“Naughty boy, trying to take advantage of your aunt huh,” Tang Wan pretended to be angry.

“Haha, sister, your body shape is too amazing. My son probably thinks that you have milk there as well,” Li Dun also had a loose mouth which made her tempted to seal his mouth with duct tape.

But his words weren’t wrong, Tang Wan’s appearance got prettier due to cultivation and her body was still hot and curvy, so it could cause the baby to misunderstand. 

The group talked and joked as they entered the inner hall of the Li’s Residence. Although there were many guests, because it was a full moon banquet, according to family traditions, it was still held in the Li’s Residence. However, the ones who could enter the inner hall were figures with well-known status in the circle.

Tang Xin looked more mature compared to her previous young look. Her face was more round and her body shape was slightly off as she had just given birth, but her complexion was quite good, indicating that she was having a nice life in the Li family.

Taking over her hungry son from her sister Tang Wan, she got up and went to the backyard to breastfeed regardless of having her meal or not.

Li Dun wanted to follow and take a look but got pulled back by Li Moshen immediately.

The atmosphere was extremely joyful, although most of the guests here came with their purpose, they still looked as if they were here to celebrate the little boy’s birthday.

Right before the banquet started, the guest that everyone had been waiting for was finally here.

Ning Guangyao personally attended the event followed by a few bodyguards. He greeted Li Moshen from afar and spoke to a few other families which made him seem approachable.

When everyone was expecting that Ning Guangyao was going to speak a few more words with Li Moshen, he didn’t say much and went to Lin Ruoxi instead.

Lin Ruoxi was carrying Lanlan all the way and slightly lowered her sight. Seeing him coming over, she was more nervous and bit her lips.

“This is Lanlan right,” Ning Guangyao’s sight was locked on the chubby little girl. He showed a loving face, reached out both his hands and pleaded, “Ruoxi, can father hold her for a moment?”

Ning Guangyao’s action became the spotlight of the event and his words went into the ears of most of the guests as well. 

At that point, many of them gasped in shock! Even Father Li and his son showed a suspicious face.

Although the Li family managed the Security Bureau and knew who’s the biological father of Lin Ruoxi, they didn’t expect him to reveal their relationship in such a way. 

Lanlan looked at Ning Guangyao with her big, round eyes in a daze, as if she didn’t understand how this uncle knew her.

Lin Ruoxi kept quiet for quite some time and still passed Lanlan into Ning Guangyao’s arms.

“Oh,” Ning Guangyao carried Lanlan and shook twice, “She’s kinda heavy but very obedient and is not afraid of strangers.”

Lanlan tilted her head and asked curiously, “Uncle, what is your name?”

“I am not uncle, I am your mother’s father, which is your grandfather,” Ning Guangyao said lovingly.

The atmosphere seemed to solidify at this moment, no one expected to hear such shocking insights while attending a full moon banquet!

Seeing none of the guests speaking up, Li Moshen squinted his eyes and chuckled, “Premier Ning, congratulations on your reunion with your daughter and granddaughter. But today is my great grandson's full moon banquet, try not to snatch our spotlight haha.”

That being said by the patriarch of the Li Family, in a way gave the people present a hint. 

Right, what’s wrong with being an illegitimate daughter? She’s the daughter-in-law of the Yang family, abiding to Premier Ning’s wishes and took care of the Yang family’s image, it did no harm.

Out of nowhere, many guests came up to congratulate them and started complimenting the beauty of the mother and daughter, the flattering words channeled around them non-stop. 

Lin Ruoxi didn’t bother to listen to those cheesy flattery words, she couldn’t adapt to the situation after her identity was publicized by Ning Guangyao. 

Whatever it was, the important guests had already arrived and the Full Moon Banquet of the Li family had officially started.

Tang Xin came back and sat down after feeding her son. She didn’t dare to forget about Yang Chen’s saviour in her past and solemnly toasted him a glass of wine.

Ning Guangyao on the other hand kept on giving Lanlan food, he seemed to be liking this granddaughter a lot although it’s their first time meeting each other.

This scene made Lin Ruoxi look even more complicated as she glanced at her biological father.

After three rounds of wine toasting, it was the climax of the event but suddenly, a slamming sound came from a few tables away!

