless you are planning to do something bad?”

Ning Guangyao laughed, “Don’t joke around with me, it’s just that I am getting older and I miss my daughter more. I didn’t have the opportunity to see her more in the past, now I hope to see her everyday.”

“No can do, she’s married to me and is mine now,” Yang Chen said straightforwardly.

Ning Guangyao seemed to look satisfied, “ I am very happy to see you both being so close and loving. Right, I heard that you two adopted a little girl named Lanlan and she had been included in the Yang family book, which means she’s also my official granddaughter. Where is Lanlan, can her grandfather see her?”

“You’ve done a good investigation huh,” Yang Chen pursed his lips.

“This isn't an investigation, I’ve been paying attention to her growth since young, of course I will know about such a huge event. I am just trying to show her some care, I hope you won’t misunderstand me,” Ning Guangyao said gently.

Lin Ruoxi pulled Yang Chen’s hand indicating that it was fine then said to Ning Guangyao, “Lanlan is sleeping with her great grandfather tonight, the elderly sleep early so let’s forget about meeting her tonight.”

Ning Guangyao then realized, “Since she is with Old Mr Yang then I shall not disturb further. I’ll leave my gifts here and you can pass it to my granddaughter tomorrow on behalf of me.”

That being said, he let his assistants bring up two boxes, one big and the other small one. 

“This red box is some new clothes I bought for Lanlan to wear during Chinese New Year, I know you all don’t need it but it’s a small idea from me since I couldn’t think of anything else to give. The small yellow box here are two layers of glutinous rice balls made by the pastry chefs from the State Banquet Hotel as per request, it’s for you Ruoxi.”

Ning Guangyao passed the box of glutinous rice balls to Lin Ruoxi after introducing.

Lin Ruoxi never expected this father who she hadn’t met many times and the one who hurt her for so many years would send her her favorite glutinous rice balls. 

Not just the woman, even Yang Chen was impressed. The gift sent by Ning Guangyao was so precise and ‘on point’!

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes started to tear up slightly, looking at the glutinous rice ball in her hands, she felt shy at the same time filled with sweetness.

He was really paying attention to her growth, or else he wouldn’t know what she liked to eat. 

Such a thought made the woman unable to control her tear ducts.

Ning Guangyao was quite emotional, “Although I’ll still get to see you both tomorrow in the Li’s family banquet, but I still wanted to come over tonight. I wanted to invite you both to come over to the Ning family with Lanlan after Chinese New Year’s eve. I don’t want to wait anymore, I want to let everyone in Beijing know that I, Ning Guangyao, have a daughter as soon as it okay?”

“Even if we don’t go to the Ning family, you will still disperse the news,” Yang Chen laughed.

Ning Guangyao didn’t deny and said casually, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, but I hope to compensate as much as I can now. I believe Ruoxi will understand me.”

Yang Chen looked at his lover beside him, she was already stunned with teary eyes. He couldn't help but frown slightly, this family affection strategy had completely caused the woman to be in shock!