Ning Guangyao seemed to have recognized this issue and delayed no further. He showed a smile and glanced at Lin Ruoxi a few times, then left with Ning Xin and Ning De.

Yang Chen knew that it’s useless to say anything, judging by Lin Ruoxi’s expression. Perhaps family affection would forever be her weakness. 

Just like the case with Xue Minghe, no matter what he did and how he hurt her, the woman would still forgive him as time passes. 

Lin Ruoxi would definitely not be able to sleep tonight, but fortunately she wouldn’t be affected by lack of sleep anymore, so it would be fine to attend the banquet the next day.

Early morning during breakfast, Yang Gongming got to know from the servants about Ning Guangyao’s visit yesterday night. He wasn’t too surprised, instead, it was Yang Pojun and Guo Xuehua who went into deep thoughts. 

“Father, Premier Ning is literally showing that he wants Ruoxi to return to the Ning family,” Yang Pojun frowned.

Yang Gongming looked at Lanlan chomping down her meat buns happily and said, “It’s fine, not like it’s something meant to be hidden from the public.”

“Well true but didn’t Ning Guodong return to the Ning family recently? It’s suspicious for him to do this now,” Yang Pojun said worriedly. 

Guo Xuehua said, “Isn’t it better, this proves that there isn’t any problem.”

Yang Gongming turned over and looked at Lin Ruoxi with a smile, “Child, are you willing to go back to the Ning family?”

Lin Ruoxi had been anxious the entire time. Listening to the old man asking her, she kept quiet for a moment and shook her head slightly, “I don’t know, I am still not used to it.”

“Haha, no matter what decision you make, just remember that Premier Ning is your biological father. But, you are also a wife and a mother now, as the daughter-in-law of the Yang family, you have more than one family, do you understand?” Yang Gongming said.

Lin Ruoxi took a glance at her daughter who was focused on her breakfast and nodded, “Yeah, I understand.”

After breakfast, Yang Chen dismissed the driver and drove the three of them himself to Li's Residence.

He had quite a good relationship with Li Dun so he didn’t want to arrive late.

Lanlan was wearing her new pink outfit and was in a good mood. Halfway through their journey, the little one said, “Daddy, are we going to the zoo to see elephants today?”

Yang Chen slapped his forehead, oh my, I nearly forgot about my promise to bring her see elephants when we are in Beijing.

Lin Ruoxi touched her daughter's head, “My dear Lanlan, we are going to Uncle Li’s house today, we shall go see elephants next time.”

Lanlan pouted her lips, “Didn’t you say we will go see elephants in Beijing, daddy and mummy is lying to me again.”

“How are we lying!? We will definitely bring you there, just behave for now,” Lin Ruoxi showed a solemn expression and turned into a strict mother again.

Lanlan’s mouth flattened, as if being wronged heavily.

Yang Chen looked into the rear mirror, seeing the chubby girl who was tearing up and said, “Alright, daddy will bring you to the zoo after lunch, daddy will not lie to Lanlan.”

“Really!?” Lanlan’s mood immediately brightened.

“No,” Lin Ruoxi objected, “We aren’t simply going there for nothing today. It’s the full moon banquet for the first child of the Li family and they’ve announced a full day event. We are also family friends with them, how can we just leave after lunch?”

“Li Dun is also not a stubborn donkey, I can just tell him,” Yang Chen shrugged, “ Just give a more generous angpau to show our sincerity.”

Lin Ruoxi still felt a bit unsure, “We can go to the zoo anytime, why must we go today, we can’t pamper the child like this.”

Yang Chen shook his head and said, “This time is because we’ve lost the bet to Lanlan. Since we said that we would bring her to the zoo when we come to Beijing, we mustn't break our promise. Parents shall not lie to the kids, at least my daughter should be someone who keeps her promise. Lanlan is not stupid, she knows it all.”

Lin Ruoxi was left speechless, she didn’t expect him to say such a thing. Looking at the pitiful little child, even though she knew that it was just an act, she still felt emphathetic towards her.

“I am so done with you two father and daughter, both of you love challenging my limits. If this goes on, I shall turn into an old auntie before I even reach 30 years old,” Lin Ruoxi pretended to be angry and sighed.