“What a jerk! I dare you to say that again!!”

A manly voice growled angrily. 

This uproar immediately caught everyone’s attention. A touch of sorrow was shown in Li Moshen’s eyes, this was his Li Family’s Full Moon Banquet, someone causing a scene was as if bringing shit to his face.

“I shall take a look,” The elderly got up and said to the guests, “Excuse me everyone.”

Yang Chen and the group also stood up and he kept on thinking that the voice sounded familiar.

As they reached the table, he noticed the cousin brother that he only recognized yesterday, Guo Yue, who was grabbing the collar of a man dressed in a printed casual suit. The man had curly hair and a moustache which made him look slightly foreign. 

Both of them were having red faces at that moment, either caused by drinking or anger.

“Cousin brother, you are here? This dude was bad mouthing about you and my sister-in-law!” Guo Yue shouted angrily.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at each other, they had no idea who this curly hair guy was, not to mention how did all these happen.

Li Yunpeng took a few glances at Guo Yue and said, “You are Guo Yue from the Guo family right, let go of him first.”

“Did you hear that you idiot, hands off!” The curly hair man pushed Guo Yue to the ground.

Guo Yue immediately stood up angrily and wanted to jump on him but got blocked by the guards.

“You are Liang Zhen from the Liang Family right, why did you and Guo Yue get into a conflict?” Li Yunpeng recognized him immediately.

Liang Zhen said in disdain, “ I only mentioned a few facts and he developed the thought of being a slave and wanted to flatter them, simple as that.”

The guests on the same table showed weird expressions, as if they didn’t hear what Liang Zhen said.

“Where is the Liang Family from?” Yang Chen had to ask Lin Ruoxi beside him.

“I… How am I supposed to know?” Lin Ruoxi thought distressedly, “I’ve read all the information yesterday. There isn’t such a person in the few Liang families of Beijing.”

Instead, Tang Wan came over in silence and whispered, “He’s the second son of Commander Liang of the military district in Guangzhou province. The Liang family has hundreds of years of history. They used to be warlords in the past but later on in the early stages of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, they reinvested and had friendships with the British Royal family, so they are like a half emperor over there and no one dared to challenge them.”

“Oh, I see. Xiao Wan, you do know a lot,” Yang Chen suddenly understood everything. He then looked at Lin Ruoxi who was slightly annoyed and felt like teasing her, he smiled, “Honey, seems like the information you got isn’t enough. You should go through the list of the entire country later when we go home.”

Lin Ruoxi glared at him and felt like she had lost to Tang Wan once again, how frustrating.

“There’s nothing to hide if it’s the truth. Our Li family is the host for today and we won’t allow any of our guests to be humiliated or wronged. Why don’t you bring it up and the rest shall judge,” Li Yunpeng said.

Liang Zhen chuckled, glanced at Guo Yue then looked at Yang Chen and the rest, “Let alone the rest, I purposely came all the way from the Guangzhou province representing the Liang Family and show you Li Family some respect, but you let me sit with these second-rate families of Beijing!? Do you all really think our Liang Family’s forty thousand military troops are just decorations? Or is it that the local Beijing families are more higher up?”

That being said, some of the people at the same table were pale, but the Liang Family really wasn’t someone these second-rate families could provoke, so they could only swallow it down.

“If this is the case, Nephew Liang doesn't have to take it personally. We will never treat our guests differently, it’s just that this is still a family banquet and we can’t put all tables into the inner hall. That’s why we put most of the youngsters in one table, it’s not about family status whatnot,” Li Yunpeng said.

“Uncle Li, don’t listen to his nonsense! He was bad mouthing my cousin brother and sister-in-law! His words were filthy! If you don’t believe it, ask him to say it again!” Guo Yue said angrily.

Yang Chen was amazed seeing Guo Yue arguing in such a manner. If this was all an act, it would be too real and it seemed embarrassing if he didn’t help him.

Liang Zhen snorted coldly, “I will never hide my head like a tortoise, why won’t I repeat what I just said? I said that the son of the Yang Family was born in the wild and the daughter-in-law they married was also the same. They are such a perfect match, everyone knows it right?”