Even though Yang Gongming was used to absurd news, he still doubted his ears after hearing her answer. 

Looking at Yang Chen’s complacent expression and Lin Ruoxi’s helpless and annoyed face, he knew that the little one was telling the truth.

Travelling from Beijing to Africa within a night and returning in the morning wasn’t too tiring for Yang Chen, but it seemed to be a little exaggerated. 

“Great grandfather look, this hat was given by a black grandfather.”

The chubby little girl took off her hat and put it on Yang Gongming’s head. This was obviously a hand woven straw hat with traces of grass fragrance.

Yang Pojun, looking rather dull, said, “How do you still have the mood to go to Africa after causing such a scene? This is ridiculous!”

Lin Ruoxi looked down embarrassingly, but Yang Chen didn’t feel anything and chuckled, “Old man, this straw hat was given by a native chief in South Africa, you’ve probably never got something like this in your entire life right?”

Yang Gongming said helplessly, “You kid, you’ve run so far without letting us know. It’s fine for you to go but why drag Ruoxi along, look at her face, it’s all dirty.”

“Why not? As a mother she should follow for the sake of family harmony,” Yang Chen pinched Lin Ruoxi’s cheek gently, “The thing on her face is some local African plant juice to prevent mosquito bites, it looks quite fashionable to me.”

Lin Ruoxi pushed his hand away, “I said that I didn’t want it but you insisted! Grandfather, he likes bullying me!”

“How is this bullying? Can normal husbands take you for a ride with wild elephants? Can they tame wild African elephants?”

“Excuse me, I said that I didn’t want to ride, but you made me do it, it stinks! And those insects were as huge as my palm, it scared the shit out of me!”

Seeing the little couple bickering with each other here and there, Yang Gongming couldn’t do much and Yang Pojun was flushed with anger.

“Alright, Ruoxi, bring Lanlan for a shower and give her a change of clothes. Yang Chen, you stay, I have something to ask you,”  Yang Gongming said.

Even though Lin Ruoxi could roughly guess what was going on, these were the men's issues in the family, she did not say much so she carried her daughter back to her room.

Being dragged by Yang Chen to Africa for half a day, if it weren’t for her increase in cultivation level, she would’ve been exhausted.

Yang Gongming spoke after the two left, “The Liang family has sent people over and caused a scene earlier this morning. Tell me, what were you thinking yesterday?”

Yang Chen twitched his brows, “Really, such a pity I couldn’t make it back, or else I could’ve killed a few more.”

“You still want to kill!? Do you really want to create an irreversible blood feud with the Liang family!?” Yang Pojun reprimanded. 

Yang Chen chuckled, “Blood feud? I’ve already killed his son, the blood feud existed long ago. There’s no difference in killing one or a group.”

Yang Pojun pointed at Yang Chen ,but was left speechless with his hand shaking. 

Yang Chen ignored him and said, “Old man, don’t worry, I’m not crazy. That kid was waiting for me to kill him yesterday so I granted his wish. As for the jokers later on, we shall just listen to their drama.”

Yang Gongming squinted his eyes as he took a sip off his teacup. 

“I know, I don’t care about the rest, whoever you want to kill, that’s your business. But, the Yang family is passed down by our ancestors and I cannot let it disappear… Do you understand me? Yang Gongming asked with scorching eyes.

A slight curve formed at the corner of Yang Chen’s lips, he patted the old man’s shoulder, “No wonder you deserve to be the leader of the army in war, still ruthless despite your age.”

Yang Pojun looked at the both of them, confused, he couldn’t understand what kind of interaction they were having.

At that moment, Yang Chen’s phone vibrated.

He took it out and saw Li Dun’s name. As soon as he answered the call, a loud voice yelling came through. 

“You piece of shit!! Brother Yang, you’ve run far huh! I’ve called you a hundred times yesterday!”

Yang Chen gave a wry smile, “How far? what’s the urgency?”

“Hehe, it’s not really urgent,” Li Dun said shyly, “Are you free tonight?”


