Yang Pojun standing beside Yang Gongming was slightly stern but didn’t dare to show it, after all, the Yang family was at fault this time.

Seeing his father staying quiet all this time, he responded, “Senator Liu, Commander Liang probably misunderstood the context. There were many guests in the banquet yesterday and they saw Liang Zhen provoking first. The tragedy was probably a careless slip, it’s not intentional.”

“A careless slip? Haha.” Senator Liu retorted, “Earlier this morning, we had already seen Young Master Liang’s body, how terrible! Twisting of someone’s head, what kind of careless slip is this!? Does your Yang family really think that the entire world is afraid of you because of the reputation of the four major families? Are you trying to tell us to play dumb after you’ve killed somebody?!”

Yang Pojun’s face was as dark as ink and he was left speechless. The Yang family acted passively this time because they themselves knew that they were wrong. After all,  casually killing someone else’s son was still too much despite the other side being at fault first.

The Liang family was a veteran family who held the military power in the south so Yang Pojun didn’t dare to be too stern.

At that moment, Yang Gongming sighed lightly and said, “I am old and I can’t bother much about the young people's affairs. I can't make the decision to hand over my eldest grandchild, he’ll not listen to me. You should ask him if he’s willing to follow you.” 

“Old Marshall, this doesn’t sound right,” Senator Liu said, “ You’re Yang Chen’s grandfather, how does it not relate to you? Besides, if you insist on not handing Yang Chen over, this may let the generals that respected you feel upset.” 

Yang Gongming laughed and spreaded his hands, “To be honest, my grandson Yang Chen has not come back since he went out yesterday. We can’t get into contact with him as well, so it’s hard to let you all meet him.” 

Senator Liu squinted his eyes and smiled, “Old Marshall, it’s not that we all don’t believe you, but we are here to ask for justice on behalf of Commander Liang so we must fulfill our responsibilities. It is said that even the judge can’t comment on family matters, even if you said that Yang Chen is not home, we still need to conduct a search for assurance.”

That being said, Senator Liu hinted at the few other officers and someone immediately stood up and shouted at two troops outside, “You all, split up and search thoroughly at the backyard! Don’t miss any corners!”

Seeing the two troops obeying to the instruction, Yang Gongming suddenly slapped his hand on the table beside him!


Everyone was stunned and looked over in shock.

“Ridiculous,” the amiable expression on Yang Gongming’s face disappeared in an instance and turned into a dense expression. His vigorous spirit from his war days finally burst out at this moment.

He gradually got up, a terrifying light flashed through his old eyes.

“How dare you a senator from a small military province come to my Yang family and challenge us, do you think we are kind enough to let you do that? Let alone Liang Shengchuan right now, even his deceased father Liang Bocheng will need to call this old man here chief! You group of little kids who were born in the peaceful years and had never fought in wars before, how dare you refer yourselves as soldiers, when you can’t even hold the guns tightly!? The four hundred thousand soldiers you have are just civil army’s that the county is raising! How did they belong to the Liang family!? Does Liang Shengchuan want to play rebel and become the emperor!? If you dare to be presumptuous in my Yang family, don’t blame this old man for turning the tables!”

The moment when he reprimanded sternly, dozens of buff soldiers with live ammunition came out from all over the house. They surrounded Senator Liu, the other representatives and the troops outside and stared at them fiercely as they pulled the triggers.

These personal guards of the Yang family were mostly the troops that followed the Yang family for generations. Most of them were old soldiers that continued working for the family after they retired from the battlefield. This was why all of them had the sturdiness from the warzone. 

Senator Liu and the rest were shocked and their faces turned pale. They assumed that the Yang family would back down a few steps and try to resolve the matter, but who would’ve known that Yang Gongming was still so domineering despite his aged appearance. 

Yang Pojun saw his father’s old yet tough figure and was amazed. 

In his memory, he only saw his father in his military suit and being so stalwart during his young and ignorant years. 

The years hurried and a few decades had passed, the wind and frost left countless marks on the old man’s face. 

But, the fierce blood and passion in the battlefield was still engraved in his bones and no one dared to challenge him. 

“Old Marshal… do calm down,” Senator Liu wiped his sweat and smiled stiffly, “My apologies, we have absolutely no intention of offending you. The Yang family has been patriotic and loyal for generations and was one of the founders of the country. Commander Liang has always respected you and I even take you as a god!”

“Get lost!!”

Yang Gongming was loud and stern.

The group didn’t dare to stay any longer as if they got pardoned, in fact this wasn’t their ground, if Yang Gongming spoke to ‘kill’, the guards would not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Although all the people from his side had power and status, they were still in no place to make any moves. In fact, they were just paper tigers relying on the Liang family.

Soon, the group led the two troops and quickly left the Yang’s Residence.

Yang Gongming then waved his hand and dismissed the guards.

A touch of fatigue flashed through his eyes, he let out a sigh and walked toward the backyard.

“Father, are you alright?” Yang Pojun quickly followed and asked caringly. 

“It’s fine,” Yang Gongming waved his hand, “The elixirs and treatments Yang Chen gave me weren’t a joke. I can still sustain for a few more decades with this body.”

Yang Pojun frowned, “That kid is too reckless and unscrupulous by disappearing after leaving this matter behind. Father, is it really suitable to hand the Yang family to him?”

Yang Gongming gradually turned his head and looked at his son, “You know, if the person who yelled at them just now was you but not this old man here, I wouldn’t have passed the Yang family to Yang Chen.”

Yang Pojun shivered slightly and looked down after a moment, “I knew it’s my fault and I was useless. I am sorry father, I’ve let you down again.”

Yang Gongming shook his head, “It’s not your fault, everyone is different. You are just not suitable to be in this position, but it doesn’t mean that you are bad. Yang Chen might be immature in many aspects but he’s still a diligent person and he even has a ruthless quality that you as his father didn’t have.”

That being said, Yang Gongming continued walking to the backyard, the maid had prepared him a pot of hot green tea by the time he reached the garden.

After sitting down, Yang Pojun said worriedly, “Father, shall we ask my sister and her family to return to Zhonghai for the time being? I am afraid that the Liang family won’t let this go easily, Liang Shengchuan only sent his men here to scout things out, there might be more coming after this.”

Yang Gongming waved his hand, “There’s no need for that, if being at home is still not safe then it's the same elsewhere. Although the death of Liang Shengchuan’s son is a big matter, his aim is to maintain the image of the Liang family, so he will come for the main branch instead of bothering the side branches.”

Yang Pojun nodded. The laughing voice of a little girl came from outside just as he was thinking about solutions. 

After a while, Yang Chen carried Lanlan and walked into the backyard along with Lin Ruoxi.

But, the chubby little girl’s outfit made many of the servants including Yang Pojun feel strange.

Lanlan somehow got a straw hat made of yellow grass and leaves and there were colorful lines on her chubby face just like the Indians. Her red singlet was also dirty, as if she was rolling around the sand.

Lin Ruoxi was also quite messy, someone drew a few red and green lines on her beautiful face and seemed to be a match with Lanlan’s.

“Great Grandfather!”

“Lanlan jumped down like a meat cannonball and jumped back up to Yang Gongming’s lap which nearly made him fall off the chair. 

“Oh gosh Little Lanlan, look at you! Where have you been playing, why didn’t you come home yesterday?” He saw the rough straw hat on his great granddaughter's head and asked in confusion.

Lanlan smiled sweetly, “The elephants in the zoo are afraid of the cold and didn’t come out, so daddy brought me to a place named Africa to see elephants!”