Yang Chen turned over and blinked with an ambiguous smile, “How so? I will moisturize you every night if you need it, my dear.”

“Shoo! Shameless… What are you saying in front of the child!?” Lin Ruoxi was blushing and was afraid that Lanlan would understand what he meant so she quickly looked at her daughter.

Lanlan obviously wouldn't know what he meant by moisturizing, she only knew she won victory and hopped to the front seat, hugging Yang Chen’s neck and laughed sweetly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly in his heart seeing the chubby little girl fooling around in front of him. If it wasn’t for him being able to sense the road conditions while driving, normal fathers would go into a car crash in this kind of conditions!

After reaching Li's residence, there were guards regulating the traffic and security outside in an orderly manner.

Most of the guests were well known figures that came from Beijing and the other states, the waiters and servants were also trained at the national level, and were really confident towards their work. 

Li Yunpeng and his son Li Dun were already welcoming the guests at the entrance. Although most of their conversations were some formal greetings and regards, it's an inevitable etiquette. 

Yang Chen’s appearance with his wife and daughter immediately caught the crowd’s attention.

Most of the people were surprised that the Yang family only sent Yang Chen and his family over. This was a message indicating Yang Gongming had already decided the future of the Yang family. 

The Li family’s father and son weren’t surprised and walked towards Yang Chen with a smile after excusing themselves from the other guests.

“Brother Yang, how disappointing. You weren’t there when I called you and now you’re here for my son’s full moon banquet, why didn’t you send me a few cars of milk powder money?” Li Dun said in excitement.

“Why don’t you rob it from me then, sheesh.”

Yang Chen took the angpau from Lin Ruoxi and gave it to Li Dun, “That’s all I have, as a person who only treats people for Ramen but nothing else, be grateful that I am giving you something now.”

Li Dun grinned and stuffed the angpau into his pocket, “The old man confiscated all my gift money, I shall take this as my personal gift and I’ll keep it to myself.”

Li Yun Peng was used to his son’s shameless attitude, he shook his head with a smile and asked while looking at the chubby girl in Lin Ruoxi’s arms, “Yang Chen, is this your daughter?”

Without Yang Chen answering, Lanlan greeted him sweetly, “Grandfather Li!”

Li Yunpeng was stunned for a moment and immediately laughed, “Such a good child, do come over more often to our house when you are in Beijing next time.”

“Brother Yang, your daughter is quite good looking, why don’t we plan her marriage with my son in the future,” Li Dun’s eyes brightened.

Lin Ruoxi who was carrying her daughter subconsciously tightened her arms and showed the feeling of panic through her eyes. If it was someone else saying it, she wouldn’t bother much, but Li Dun might actually have these kinds of crazy thoughts.

A kindergarten girl to have a planned marriage with a baby boy? How horrible it is to even think about it!

Yang Chen was so tempted to open up Li Dun’s brain shell and see what his brain was made out of and said without hesitating, “Go away! My daughter ain’t marrying anyone!”

Li Dun chuckled, “No rush, no rush, girls won’t stay when they grow up”

Seeing the guy’s triumphant expression, Yang Chen suddenly had a thought of going back home and getting a son.

It was at that moment, Tang Wan who was carrying a fat kid in her arms walked over to them. The woman who was wearing a Burgundy Crew Neck Velvet Skirt came with a smile.

It’s been awhile since Yang Chen last met Tang Wan, but it was normal for her to come back to Beijing as her sister Tang Xin was giving birth.

Tang Wan secretly winked at Yang Chen, then touched Lanlan’s cheeks, “Lanlan, do you miss auntie?”

Lanlan immediately nodded with a sweet smile, she spent quite a lot of time with Tang Wan in Zhonghai, obviously she got plenty of benefits. 

Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly but was helpless either way. Who told this girl to be so easily compromised, food itself could bribe her.

“Why are you all standing at the door? Old Li is asking you all to enter, it’s time for the banquet to start,” Tang Wan said with a smile while patting her nephew’s little buttocks.

Perhaps the little guy was hungry, he twisted his little body and pushed his head against Tang Wan’s soft yet firm chest and compressed it continuously, wanting to drink milk.

Tang Wan immediately blushed and carried the child further away but the pool of drool on her chest was unable to be covered up, given that her slim fit outfit was already eye-catching enough.