“Cough…” Li Dun said pretentiously, “Your cousin Guo Yue was quite righteous yesterday, so I talked to him after you left. This kid is good, he even invited me to hangout at a nightclub… I thought I should ask my brothers to tag along for this kind of socializing event for men, that’s why I am asking if you would like to come with us?” 

A trace of mischief flashed through Yang Chen’s eyes, “Just go if you want to, why drag me in? Besides, I remember you saying that you aren’t interested in those kinda places.”

Li Dun laughed, “You didn’t know, the old man in my house was very strict, if I was the only one going, he wouldn't allow for sure. But, if you’re going then I would have an excuse. Besides, your cousin defended you and your wife, are you willing to disappoint him?”

“I am more than willing, if you aren’t you may go,” Yang Chen laughed unscrupulously. 

Li Dun finally lost it, “Alright, cut it. Brother Yang, I am begging you to go now, I’ve been accompanying Xin’Er during labor and her confinement previously, it’s driving me crazy! Now that I have a chance to get some fresh air, please have mercy on me.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh loudly while Yang Gongming and Yang Pojun were confused. 

He didn’t intend to reject anyways, he only wanted to hear the truth from this guy for some amusement.

In fact, what really got him was that the invitation was given by Guo Yue. He was curious if Guo Yue had other intentions in mind. 

He immediately informed Lin Ruoxi after making his decision.

Although she felt weird about him going to entertainment clubs, she wouldn’t stop him since he wasn’t going alone but she still told him not to sleep outside. 

After dinner, Guo Yue drove to their house in person to pick up Yang Chen and departed to their destination. 

“Cousin brother, Sister Luo, the owner of ‘Pink Lady’ is a friend of mine. She’ll always send us pretty chicks and the alcohol here are all imported products, they’ll definitely suit your taste,” Guo Yue was excited.

Yang Chen casually asked, “You only invited Li Dun and me?”

“Nope,” Guo Yue shook his head, “Didn’t Brother Li tell you? Brother Lie will be here too, I’ve asked Yuan Ye as well, but that kid is afraid of his fiance’s jealousy so he didn’t dare to come out, haha!”

Yang Chen nodded and kept quiet.

After they reached Pink Lady, Li Dun was already waiting at the entrance. Under the brilliant neon lights, this single-eyed man made many street chicks scream and whistle. 

“Brother Yang, I seldom come to these places and I am a bit nervous,” Li Dun whispered to Yang Chen with a stiff face.

“Then why are you here?” Yang Chen laughed.

Li Dun snorted, “I am a man too, I can’t be staying at home everyday. Since you are here with me, I’m braver!”

Yang Chen smiled stiffly, this kid is just like a little boy, pervert but timid.

Yang Lie seemed to have not arrived yet, the three of them entered the club under Guo Yue’s lead.

Quite a number of waiters and frequent customers greeted Guo Yue, he then pinched the buttocks of a hot chick wearing a magenta cheongsam which made her cry softly.

“Oh my Young Master Guo, which young master did you bring today?” The chick looked at Yang Chen and Li Dun with flirty eyes and even winked at Li Dun. 

“Stop your nonsense, these are all masters that you can’t afford to provoke. Sister Luo has arranged everything, bring us to the cabin,” Guo Yue raised his voice.

She swayed as she walked and led the three men into a corridor filled with ambiguous lights. The soft carpet padded the wide aisle and the walls on both sides had numerous oil paintings of people hung on them which added a layer of lush to the ambience.

“Brother Chen, Brother Li we will go to the luxury cabin to use the hot spring and relax. Later on, I will be calling a few chicks to help us massage,” Guo Yue turned over and grinned.

Just as he was promoting the events happening later on, a waitress dressed in a maid outfit passing by seemed to be a little erratic, staggering. She ran into Guo Yue.

Running into him was not a big deal but the tray in her hands fell and most of the drinks in the glasses were poured onto his body and the smell of cocktails drenched him!