Late at night, the backyard of the Yang’s Residence was cold and quiet. 

Yang Lie who was having a military suit on, walking a little frivolously towards his own house while humming a vague melody.

The security guards and servants who were on duty weren’t surprised seeing their second young master in this condition as it wasn’t the first time anyway.

He walked to his room and was surprised seeing the lights were on, which meant someone was waiting for him inside.

He opened the door and the person sitting inside was Guo Xuehua.

It was almost 2am in the morning and Guo Xuehua seemed to be ready to sleep as she had a thick coat on top of her pajamas.

Seeing Yang Lie coming in, she showed a warm smile and stood up, “You’re back. Mother was just thinking that you’ll be back at this time usually. Tsk tsk, such a huge smell of alcohol. Even if you are a cultivator, you shouldn’t drink that much or else your father is going to nag you again.”

Guo Xuehua turned around and took out a porcelain bottle from an insulated box on the table as she was nagging.

A tangy aroma came out immediately after the lid was opened. 

“Lie’Er, don’t just stand there, come over and drink some chicken soup, didn’t you like mother’s soup the most. I’ve put more ginger in it, it’s good for you to sober up and you’ll feel better.”

Seeing Guo Xuehua bringing out the soup while talking to herself, Yang Lie still stood at his original spot, slightly frowning.

“Mother, do you need anything?” He asked.

She was stunned, “What do you mean do I need anything? I am waiting for you to drink the soup, silly child.”

He found it unconvincing, “Solely...waiting for me to drink soup?”

She shook her head helplessly, “You are probably annoyed at your father’s lecture huh? Hey, I am not like him who likes to scold people everyday. In fact, he did it for your own good so try not to bother too much. I was just thinking it’s been awhile since I last made you some soup so I made you some tonight before you sleep.”

That being said, she pulled him to his seat and sat down, “Stop overthinking, it’s almost 2am, take a shower after drinking.”

He quietly looked at the brightly colored bowl of chicken soup, the fragrance of various Chinese medicinal ingredients and the hot steam that touched his face made him feel warm.

He looked up and saw her waiting for him to drink, but he then noticed his hand was slightly shaking.

Taking a deep breath, he took the spoon and started drinking.

“How is it, does it taste good, is it too bland?” Guo Xuehua asked with a smile.

He shook his head stiffly, “Nope, it’s just right.”

He didn’t realize his voice was a bit hoarse.

“That’s great, sigh, mother really felt sorry for you. It was such a chaotic year last year, so many things happened and you, your father and your brother were all in a mess. After you came back from Kunlun Mountain, I didn’t get to spend much time with you as well. Lie’Er, don’t be mad at mother alright,” Guo Xuehua said emotionally.

Yang Lie nodded slightly and continued drinking his soup.

Guo Xuehua naturally reached out her hand and gently patted his back, “Boys are usually rebellious before they get married, but mother knows that you are not a bad person. In the future, just be careful and don’t go against your father and grandfather that often. If you’re obedient and respect them more, they will never make you wrong.” 

Yang Lie felt as if his heart was pinched by something and it was very painful. He felt a lump in his throat and tears welled in his eyes but he had to endure it.

This woman beside him would never expect although he had the body of her son, he was not her son at all!

He was also the murderer of her son! Her bloody enemy!

But, she poured her maternal love to her son into himself!

He was stupid and dumb, but Yang Lie couldn’t bring himself to laugh at her.

“Why are you dazing, hurry up and drink the soup, there’s more in the kitchen if you want. Your father and grandfather are asleep, so you don’t have to worry about them coming over to lecture you,” Guo Xuehua smiled.

Yang Lie nodded and forcefully moved his lips a bit. He then asked as if it was unintentional, “Mother, is my elder brother and sister-in-law back?”

Guo Xuehua got a headache after Yang Chen was being mentioned, “Nope. I called him in the afternoon but still didn’t get in touch with him.”

“They are not home yet? Did anything happen?” Yang Lie asked with bright eyes. 

