Located in a small green forest a few miles away from the military hospital, the grey silk threads emerged up from the ground. 

These threads gradually gathered together and rapidly merged, bulged and shaped into a human figure!

After a moment, Yang Lie who was dressed in a military suit appeared out of nowhere in the forest with an evil face on his face.

Yang Lie swung his head and twisted his body a few times, his bones gave out the creaking sounds.

He walked out of the forest after adjusting his body.

“Hehe…” A charming laugh came from the back of the forest. Luo Cuishan, wearing striped Gucci sunglasses, sitting in a fiery red Porsche 911 said gently, “Was it fun to eat humans? How are you back to yourself already?”

Yang Lie slowly opened the door and sat in the passenger seat, “The Liang Family should keep Liang Zhen’s body so I left him for them.”

“What a waste, was it destroyed?” Luo Cuishan said regretfully, “That body was quite nice to me, fair and clean.”

Yang Lie hooked the woman’s chin with his finger and said, “What is it? You like that handsome guy? Should I eat him so that he can be with you everyday?”

She stuck her tongue out and licked Yang Lie’s finger, she squinted her eyes, “No way, the handsome guy will be a dead person after you eat him, I want one alive.”

“Hmmph, bitch,” Yang Lie snorted, “I don’t care if you want to look for men, but you better not slack off in your tasks.”

“Rest assured, everything is ready, now we just need the fish to click the bait,” Luo Cuishan’s lips drew a warped arc.


The wildlife zoo in the southern suburbs of Beijing required a two-hour drive from the city.

Although it was winter, the sun was still nice and bright. When they arrived in the afternoon, the sun was warm and just right.

Although his body and hands were stained with blood after killing someone at the Li’s Residence, it didn’t affect Yang Chen. He used the Heaven and Earth energy to freshen up and his clothes were clean as new.

After purchasing their tickets, he held Lanlan’s hand together with Lin Ruoxi and entered the park.

In order to avoid the unnecessary attention, Lin Ruoxi purposely wore a pair of sunglasses. But, on the contrary, Yang Chen’s appearance and temperament seemed extremely inconsistent with the mother and daughter.

It gave a feeling as if a kid from a small country town had married a fashionable wife from the city.

Because it happened to be winter holidays, there were quite a number of parents bringing their children to visit the zoo.

“Daddy, Lanlan wants to see elephants!” The chubby little girl was anxious and started hopping up and down as they walked.

“I know that, aren’t we walking already.”

Yang Chen saw the crowd in front, he directly carried Lanlan and let her sit on his shoulders.

Lanlan hugged her daddy’s head in excitement, the feeling of ‘riding a horse’ made her proud and her chubby face was bright and joyful.

Lin Ruoxi said helplessly, “It’ll be hard to teach her in future if you pamper her so much now.”

“It is said that girls should be raised with love, besides, it’s not a big deal letting her sit on my shoulders since we are out,” Yang Chen grabbed Lanlan’s little leg and bit it gently as he spoke which made her laugh.

When they walked toward the elephant zone according to the map, they noticed there were only a few people around the railings. Inside the activity area, they weren’t even any elephants to be seen. 

Yang Chen used his divine senses and realized there weren't any elephants around the area at all.

Lanlan showed a grumpy face and her eyes were full of displeasure, “Where are the elephants, there aren’t any!”

Yang Chen looked around and noticed one of the workers so he went up and asked. He then learned that the elephants were all transported to the warm areas due to Beijing’s cold weather in winter.

With much regret, he could only smile at his daughter, “Lanlan, there are no elephants in winter, but they have polar bears and big tigers, do you want to see them?”

Lanlan pouted her lips unhappily, “Why are there no elephants during winter?”

“The uncle mentioned just now, elephants are afraid of the cold so they went to the southern area,” Lin Ruoxi pinched her daughter’s little lips.

Lanlan was confused, “Why didn’t the uncles in the zoo give the elephants clothes to wear?”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were speechless, this kid could come up with all kinds of questions.

“Elephants don’t like to wear clothes,” Yang Chen simply made up something, and asked back curiously, “Lanlan, can you tell daddy why you want to see elephants?”

Lanlan said in a serious tone, “Elephants treat Lanlan well! There was once a big bad doggy that wanted to eat Lanlan and the elephant chased it away, it even let me ride on its body!”

Yang Chen started to wonder, “Fatty little girl, don’t lie to daddy. When was this, how did you ride an elephant? Where did you meet the big bad doggy?”

Lanlan tilted her little head and thought for a while, “Lanlan doesn’t know the place, the place had tall grass, big sun and many horses, goats… Grandfather used to know the place but he forgot about it. He was the one who saw me there. Lanlan won’t lie to daddy, that big doggy is very evil, I threw a stone at it, it still ran forward.”

Listening to the child speaking about her weird memories, he realized that this might be a key to Lanlan’s true identity.

But Lanlan was so young, how would she have these experiences with wild elephants? Besides, assuming based on her description, it might be the grass fields or forests in Africa or South Asia. As for the ‘big bad doggy’, it was probably some carnivorous animals such as jackals.

