“Ah!! Sorry, sorry!!! I didn’t mean to…”

The waitress exclaimed and stood still with a frightened face.

“What in the… What’s wrong with you?!”

Guo Yue looked at the stains on his body with anger, his suit and blouse were completely drenched.

“Do you think sorry is enough? Will you be able to afford the Armani I am wearing right now by selling yourself here for half a year!?” Guo Yue grabbed her collar and yelled.

The girl’s eyes turned red and her youthful face with faint makeup was revealed. She wasn’t extremely beautiful or charming but she had the unique purity and simplicity of a young girl. Her thin curved eyebrows, petite cherry lips and her panic-stricken expression was so delicate. 

The cheongsam chick quickly came up and apologized, “Young Master Guo, do calm down. This girl is new here, she’s just a university student working part time, she’s probably too tired after the entire day of work, that’s why…”

Guo Yue seemed to have not listened to whatever she said and stared at the girl who was whining with fierce eyes but he slowly started to look lost.

“So… sorry… I will compensate for it, I can wash it for you, is that ok?” The girl asked.

Yang Chen kept quiet and watched, but Li Dun had an emphatic heart and went and pat Guo Yue’s shoulder.

“Alright, it’s just a shirt, do you really have to throw a tantrum at a young girl, let her go.”

Guo Yue then came back into his senses and let go of the girl, “Yes yes, Brother Li is right…”

The cheongsam chick immediately understood that Li Dun was the real VIP and quickly smiled charmingly, “ Thank you for your understanding Mr.Li, I will give you a few bottles of nice wine later on. Xiaoli, quickly say thank you to our customers.”

The girl who was named Xiaoli immediately wiped her tears and bowed numerous times, “Thank you, it’s my fault…”

This small incident fortunately didn’t affect the interest of the group and after they entered the luxury cabin, a few stunning waitresses came and served them in the private hot spring. 

A comfortable hot spring therapy was a bit unusual for Li Dun, there were times when the massage girl touched his firm muscles and he nearly jumped out of the pool.

Yang Chen laughed in amusement when Li Dun was blushing but still tried hard to endure the feeling as if it was nothing.

Yang Lie was already sitting on the sofa smoking when they returned to the KTV cabin.

Seeing Yang Chen and the rest coming out, Yang Lie smiled, “Brother, Li, the girls are great here right?”

Li Dun met Yang Lie a few times previously so he casually nodded. 

Yang Chen asked, “You seem to be here often?”

“It’s because Guo Yue knows the owner here, so I am familiar with the place,” Yang Lie drank some whiskey and said, “Guo Yue, place the orders.”

“Rest assured Brother Lie, Sister Luo is bringing over the food for today,” Guo Yue grinned.

Li Dun was confused, “Order? Didn’t we have dinner already?” 

It was at that moment where the cabin door was opened and a charming lady with a bun, wearing a low-cut red suspender dress led a group of ten graceful young women in bikinis into the room.

It didn’t feel cramped even though more than ten people came into the cabin as it was spacious. 

Looking at the line of young women with sweet smiles and glaring eyes, Li Dun immediately understood what ‘ordering’ meant. 

Sister Luo chuckled and greeted them, “Young master Yang and Guo, these two men here are Mr.Yang and Mr Li as you mentioned huh? My apologies for coming late, I was choosing the best girls for you. Do take a look, this group is the bikini style and they are all university students, fresh and nice. But they are a bit shy, what do you all think?”

Yang Chen glanced through the group of women, they weren’t exactly stunning but all had delicate facial features, body shapes and were unique in their own way. 

Li Dun gulped and whispered by Yang Chen’s ear, “Brother Yang, this is my first time doing this, am I really allowed to simply pick?”

“Obviously, you can even pick the owner if you like,” Yang Chen pointed at Sister Luo.

It’s strange to say that Sister Luo seemed familiar although she was only in her early thirties and Yang Chen had never seen her face before.

He used his divine sense to analyse her but she didn’t have any cultivation in her and her body was just like a normal human.

However, because everything was too normal, it felt special to Yang Chen and he got curious.

Li Dun licked his lips and gulped down some wine as if he was trying to make himself more courageous, “Am I naturally unsuitable to come out and play around, I feel like I am hurting little girls.” 

Yang Chen rolled his eyes, “These girls are here for the money in your pocket, if you only pay them and not touch them, they are more than willing too.”

“That won’t work. I am here to show off, so that people won’t always say I have a strict wife! At least I won’t let your brothers look down on me.”

Li Dun was struggling and Guo Yue thought that he was uninterested so he clapped and said, “Sister Luo, this batch is too young, my brothers aren’t interested, next please!”


Sister Luo was also a fast thinker, the bikini beauties walked out after seeing her hand gesture. The next batch who came in was a batch of charming women in cheongsam. 

These women were obviously more mature, not just because of their makeup, their bodies were more curvy and plumped.

“Gentlemen, these are the most cultured ones here, they are all graduates from prestigious universities. We never lie so if you’d like to test them a little, they will not let you down for sure. But, there will be no less income from work, so they are slightly more pricey than the ones before, but you gentlemen will not bother about the numbers right?” Sister Luo introduced them with a smile.

Li Dun’s eyes were brightened. Although he wasn’t a playboy, he still liked beautiful women.

Yang Lie hooked his hand at two of the chicks with long hair and they quickly went over and served him.

“Brother Li, if you don’t like them, Sister Luo has more. Do you want the ones in their thirties, forties? PhDs? Blondes? Or underages? I can get you whatever type!” Guo Yue smiled evilly. 

Li Dun coughed and his heart was pumping real quick, he could never bring himself to touch underaged girls. He then waved his hand at two relatively plumped and attractive women. 

Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel amused. In terms of looks, these two women were of the same type as Tang Xin. By the end of the day, Li Dun chose the ones with the same style as his wife. 

“Young Master Yang, which one do you like? Or should I change another batch for you? We have a new batch of housewives style here, you might like them,” Sister Luo winked her eyes and smiled ambiguously. 

Yang Chen smiled, “I am not interested in housewives but I am interested in someone like you.”

SIster Luo’s smile turned stiff, she seemed to have not expected Yang Chen to say so, “Hehe… Young Master Yang must be joking, I am old already, besides, I am busy with the business.”

“I don’t care then, you must accompany me tonight. If you aren’t willing then I shall trash this place tonight,” Yang Chen said expressionless. 

Sister Luo’s gaze seemed to have unintentionally landed on Yang Lie a few times, she then said weakly, “Well then, I can’t compete with you gentlemen. Jeez, why torture people like me when we are old.”

After sending out the rest of the chicks, Sister Luo walked towards Yang Chen and sat down, leaning half of her body against his.

The scent of her makeup which smelled like orchid channeled around the air and her body was so soft as if it was boneless.

As long as you look down slightly, you could see the deep gully and the white snowballs, her charm of a mature woman was shown completely. 

Guo Yue smiled eerily, “Cousin brother has such a good eye, Sister Luo is a must-see here.”

Sister Luo said, “Young Master Guo, don’t talk about me first, why didn’t you choose someone to accompany you tonight?”

Guo Yue suddenly stood up and grinned, “Don’t you have a part time worker here named Wu Xiaoli? Bring her to the room next door, I want her tonight…”