Guo Xuehua sighed, “Your brother went to the Li family’s Full Moon Banquet and suddenly killed the kid from the Liang family of Guangdong province! Commander Liang Shengchuan is already extremely mad and told the Yang and Li Family to hand over your brother.”

Yang Lie showed a shocking face, “How did this happen? The Liang Family is not a good target to provoke, what should we do now?”

“How would I know what actually happened, your father and grandfather won’t tell me the details either. They sent people to contact them but nothing came back. Your brother is not an ordinary human, he will definitely be fine so I am not too worried. He often does shocking things and he’s too carefree, just like earlier today, he brought you sister-in-law and niece out for the entire day and hasn’t returned until now. They are probably staying overnight outside after playing for the entire day, such a headache as we are unable to contact him,” Guo Xuehua sighed.

An ironic smile flashed through his mouth and disappeared in an instance.

Guo Xuehua sighed a few times because of Yang Chen’s issue and asked with a smile, “Lie’Er, your elder brother is already married and even has a kid, are you seeing anyone now, should mother help you a bit?”

He was stunned but immediately shook his head, “Nope.”

“Oh right!” Guo Xuehua slapped her forehead, “Didn’t you like the daughter of the Lin Family, Lin Hui? She’s not bad actually and I am familiar with her, but that girl seemed to have gone back to Mount Emei to cultivate, not sure when she’s coming back. Why don’t I contact her grandmother?”

“Mother, it’s fine, really. That’s the past,” Yang Lie responded.

Guo Xuehua nodded regretfully, “Alright then, mother doesn’t want to force you to get married as well. I am happy enough that you are able to come home. I know that you are still blaming mother for staying in Zhonghai with your brother without taking your emotions into consideration. But Lie’Er, your brother had a really rough childhood and the god did me a great favor for bringing him back to me alive. Seeing him pretending to be strong despite his wounds, I couldn’t help myself to leave him alone again, you are both my children and I am biased against any of you and I only hope the best for you two. If your brother wants to hurt you, I will not stay out of it even if it takes my life.”

Her tone seemed gentle, but was stern and determined.

Yang Lie felt that there was a mess in his head, an irritable mood that made him extremely uncomfortable and it was difficult to vent, as if he was about to suffocate.

 The woman in front of him had no relationship with himself at all, but she made him confused.

 “I understand mother, rest early,” Yang Lie forced a smile.

Guo Xuehua then realized, “Right, I’ve been nagging too much. Lie’Er, take a shower and sleep early alright, mother will go back first.”

She then went out of the room after patting Yang Lie’s shoulder gently and closed the door.

He put down the spoon in his hand and stood up after hearing that Guo Xuehua had walked away. 

Walking to the window, he looked at the hazy moonlight with his reddish and bloody eyes, as blue veins appeared on his forehead.

The fingers on both his hands were embedded into his flesh due to the excessive force.

But, the silver gray antimatter energy continuously repaired the body tissues in an instant and even absorbed the blood. 

There were tears in the corners of his eyes, a bitter yet sarcastic smile rose by his lips, as if he was laughing in a self-deprecating tone.

“Mother… Haha… My mother… Is dead…”


The bloody incident on the Li Family’s full moon banquet casted a shadow on many rich families of Beijing.

When the Liang Family sent a few representatives and rushed to Beijing, the incident went even more viral.

Early in the morning, in the front hall of the Yang’s Residence, the representatives from the Liang Family and their family friends from the Beijing families were present. 

Yang Gongming sat in the master’s seat calmly and showed indignance even when facing a group of military uniforms and suits. 

A general with moustache said loudly with a leading character, “Old Marshal Yang, the general is here to represent Commander Liang to ask for justice. Commander Liang is busy with military duties so he can’t come to the north, but he already stated that the Yang Family must hand over the murderer, Yang Chen! Or else, the forty thousand Chinese soldiers under the Liang Family will not compromise with this brutality in broad daylight!”