“Lanlan, were you alone that time? Is there anybody around you?” Lin Ruoxi also noticed the importance of these clues and continued asking.

The little one looked at her weirdly and said, “Did mommy forget about it? You said that you need to go away for awhile and will come back to me. But Lanlan was very hungry, so I went off to find food… Mommy, please don’t be mad at Lanlan, I’ll never run away again.”


Lin Ruoxi pointed at herself in shock, but she immediately realized that Lanlan still thought she was her biological mother.

Lanlan didn’t suspect anything and nodded her head firmly.

“Silly child,” Lin Ruoxi held back her tears and smiled sourly. She carried Lanlan up and turned to Yang Chen, “ I really have no idea who can be so cruel to leave the child in such a place.”

Yang Chen looked at Lanlan thoughtfully and smiled, “We will know the truth someday, let’s go visit the polar bears first.”

Lanlan didn’t get affected by this small drama and immediately cheered happily to see big bears.

There were more audiences in the polar bear centre. In the area blocked by the glass fence, the man made ice and mountains had created a good living environment for the polar bears.

Seeing the huge polar bear walking around casually, Lanlan leaned against the fence and asked, “Daddy, what are the bears thinking, why don’t they look over here?”

Lin Ruoxi smiled, “Silly child, how will your daddy know what the polar bear is thinking?”

Yang Chen twitched his brows, “Who said so? I can even talk to polar bears!”

“Really?” Lanlan looked at Yang Chen surprisingly. 

Lin Ruoxi was shocked as she couldn’t understand, does Yang Chen know bear language?!

Yang Chen cleared his throat, suddenly puffed up and shouted at the polar bear which was more than ten metres away!

“Ah!! Ah!! Ah ~”

His pitch was very high, but it sounded like a broken gong and it was extremely unpleasant to hear. Soon, dozens of tourists around them were looking over!

Lin Ruoxi then understood, what kind of ‘bear language’ was this, he was simply shouting out of nowhere!

But this nonsense shouting somehow attracted the polar bear’s attention. That big one actually turned over and looked at Yang Chen in confusion, as if it didn’t understand what this human was doing.

“Wow! Daddy can really talk to polar bears!” Lanlan clapped happily and pleaded, “Daddy, daddy! Teach Lanlan how to talk to big bears!”

Yang Chen smiled proudly, “That’s easy, daddy will shout a few times and Lanlan will follow, the louder the better or else the polar bear can’t hear us, okay?”

“Okay!” Lanlan immediately nodded.

Then, Yang Chen continued to shout loudly and Lanlan followed using her immature voice.

The father and daughter’s voice attracted the attention of all visitors around them. They laughed and judged them silently.

Lin Ruoxi immediately blushed, it felt as if the three of them were being watched like monkeys, how embarrassing!

But Yang Chen and Lanlan didn’t feel ashamed at all and continued shouting joyfully. That polar bear was cooperating with the two as it stared at them and tried to figure out what was happening. 

Lin Ruoxi finally had enough of the attention and pulled Yang Chen’s hand, “Alright! Stop shouting!!”

He turned over and asked, “Why? Don’t you see that Lanlan is very happy?”

“Everyone is looking! Don’t be embarrassing!” Lin ruoxi said in a low voice.

Yang Chen looked around at those mocking eyes and faces then waved his hand casually, “What’s there to be afraid of? This is not the hospital, shouting is not illegal! We should think ourselves as kids as well when we bring them out, or else how are we supposed to play with them? As long as my daughter is happy, it’s none of my business if other people laugh at me!”

That being said, he continued shouting here and there with Lanlan.

Lin Ruoxi was left speechless. However, seeing Yang Chen’s exciting expression and the chubby little girl’s bright smile, she finally compromised.

As if she got defeated by this pair of father and daughter, she could never win them.

But, seeing the child’s sweet and joyful smile and Yang Chen’s exaggerated and unruly appearance, she suddenly felt warm, as an unusual feeling of happiness was wrapping around her.

After some time, the two got the other visitors stunned from their shouting and finally changed their battlefield to the tiger mountain.

On their way, Yang Chen carried Lanlan with one hand and held a few sticks of tang hu lu on the other. He took one bite and gave Lanlan another. But of course, Lin Ruoxi was the one who paid for these as he didn’t have the habit of bringing cash out. 

When he gave the sugar-coated haws to her, she felt embarrassed at first but he kept on giving it to her so she had no choice but to take a bite.

The sweet and sour taste got her into a love-hate relationship with the man and she glared at him angrily, “I am so done with you, we brought the child to the zoo but you seem to be the one playing now!”

“Hehe,” Yang Chen winked, “Ruoxi dear, I know that you think it’s embarrassing to be my wife but at the same time you feel happy.”

“So what? I really wanted to get rid of you, but you bad guy can always make me reluctant to leave,” Lin Ruoxi was also annoyed.

“This is my strength!”

“Carrot on a stick huh?” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.

“Wrong,” Yang Chen stuffed the red sticks to the woman’s lips once again with a broad smile, “It’s a stick of sugar-coated haws.”